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The Friar

The Friar

4.5 8
by Samantha A. Cole, Judi Perkins (Illustrator), Lucky 13 (Editor)

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Adam Westfield gave his heart, mind, body, and soul over to God and entered the Franciscan Brotherhood, but a moment of rage had him breaking his vows and one of the ten commandments. Five years later, he's released from prison a changed man once again. Unsure of his destiny now, he hits the road, roaming the United States, hoping to find a purpose in life again . . .


Adam Westfield gave his heart, mind, body, and soul over to God and entered the Franciscan Brotherhood, but a moment of rage had him breaking his vows and one of the ten commandments. Five years later, he's released from prison a changed man once again. Unsure of his destiny now, he hits the road, roaming the United States, hoping to find a purpose in life again . . . and forgiveness.

A widowed mother of two, Sage Hammond is doing everything she can to hold onto the horse-breeding ranch that had belonged to her husband's family for generations, but times are tough and she's just barely getting by. Unable to find a ranch hand willing to work for meager wages, she thinks all may be lost and she will have to sell. Until a quiet, handsome stranger appears to be an answer to her prayers.

Adam is falling in love for the first time in his life, however, strange things begin to happen at the ranch-things that are putting Sage and her children in danger-and he finds he is willing to sell his soul to protect them. But will it be enough?

A man trying to overcome his past. A woman trying to secure her children's future. Can they both learn to live in the present and discover that second chances do exist?

***The Friar is a stand alone novel and not related to any of Samantha A. Cole's current series.

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Meet the Author

A proud member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Samantha A. Cole is a retired policewoman and former paramedic who is thrilled to add author to her list of exciting careers. She has lived her entire life in the suburbs of New York City and is looking forward to becoming a snow-bird between New York and Florida someday. Her two fur-babies, Jinx and Bella, keep her company and remind their mom to take a break from writing every once in a while to go for a walk, which is the best way to deal with a stubborn case of writer's block.

An avid reader since childhood, Samantha was often found with a book in hand and sometimes one in each. After being gifted with a stack of romance novels from her grandmother, her love affair with the genre began in her teens. Many years later, she discovered her love for writing stories was just as strong. Taking her life experiences and training, she strives to find the perfect mix of suspense and romance for her readers to enjoy.

While the original planned stories for the Trident Security series have been completed, the seven novels and two novellas have brought many opportunities for Samantha to spread her wings and bring her readers more characters and stories to love. Look for her upcoming Trident Security Omega Team series, Doms of The Covenant Novella series, Blackhawk Security series, and more from the Malone Brothers series, in addition to several stand alone projects.

