The Future of Serials

The Future of Serials

by Taylor and Francis



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ISBN-13: 9781560240815
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1991
Series: Serials Librarian Series
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents


  • The Last Issue
  • The Crisis of Rising Serial Prices in a Canadian Context
  • CISTI: Meeting the Needs of the Canadian Scientific and Technical Community
  • The Elephant and the Mouse Revisited: Periodical Prices and Canadian Academic Libraries
  • The EDI Horizon: Implementing an ANSI X12 Pilot Project at the Faxon Company
  • Electronic Subscriptions
  • Passengers, Drivers, and Traffic Cops on Peer Review Road
  • The Peer Review Process: Strengths and Weaknesses—A Survey of Attitudes, Perceptions, and Expectations
  • The Role of the Editor in Peer Review
  • The Importance of Peer Review
  • Potential Bias in Editorial Peer Review: A Study of U.S. Medical Journals
  • A Longitudinal Study of Journal Prices in a Research Library
  • A Survey of the Cost-Effectiveness of Serials: A Cost-Per-Use Method and its Results
  • A New Paradigm for Access to Serials
  • Beyond Journals: There’s Going to be a Better Way
  • Serials Data from the NLM: SERLINE, CATLINE, CONSER
  • Title Changes: A Practical and Theoretical View
  • Concerning CONSER: Accomplishments and Aspirations
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Managing a Looseleaf Collection
  • Two Sides of the Coin: Serials Control and Interface Developments as Seen by the Systems Vendor and the Subscriptions Agent
  • Subscriptions In / Subscriptions Out: Serials Management with Microcomputers
  • Organization of Serials in Canadian Libraries
  • Improving Physical Access to Periodicals Collections: Cataloging and Management Considerations
  • Applying the USMARC Format for Holdings and Locations
  • Serials Preservation: Slow Destruction and Sudden Disaster
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SISAC (Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee)
  • Union Listing: Politics and Practicalities
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Serials Training
  • Planning, Conducting, and Analyzing Serials Vendor Performance Studies
  • The Results of the Inclusion of Costs in a Collection Development Allocation Formula
  • Mission Control, do You Read Us? Decentralizing Serials Check-In in an Automated Environment
  • Back to the Future: Serials Conversion
  • Current Issues in Serials Collection Development
  • Fifth Annual NASIG Conference Registrants, Brock University, June 1990
  • Index

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