The Future of the Welfare State

The Future of the Welfare State




The topic is the welfare state, broadly defined. The papers deal with various aspects of welfare spending, such as incentives problems, distribution consequences, financial considerations, insurance, private vs public provision, the need for reforms, etc. The contributions discuss problems of the welfare state as well as evaluations of its results.

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ISBN-13: 9780631195764
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Series: Scandinavian Journal of Economics Series
Pages: 208
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Table of Contents

1. The Welfare Economics of the Welfare State: Agnar Sandmo.

2. Welfare State Disincentives with Endogenous Habits and Norms: Assar Lindbeck.

3. A Theory of the Welfare State: Hans-Werner Sinn.

4. Factor Mobility, Risk and Redistribution in the Welfare State: David E Wildasin.

5. Public Provision of Private Goods as a Redistributive Device in an Optimum Income Tax Model: Soren Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen.

6. Why are Taxes so High in Egalitarian Societies: Mats Persson.

7. Family Policy with Non-cooperative Families: Kai A. Konrad and Kjell Erik Lommerud.

8. Socio-Economic Status and Child Health: Does Public Health Insurance Narrow the Gap: Janet Currie.

9. Is it Legitimate to Encourage Work Sharing?: Nina Maderner and Jean-Charles Rochet.

10. Labor Supply Responses and Welfare Effects of Tax Reforms: Rolf Aaberge, John K Dagsvik and Steinar Strom.

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