The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker

The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker

by J. Browning (Editor)


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Presented here, for the first time since their publication over a century ago, are twelve previously unknown published works of fiction, poetry, and journalistic writing by Bram Stoker (1847-1912), three works never before reprinted, twelve period writings about Stoker, and the rare 1913 estate sale catalogue of his personal library.

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ISBN-13: 9781137277220
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan US
Publication date: 12/05/2012
Edition description: 2012
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

John Edgar Browning is Arthur A. Schomburg Fellow in the Department of Transnational Studies and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of English at SUNY-Buffalo. He has co-/written eight books, including Draculas, Vampires, and Other Undead Forms: Essays on Gender, Race, and Culture; Dracula in Visual Media: Film, Television, Comic Book and Electronic Game Appearances, 1921–2010; The Vampire, His Kith and Kin: A Critical Edition; and Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Critical Feast, An Annotated Reference of Reviews and Reactions, 1897-1920. His work on horror and the fantastic has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, including Film History, Horror Studies, Studies in the Fantastic, and Dead Reckonings: A Review Magazine for the Horror Field.

Elizabeth Miller is Professor Emerita at The Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is recognized internationally for her expertise on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula and is the president of the Canadian chapter of Transylvanian Society of Dracula and the editor of the Journal of Dracula Studies. Her publications include Reflections on Dracula; Dracula: The Shade and the Shadow; Dracula: Sense & Nonsense, A Dracula Handbook; Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula: A Facsimile Edition; and Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Documentary Journey into Vampire Country and the Dracula Phenomenon.

Dacre Stoker is the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and the best-selling co-author of Dracula the Un-Dead, the official Stoker family-sanctioned sequel to Dracula. Dacre is also the co-editor (with Miller) of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years.

Table of Contents

Foreword; E.Miller Introduction: Bram Stoker: A Periodical Portrait of the 'Author of Dracula'; J.E.Browning PART I: UNKNOWN POETRY (1890-1892) The Member for the Strand (1890) The Wrongs of Grosvenor Square (1892) PART II: UNKNOWN FICTION (1893-1908) Bengal Roses (1893) Old Hoggen (1893) When the Sky Rains Gold (1894) A Young Widow (1899) A Baby Passenger (1899) Lucky Escapes of Sir Henry Irving (1900) What They Confessed: A Low Comedian's Story (1908) PART III: UNKNOWN JOURNALISTIC WRITINGS (1891-1908) Recollections of the Late W. G. Wills (1891) Sir Henry Irving: An Appreciation by Bram Stoker, His Longtime Friend (1904) 12,000 Miles of Irving's Audiences (1906) Where Hall Caine Dreams Out His Romances; On His Native Island the famous Manxman Lives Like an Uncrowned King in a Literary Atmosphere of His Own Making (1908) PART IV: UNKNOWN INTERVIEWS WITH BRAM STOKER (1886) Irving and Hudson; Bram Stoker Tells What He Thinks about the Controversy A Chat with Mr. Stoker about Irving PART V: RARE AND UNCOLLECTED (ca. 1899) Sir Henry Irving and Miss Ellen Terry in Robespierre, Merchant of Venice, The Bells, Nance Oldfield, The Amber Heart, Waterloo, etc. (ca. 1899) Henry Irving's Fight for Fame (1906) PART VI: PERIOD WRITINGS ABOUT BRAM STOKER (1896-1912) To Bram Stoker (1893) [dedication], by Hall ('Hommy Beg') Caine Green Room Gossip (1896) Night with Sir Henry Irving; With Intimations that Bram Stoker was in the Neighborhood (1900) Actor-Manager and Author Bram Stoker Finds Recreation in Writing Romances (1902) Story of Senator Quay (1904) Bram Stoker (1912) Bram Stoker, Irishman PART VII: CATALOGUE OF VALUABLE BOOKS, AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, AND ILLUMINATED AND OTHER MANUSCRIPTS, INCLUDING THE LIBRARY OF THE LATE BRAM STOKER, ESQ. AND ASSOCIATED PRESS (1913) First Day's Sale: The Property of Bram Stoker, Esq. (Deceased) Bram Stoker's Valuable Library To Be Sold Low Prices for Americana Whitman Writings Sold Afterword; D.Stoker

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