The Fourth Dimension: The Sons and Daughters of Perdition

The Fourth Dimension: The Sons and Daughters of Perdition

by Godfrey Okoro Godfrey


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ISBN-13: 9781505614596
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/02/2015
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Godfrey Okoro Godfrey is an evangelist who has written quite a number of books of both Christian and secular orientations. His greater inclination is to his Christian publications which he uses to pursue his greatest love - evangelism. Godfrey sees evangelism as the greatest medium to propagate the truth in today's Christianity that is repetitively embracing extraneous ideas. He has held many positions of importance in the church, and has been a member of some church groups. Thus he may be defined as experienced in many matters relating to the church. Yet Godfrey finds this experience insufficient when compared to the time he spends reading the Bible, from which the Lord has been blessing him with remarkable insights. Godfrey was a victim of the influence of erroneous church doctrine, and understands the multi-dimensional negative implications of this. He therefore makes every effort to save his brethren from the snares of church bigotry.

Godfrey is exceptionally gifted. He opens the doors of ideas that have constituted a mystery to religious scholars. He writes with an insight reflective of the authority of revelation. You could hardly read Godfrey's books without being amazed at the audacity of his revelations.

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