The Future Of Hearts and the Dragons: Book 4

The Future Of Hearts and the Dragons: Book 4


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The Future of Hearts and The Dragons - Book 4
In Chapter one, Heartsafire is still ailing and her two BFF's start the ball rolling to fix the problem by setting up dragon challenges for the twins, Dot and Wood. They are successful in their quest but have an unpleasant run-in with the black dragon, Bravehearts. A short while later, Benny has an unpleasant run-in with Bravehearts. The Queen has had enough and demands the King take action with the bully dragon. The King agrees, and the Queen and Bravehearts set out on a dangerous quest to test the dragon's heart and the Queen's trust of the dragon. Will he be brave enough to keep her safe? Will she trust him enough to let him try?
Chapter Two - The Queen is almost healed, but she is now missing her tiara. The Homecoming Ball is coming up, and so is the night of the Pink Moon. Spike the Husky will be a hero tonight and many of his friends will help him to solve the riddles from the tricky forest dragon, Hearts Secret Seeder. But the little Husky must hurry, he must be done before the Pink Moon sets.
Chapter Three - Little ones falling from the sky? How could this happen? Where did they came from and how did they end up here? The dragons rush to the rescue and the Castle families lineup to adopt the babies. Then, one baby squished so badly it was feared he died, provided the key to the mystery.
Chapter Four - An outbreak in the swamp! Little bodies struck down by a strange illness. Dragons with rescue baskets and Randall providing the much-needed bat trance. And then good and bad news from Heartsafire. There would be dragons. Four of the effected peeps would turn into dragons before midnight. But which four? Whose family would be losing a loved one and gaining a dragon? What kind of magic was needed to turn an ordinary peep into a dragon?
Sneak Peek - Book 5
Let There Be Dragons -The first chapter takes you back down the path of the first four books to refresh your memories of the legend. Stay tuned, to be released soon.

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ISBN-13: 9780994032331
Publisher: Diane Roy
Publication date: 01/10/2015
Series: Legends of the Fireflies , #1
Pages: 54
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