The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace

The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace

by Carissa Schumacher
The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace

The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace

by Carissa Schumacher


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Channeled Transmissions from Yeshua offering evolved, authentic, and original wisdom for the deepest realization of truth, love, and peace through balance, liberation, and transcendence from the burdens that anchor us to suffering and fear.

As a child, Carissa Schumacher was told by an angelic presence that she would be a channel for Yeshua of Nazareth. She did not know what that meant at the time nor the impact it would eventually have on her life and countless others. After devoting much of her life to service as an intuitive guide and spirit medium, in late 2019, Yeshua's Divine Presence suddenly came through her channel for the first time. Over the next months, Yeshua shared his timely, universal, and revelatory messages. The Freedom Transmissions is the result.

This singular book offers a pathway to peace by following the Four Elements of Balance: Simplicity, Stability, Surrender, and Stillness. When we embody these four energies, we create and attract the most abundance, nourishment, joy, and flow to our lives.

The Freedom Transmissions unburdens us from unnecessary suffering, strengthens our faith and sense of wholeness, and restores balance and peace, reminding us that we are One with the Divine. The joy of these Transmissions is that they are for all people and not just some people on the basis of beliefs or dogma. Yeshua welcomes in all people who come in humility and a genuine desire to find and know self as One with God. This essential text encourages us to choose Faith over Fear, Forgiveness over Blame, Freedom over Suppression, and ushers us from the era of division and polarity to an era of co-creation, transparency, compassion, and equality.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780063098572
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/10/2023
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 510,642
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Carissa Schumacher is a full-body channel for Yeshua of Nazareth, empathic intuitive, sacred ceremony facilitator, and renowned psychic medium. Through her channeled Transmissions of Yeshua, one-on-one sessions, and guided Sacred Spirit Illumination Journeys, she has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to find deeper balance, peace, and connection to Spirit within self and world. She devotes much of her time to pro bono service working with individuals and families impacted by sudden loss, hardship, or grief; supporting animal and wildlife rescues throughout the world; and volunteering with Native American nonprofits serving the needs of reservations. Carissa attended Brown University, where she majored in Neuroscience. She lives a quiet life in the Elfin Forest of California.


Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 The Sacred Heart Transmissions

1 I Am Yeshua 23

2 The Three Veils and Seven Imbalances of the Mind 34

3 The Chambers of the Sacred Heart 67

Part 2 The Freedom Transmissions

Transmission 1 The Weaving of Spirit upon the Web of Life 79

1 The Thread and Stitching of the Dreaming 81

Transmission 2 The Wheat and the Chaff 107

1 Shades of Hope 109

2 Sacred Seeds 124

Transmission 3 Belonging 147

1 The Servitude of Longing 149

2 The Liberation from Longing 162

3 The Freedom of Be-ing 172

Transmission 4 Moving Mountains 195

1 The Power of Perception 197

2 Clarity 210

Transmission 5 The Void, The Light 235

1 The Spectrum of Spirit 237

2 Polarity, Resistance, and Transcending Doubt 252

Transmission 6 On Life, Loss, and the Lamb 277

1 The Alpha, the Omega, and Eternal Life 279

2 Resurrection 310

Transmission 7 The Braid, the Star, Rebirth 321

1 The Justice of Divine Balance 323

2 The Three Strands of the Braid of the Holy Trinity 339

Transmission 8 Deliverance 377

1 Salvation 379

2 The Chalice and Vessel of Freedom 405

Transmission 9 The Covenant 417

Acknowledgments 419

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