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The Friar 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Amanda_Kaye 2 days ago
I must admit this book shocked me. I didn't expect to enjoy it but I did. Adam shows up just when Sage needs him. Ive enjoyed books by this author before and this one takes you in a different direction, a good direction. This book will have you wondering what is going on as you try to figure it out as well. A must read.
Donnamcl 4 days ago
Friar by Samantha A. Cole is a well-written, heartwarming romance that’s all about second chances. Adam, a former Franciscan friar, is on parole for a crime he committed in defense of a poor, defenseless child. Sage is a young widow with two children who is in danger of losing the ranch that has been in her husband’s family for years. A series of misadventures draws them closer to each other as their bottled up passions become impossible to resist. What results is an HEA that will put a smile on your face that will be hard to erase. Ms. Cole writes with an equal passion, describing characters’ emotions and doubts with great feeling. They become very real to the reader and keeps the reader connected to their struggles, joys and triumphs. It is a fast and well paced read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it highly.
ReadersFavorite 20 days ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite The Friar is a romantic suspense novel written by Samantha Cole. Sage Hammond was determined to keep her husband’s family horse ranch a going concern, even though the stillborn birth of a colt the previous season had made keeping up with mortgage payments a challenge. Ever since her husband died two and a half years ago, she had been both mother and father to her two small children, as well as a full-time rancher with a 150-acre spread specializing in breeding Appaloosas. Evan and Maddie Tanner were extended family who had been working with the Hammonds since her husband had been a boy, but the ranch needed at least another hand to keep up. It was a hot and dusty late spring morning when Adam Westfield came walking up the path to her home. Benji, the family’s dog, instantly went on the defense, and Sage had to admit to herself that the man had quickly disarmed her protective dog with his calm and kind responses, but Sage wasn’t about to be as easily persuaded. Adam explained that Reverend Stevens had suggested he come out and meet her. The Reverend knew she was looking for a ranch hand, and Adam, who was new in town, needed work. Adam explained that he was from New York and had been recently released from prison. He was looking for a chance to start again. Samantha Cole’s romantic suspense novel, The Friar, is a marvelous second-chance story about a young widow and the ex-con who walks into her life. Cole’s main characters are strong, independent and ethical in their outlooks on life, and the reader can instantly understand why Reverend Stevens sent Adam to Heaven’s Pastures, Sage’s ranch. I had a grand time watching as Adam interacts with Sage, Evan and Maddie, and Sage’s two children, and loved seeing him adapt to a very different culture than the one he was raised in. The Friar is a delight to read. There’s tension and suspense around the stalker who’s determined to wreak havoc on the ranch and its inhabitants that works quite well to keep the reader involved in the story. Cole also admirably addresses the automatic bias that many ex-convicts face after they’ve served their time, and the difficulty they have in being accepted back into society, as evidenced by the hostility of the local residents toward Adam. The Friar is most highly recommended.
DMKS 27 days ago
A very different storyline for Samantha, but thats what I enjoyed best. It's a sweet, but steamy read. Sometimes it's nice to have the tender, innocent love stories in between the hot, extra storieys. I hope Samantha writes more stories like Adam and Sage's.
shobeteener 27 days ago
Samantha A Cole has a way of pulling a reader into the story making the reader feel like the book is happening around them. Even though, The Friar, is not the usual type of book I'm used to reading from her as I was reading it it had the same effect on me. After Adam Westfield, a former Franciscan Friar, is released from prison he wanders wherever life takes him doing odd jobs until he feels the need to move on. That how he came to be at Sage Hammond's ranch when she is threatened by another rancher to sell her ranch. He intervened and their story takes off from there. Sage is a widow raising two young kids trying to save the ranch that has been in her husband's family for many years. Someone wants the ranch at all cost. Adam and Sage are working hard to try to save the ranch and at the same time try to discover who wants the ranch enough to destroy others in their path. I absolutely love the characters in this book. Adam is one of the most honorable men I know. Went to prison doing what others would consider as an act of heroism. He also kept a young kid from testifying so they would have to 'relive' what had happened. Sage is just about working herself to the point of exhaustion after the death of husband doing everything she can to save the ranch. It would of been so much easier for her to sell. She's one very strong woman. I like that this story didn't focus a lot on sex. Not that there wasn't any...there was plenty of sizzle. It has a strong story line that has a build up of intrigue that had me guessing on who wanted the ranch, why they wanted it and if Sage and Adam were going to survive. I love books that pull me in and don't let go.
