The Founding Fathers of Zionism

The Founding Fathers of Zionism

by Benzion Netanyahu


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From the pogroms of czarist Russia to the shores of Palestine, Leo Pinsker, Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl, Israel Zangwill and Ze'ev Jabotinsky dreamed, advocated, hoped and devoted themselves to the Zionist cause. All passed from the scene before the watershed moment on May 14, 1948, when Israel was born, but it was they who laid the groundwork for its creation. Historian Benzion Netanyahu has produced profiles and impressions of these five giants. The Founding Fathers of Zionism is an intimate yet sweeping look at the lives of these men. The result is a history as thrilling as it is necessary, for the ideas championed by the founding fathers of Zionism are as relevant today, for Israel and the West, as they were when first espoused. The Founding Fathers of Zionism, written by the famed historian Professor Benzion Netanyahu, profiles the men who showed the Jewish people the road to survival, freedom and revival. In this landmark work, Netanyahu gives us a glimpse into the eras in which Max Nordau, Leo Pinsker, Theodor Herzl, Israel Zangwill, and Ze’ev Jabotinsky toiled for an epic cause.His depiction of these men, their ideas and activities, puts flesh on bone, so that the five stand out in all their grandeur and uniqueness.

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ISBN-13: 9781933267159
Publisher: Icon Publishing Limited
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Pages: 230
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About the Author

Benzion Netanyahu was born in March 25, 1910. He is an historian and a professor emeritus at Cornell University. He served as secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinshy, and was a Revisionist leader of the Zionist Movement in the United States. He has three sons: Yonatan (killed at Entebbe), Benjamin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1996-99, 2009-present), and Iddo.

Table of Contents

1 Foreword to the English Edition 8

2 Leo Pinsker 10

3 Theodor Herzl 66

4 Max Nordau 106

5 Israel Zangwill 144

6 Ze'ev Jabotinsky 184

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The Founding Fathers of Zionism 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
katiekatPD More than 1 year ago
Magnificent book outstanding research and insight into Zionism obviously the God of the Bible at work here [though the author may not agree]. My 'take-away' from this book: had the Zionism leadership followed and acted on the guidance and insight of these men, the Holocaust could have been prevented. Zionism had the complete legal, political and 'will of the people' of England for a critical period in history. Alas, the Zionism leadership preferred to 'play it safe' in maintaining untenable political alliances and the grand opportunity left the stage of history and the curtain fell mercilessly on the then trapped people of the Book in Europe.