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The Garb of Being: Embodiment and the Pursuit of Holiness in Late Ancient Christianity

The Garb of Being: Embodiment and the Pursuit of Holiness in Late Ancient Christianity


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This collection explores how the body became a touchstone for late antique religious practice and imagination. When we read the stories and testimonies of late ancient Christians, what different types of bodies stand before us? How do we understand the range of bodily experiences—solitary and social, private and public—that clothed ancient Christians? How can bodily experience help us explore matters of gender, religious identity, class, and ethnicity? The Garb of Being investigates these questions through stories from the eastern Christian world of antiquity: monks and martyrs, families and congregations, and textual bodies. Other contributors include S. Abrams Rebillard, T. Arentzen, S. P. Brock, R. S. Falcasantos , C. M. Furey, S. H. Griffith, R. Krawiec, B. McNary-Zak, J.-N. Mellon Saint-Laurent, C. T. Schroeder, A. P. Urbano, and F. M. Young.

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ISBN-13: 9780823287024
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Series: Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Georgia Frank (Edited By)
Georgia Frank is Professor of Religion, at Colgate University. She is author of The Memory of the Eyes: Pilgrims to Living Saints in Christian Late Antiquity (University of California Press, 2000), and has recently published on sacred objects, pilgrimage souvenirs and the art of memory, and the poetry of Romanos the Melodist.

Andrew Jacobs (Edited By)
Andrew S. Jacobs is Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University. His most recent book, Epiphanius of Cyprus: A Cultural Biography of Late Antiquity , won the Philip Schaff Prize from the American Society of Church History. He is the author of Remains of the Jews: The Holy Land and Christian Empire in Late Antiquity and Christ Circumcised: A Study in Early Christian History and Difference.

Susan Holman (Edited By)
Susan R. Holman is Professor and Chair in Religion and the Healing Arts at Valparaiso University. She is editor of Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society (BakerAcademic 2008), co-translator of St. Basil the Great: On Fasting and Feasts (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2013), and author of The Hungry are Dying: Beggars and Bishops in Roman Cappadocia (Oxford 2001), God Knows There’s Need: Christian Responses to Poverty (Oxford 2009), and Beholden: Religion, Global Health, and Human Rights (Oxford 2015), which received the 2016 Grawemeyer Award in Religion.