KnottyGirlReviews 29 days ago
Samantha A. Cole is best known for her Trident Security series and her Malone Brothers books. While the Trident series and Malone Brothers are BDSM and Domination, The Friar is a standalone book with less emphasis on sex, but still the amazing storytelling that Ms Cole is so well known for. Adam is sent to prison for manslaughter, a former Franciscan brother, he spends time drifting until he comes upon the widow Sage Hammond. He is told she needs help with her ranch, but when she finds out he’s an ex-con, his prospects don’t look so good. But a neighboring rancher shows up with his lackey and threaten Sage into selling her ranch. Adam intervenes. Sage decides to keep him on, and he’s worth his weight in gold to Sage and her 2 children. Events begin happening at the ranch, and it’s up to Adam to keep her safe, but who from? Ms. Cole has written another 5 star mega-hit that will keep you riveted from the very first page all of the way to the very end.
Pam519 3 months ago
The Friar take Samantha Cole's readers in a totally new direction. I loved it! What surprised me, but shouldn't, is her versatility. The Friar is a complete departure from her other books. It's a romance but I can honestly say it's a romance unlike any other I've read. It's the story of Adam Westfield & Sage Hammond. Brother Adam, a Franciscan friar, kneels before an altar in a small church, dipping his fingers in holy water, praying for forgiveness. He waits. After hours on his knees, the police arrive to arrest him for the death of Brother Armand Santiago. Adam feels his guilt deep in his soul. The sad irony is his foster brother, Shane, the man he spent his teenage years with, is one of the detectives. It's almost as hard on Shane as it is Adam, who accepts a plea deal for manslaughter & is sentenced to 10 years at Sing-Sing. He's resigned from the Brotherhood but Adam attempts to atone for his perceived sin by ministering to the inmates. He's a model prisoner, helps many & is released for good behavior just over 5 years later. But Adam has never forgiven himself. Nearly everyone involved in the case feels he went to prison unjustly. Adam caught Brother Armand red-handed molesting a teenage boy. He reacted with passion & protectiveness. In others' eyes, Adam did nothing wrong. Many consider him a hero. But Adam can't get past the fact that, however it happened, he killed a man whose life he had no right to take. Adam's guilt & remorse made him accept the plea deal & do his time. Sage Hammond's a widow with 2 young children. Her husband was killed in a tragic riding accident 2-1/2 years ago, leaving her to run Heaven's Pastures, their horse breeding ranch with the help of the family's long-time employees, Evan & Maddie Tanner. Sage has barely managed to keep the ranch afloat. Mark's medical bills & the mortgage on the ranch to pay them are huge. She can't afford to pay ranch hands much. They keep leaving without notice. She desperately needs help. After his release, Adam prays, asking for guidance to find his new place in life. Without clear direction, he hitchhikes around the country, moving from place to place, job to job, never staying in one place for long. Then he lands in Rosewood, OK, where he meets Reverend Stephens. After getting to know him, the reverend sends Adam to Sage's ranch. Sage needs help. Adam needs a job. So Adam walks the 6 miles to Sage's ranch to see if she'll take a chance on him. After a convoluted series of events & with no small amount of hesitation about hiring an ex-con, Sage offers Adam the job. From here, the story takes the reader through twists, turns, unexpected events & emotions of all kinds. There's the wealthy neighbor with a huge ranch who seems desperate to buy Sage's ranch, Sage's best friend who both approves & disapproves of Adam, a small town split between small town gossip & distrust of strangers & the inherent goodness of people to give others a 2nd chance. As Sage's & Adam's relationship grows from initial distrust & an uneasy truce to trust, friendship & maybe more, there's hope. Then events take a dark turn. With Adam's past hanging over them like a cloud, & Sage's inability to put her past behind her, do these 2 even stand a chance? The Friar is the story of 2 damaged souls seeking redemption, acceptance & love & so much more. Samantha Cole again shows her proficiency, cleverness & command of literary style. I give The Friar my highest possible recommendation! It's another winner!
BookSnuggle 3 months ago
The Friar by Samantha A. Cole This is Adam Westfield and Sage Hammond's story. Man, this is a very different story. Adam is a man that just got out of prison. Once you discover the man he really is you will admire him. Sage is widowed and is still struggling with losing her husband and keeping their horse breeding business going. Adam ends up working for Sage. They are attracted to one another. Sage is stealing grieving over losing her husband and Adam feels that he is not good enough for Sage. Also, some strange things start happening plus the stress of maybe losing her home and business. Will Adam and Sage take the chance on love? This is an extremely emotional read. Adam and Sage have so many obstacles to overcome but the author keeps you drawn into the story. You can't help but fall in love with the characters. A wonderful heartfelt and sensual romance with lots of twists. A must read! FYI, includes mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.