The General's Desire

The General's Desire

by Tess Summers
3.8 4

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The General's Desire 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
jennifer mitsada 9 days ago
This is part two of a series, but it didn't seem to make a difference that I didn't read book one before diving into this. Just saying. Brenna has been a widowed for a few years, and is now trying to get back into the dating scene. Not that she was mourning her husband, more her marriage was not all that good and wasn't ready until recently to jump back on that horse. When she ends up going to a friends New Years Eve party, she doesn't imagine that she would meet the man that would change her life forever. Ron has dedicated his life to the Marines, never married and no kids, has had his share of relationships but never met the one woman that would make him want to change the way he lives his life. When he gets seated at the same table as Brenna, he knows this evening has taken a turn for the best. From there the two try to navigate a relationship, but with the issues they both have, it will take both of them to make this work. Can Brenna get over her trust issues and trust a man who spends most of his time away from home? Will she understand just how important Ron's career is to him? I found this to be a good read. With lots of drama, some hero saving the day stuff, and really steamy sexy times. I give this 4 stars.
MTSmith 12 days ago
Trust and communication. These exist within the core of every relationship along with love and respect. But they can be the most hardest to give and do. Falling in lust is easy, I think. I see, I like, I want. Lust is superficial when emotions are pushed aside. It's physical need fulfilling physical need. It really isn't much more than that. Once emotions get involved though, the tune of the entire relationship changes. Trust is tentatively given, doled out in pinches as it is earned. Communication opens up and aspects of private lives are shared. Those first few steps into the hallway of unknowns are hesitant but not for long. It isn't considered tromping around like a drunk bull when the invitation to get to know one another better has been extended. But it's not an invitation that should be taken lightly. Brenna's been there. She's done that. She watched from the sidelines as her late husband chased one skirt after another. Though she tried to be the friend, the lover, the wife he needed, even going as far as having breast augmentation done, it wasn't enough to keep her husband's eye from wandering. Meeting Ron was, honestly, a fresh of breath air. He was up front and honest. He worshiped every part of her body, made her feel like the goddess her husband didn't see her as. He's a military career man through and through, and up for the promotion he's worked so hard for. Their relationship is new ground for them both. Ron spells it out for Brenna what being with him means--long periods of time alone, leaving at the drop of a hat, unable to discuss what he actually does--and she's willing to try. Not because sex is amazing with him but because she truly likes him and wants to see where this goes. But a part of Brenna is broken. The part of her that would have, years ago, been willing to trust a man's word at face value was torn down bit by bit by her late husband's infidelity. There's a lot of self-doubt and doubt in general, a lot of distrust toward Ron that slowly creeps into their relationship. Lack of communication, and miscommunication too, played a huge part in their arguments and separations. More than once I wanted to shake them both and make them realize that not talking about whatever was on their minds wasn't helping them in that moment. Like I said, this was all new ground for them though. But everything--the errors and lapses of judgement, lies (or lying by omission, if you prefer that term), exclusion of each other, doubts, etc.--wasn't enough to keep them apart. Somewhere along the way, the lust Ron and Brenna shared evolved into love that refused to fade despite the ups and downs they experienced. I loved that this was an older couple. These are new adults testing their wings out in the world. These are seasoned adults who've experienced much but still have much to experience. Ron and Brenna's story is long (settle in if you choose to pick this one up) and I enjoyed reading it. It isn't dark or angst filled. It's fairly simple and straightforward: strangers to lovers. It isn't the sex that kept me reading, and Ms. Summers does make sure this couple experiences endless amounts of pleasure, but the push and pull, the give and take, the newness of what they shared, the discovery of a love like neither had known before. 3.5* Received from publisher for an honest review
cherigCG 17 days ago
The general happens to be hot as heck, dedicated, single, and a rising star in the Marines. Brenna is a gorgeous famous baseball player's widow as well as successful in her own right. Neither has plans to get seriously involved. She's just been duped by a man she finally started dating after a marriage with a serial cheater. After attempting to shut Ron down he makes promises that make her tingle. So begins the steamy journey of these two people over forty. Yep. People over forty fall in love, too. They care, have sizzling chemistry. He treats her as she's never been treated before as if she is beautiful and special. The one thing they seem to battle is communication. He's used to being tight-lipped because of the secrecy of his missions. She isn't encouraged to talk when he won't. She's never been around the military and his abundant last-minute mission calls infuriate her. He is concerned she won't be able to deal with his job and his inability to stay in contact while he is away. Building their relationship isn't easy. Both have been on their own for some time and are not used to allowing anyone else in. However, the conflict was basically a lack of communication and letting the other person in when a simple conversation with both parties listening to the other could have helped. It would have been a stronger book with perhaps some external conflict as well. The characters were likable and engaging. I recommend this to anyone who likes a little older couple who still have plenty of steam. Reviewed For Words Turn Me On
Knarly_nik 5 months ago
I received an ARC of this book and just loved it! The characters, Ron and Brenna, were very relatable. I loved that they were more my own age. Once I started the book, I could not put it down. It was a great read!