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The Foundations of Meta-Technics by Ernesto Mayz Vallenilla

The Foundations of Meta-Technics is a rigorous phenomenological analysis of the transcendence of anthropomorphic, anthropocentric, and geocentric technology in terms of the new meta-technical forms of space and time. The book draws out the epistemological and ontological implications of an emerging meta-technical supernature in which space and time are perceived by trans-human means and from trans-terrestrial perspectives. This book is especially valuable to philosophers in either the phenomenological or continental tradition.

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ISBN-13: 9780761829058
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Pages: 220
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About the Author

Ernesto Mayz Vallenilla was the Founding Rector of the Simón Bolívar University in Caracas (1969-1979), and was Professor of Philosophy and Director of the School of Philosophy at the Central University of Venezuela. Mayz Vallenilla holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Central University of Venezuela. He also studied at Göttingen, Freiburg, and Munich. Carl Mitcham is Professor of Liberal Arts and International Studies at the Colorado School of Mines. Mitcham holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 First Translator's Preface Chapter 2 Second Translator's Preface Chapter 3 The Foundations of Meta-Technics: Ernesto Mayz Vallenilla: Preface to the Second Spanish Publication; Preface to the First Edition; Introduction Chapter 4 Principles: From Technics to Meta-Technics; Variants of Meta-technics; Utensils and Instruments; Anthropomorphism, Anthropocentrism, and Geocentrism; Epigenesis of Meta-technics; Nootechny and Demiurgy Chapter 5 Space and Time: Optico-luminic Models of Space; Positions and Spatiality; Rationality and Trans-rationality; Optico-luminic Time; Time and Duration; Time and Consciousness; Time and Existence; Time and the Four-dimensional Continuum; Time and Meta- Chapter 6 Epistemology and Ontology: Knowledge and Consciousness; Thinking and Meta-technics; Onto-logy and Meta-technics; Optico-spatial Roots of the Notion of Being; The Double Horizon of Nothingness; Optico-luminic Sources of Some Onto-logical Concepts; Sk Chapter 7 Nature and Super-Nature: Innate Nature and its Optico-luminic Ordering; Meta-technical Super-Nature; The natural Being of Humanity and Super-natural Teleonomy Chapter 8 Meta-Technical Anthropogony: Meaning and Magnitude of the Anthropogonic Project; Optico-luminic Language and Meta-technical Mathesis; Anthropocentric Ethics and the Trans-mutation of Values; Geocentric State and Galactic State; From Human to Trans-h Chapter 9 Notes Chapter 10 Ernesto Mayz Vallenilla Chapter 11 Name Index Chapter 12 Analytical Index Chapter 13 Meta-Technical Horizons: Ernesto Mayz Vallenilla: Advice to the Reader; Anti-Technics and Love (1980); Ecology and Meta-Technics (1997); Higher Education: Perplexities and Challenges (1997)

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