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THE FREE CROCODILE: The True Reason for the Unprecedented Constancy of the Life Form 'Crocodile' - and an Urgent Warning to Mankind

THE FREE CROCODILE: The True Reason for the Unprecedented Constancy of the Life Form 'Crocodile' - and an Urgent Warning to Mankind

by Steffen Pichler

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For decades, Steffen Pichler travelled the most remote coasts of the planet by sea kayak and fed on nature. In the far north-east of Australia, he extensively encountered the largest reptiles on earth, the saltwater crocodiles. Thereby he made a spectacular discovery that may seem absurd at first glance: This animal, suited with enormous physical power and a fearsome appearance, has adapted, both in anatomy and behaviour, in ways to ensure that it disturbs and damages weaker lifeforms in its environment as little as possible, for an absolute apex predator on the very top of the ecological food pyramid. This can be demonstrated seamlessly in all characteristics of anatomy as well as behaviour, which in this respect could not be improved even theoretically. In everyday life, it is evident in extreme inconspicuousness, calmness and restraint. But even the killing of the prey, which is unavoidable in the ecological top position, occurs so surprisingly and quickly that the suffering produced could not be less. Pichler proves, also on the basis of his photographs of free-living saltwater crocodiles, that all this is the result of an evolutionary adaptation to the most fundamental laws of animate nature and that precisely here lies the true reason for the unprecedented permanence of the life form 'crocodile' at the top of the food pyramid with numerous species for over 250 million years. He shows that these laws must have ordered life since its beginnings and that they can be described in a similarly concrete way as is possible with the already known physical laws of the space-time structure, such as gravity. A reflection that opens up a huge field of possible knowledge that has not yet been tapped in the natural sciences. In this way, the true core cause of all the present problems of civilisation becomes recognisable and even greater dangers become visible, which have arisen through the disregard of the said laws of nature. And finally, the reflection even leads beyond the observable world of the universe - in a serious approach based on pure observation and logic. Pictures and more: www.saltwatercrocodile.info

Steffen Pichler, born in 1967, has lived several years in nature away from civilization and thereby sustained himself by hunting and gathering. He traveled thousands of kilometers along of the most remote coastal regions of various continents on solo sea kayak tours. Pichler claims to have discovered during his experiences in nature that the natural sciences and philosophies of civilisation have overlooked and suppressed the most important parts of observable reality.

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ISBN-13: 9783947430444
Publisher: ZEIS Verlag
Publication date: 01/01/2021
Sold by: CIANDO
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 140
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