The Future of Omni-Channel Retail: Predictions in the Age of Amazon

The Future of Omni-Channel Retail: Predictions in the Age of Amazon

by Lionel Binnie

Paperback(New Edition)

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Everyone shops online these days, but there are certain experiences and products that resist the move to e-commerce. When we can order almost anything online, what compels us to make a purchase in person?

By understanding how retail has evolved through the years and what the current state of omni-channel retail is now, this book offers a formula for predicting retail trends that are likely to happen in the near future.


  • how the two essential aspects of shopping, discovery and fulfillment, contribute to when consumers are more likely to purchase online or offline.
  • why shopping provides either "time well spent" or "time well saved," and how to leverage that.
  • what retailers and retail real estate developers are doing to stay relevant.
  • how a two-axis model can help you accurately predict online and offline shopping behavior for many products and shopping occasions.

Want to know whether your product or service will fare best online or off? Read Lionel Binnie’s exploration of the developing omni-channel retail landscape to find out.

"A well-distilled volume processing the past, present and future of consumption. Want a good quick read? It’s right here."

Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

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ISBN-13: 9781945847035
Publisher: Aleweb Social Marketing, d.b.a. Emerald Lake Books
Publication date: 05/22/2018
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 116
Sales rank: 991,716
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About the Author

Lionel hails from the U.K. but has spent the last few decades in the U.S., first in California and later in New York, where he's now based. After working with several medium-sized retail and fashion businesses, he founded MSource Ideas, a business development consultancy in 2008.

As someone who has worked as a practitioner and consultant with consumer products and retail businesses, Lionel noticed a distinct lack of resources that tackled the questions he raises in this book. So he decided to write what was missing.

Specifically, if consumers can order virtually any product imaginable and have it delivered directly to them, what types of shopping experiences are likely to persist in the real world? And why?

Now that we are two decades into the era of e-commerce, Lionel felt we have a good vantage point to ask and answer these questions. And as someone who is intensely interested in the outcome, Lionel decided he'd tackle exploring the concept himself. This book is the result of that effort.

When he is not working as a consultant, Lionel returns quite often to England to see family-and to check whether the weather has improved. It hasn't. However, the food is getting a lot better.
This is Lionel's first book although he's published articles and given talks about different aspects of retail and marketing, including to The Fordham University Foundry Business Incubator, The International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC), and American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

The author enjoys connecting with his readers and can be contacted through his website at

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. How We Got Here (A Quick Tour of Retail History)

Simplifying Commerce

The Development of Shopping

The Origin Story of the Enclosed Shopping Mall

A Blow to Main Street

Chapter 2. The Disruption


The Internet Has Exploded Place

Distribution Channels

Retail Stores

Let’s Get Theoretical—Theories, Models and Heuristics

Chapter 3. How We Shop

Two Fundamental Aspects of the Buyer’s Journey

Classic Marketing Framework

Search and Experience Framework

Combining Frameworks

Exploring the Quadrants

When the Buying Experience Itself is Heterogeneous

Chapter 4. The Current State of Retail

Some Facts


What about Malls?

Food Retail is Changing

Grocery Retailers and the Problem of Fresh Home-Delivered Food

Restaurants Are Doubling as Production Kitchens

Chapter 5. The Future

The Future of Retailers and Brands

Private Labels

How Brands and Retailers Are Playing Omni-Channel—Together

Consumers Will Create Their Own Preferred Paths to Purchase

Stores, It’s Time to Start Over

Small, Fast, Fresh and Local

Discounts and Deals Are Always Fun

The Future of Shopping Centers

The Type of Shopping Centers That Will Thrive

Automatic Replenishment of Staples



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