The Genesis of the Bible

The Genesis of the Bible

by Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo


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ISBN-13: 9781467024471
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/01/2012
Pages: 820
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The Genesis of the Bible

The Genesis of The Letter J and The Evolution of The Name of Jesus: Historical Myths or Religious and Theological Deception
By Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo


Copyright © 2012 Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-2447-1

Chapter One

The Body Cannot Live Without The Mind: There Is No Religion Higher Than The Truth

As the Afrikan Ancestors once said: "Until the mighty Lion of the Afrikan wild starts telling his side of the story, the story of the hunter will always glorify the hunter". In overthrowing me, you have only cut off the trunk of the tree of Liberty, but the root is still intact. Thus, the tree will spring up again from the roots for they are numerous and run deep, Toussaint Ouverture. What we think we understand, or know, or where we came from is the product of family, history and culture. The more the Blacks in America begins to understand that we have been lie to by the Religious Institution of our oppressor, including the Slave Master's Religion and the name of his God, the sooner our minds will be set free from his Religious and Psychological Indoctrination. The Religious Institution that set up the corrupt Banking Institution of the world and the concept of Capitalism, which were all influenced by the Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade by the Western Christians in the name of Jesus. The Religious Institution that is at the bottom of every war and conflict in the world. "No one calleth for Judgment and Justice, neither did any pleadeth for the Truth". "They trusted in vanity and speaketh lies. They conceived mischief in their evil hearts, and bringeth forth iniquity upon the colored world". Where is the Black man Divine Justice from the Religious Institution of his Transatlantic Enslavement, and subsequent economic oppression? What makes the Black man to think that, the same Religious Institution of his captivity of centuries will not lie to him when it comes to the name of Jesus, or about the books, which he now called the Holy Bible?

The original Bible is in fact, the work of the Afrikans of ancient Egypt, North Afrika, originally written in various Edenic-Endo-Afrikan Family of languages, such as Amharic and Ge'ez languages of ancient Afrika, as opposed to being written by the Jews in Hebrew. If there were ever a Jesus, he spoke the Amharic language of ancient Egypt, as opposed to speaking Hebrew or being a Jew, because he was not a Jew. Besides, Western Christianity is Astrotheological Hybrid of Greeks and Afrikans Mythological and Allegorical wisdom of the ancient world. The Religion, used by Emperor Constantine for the Religious Inductions of his subjects' minds for the control of Greek citizens for political advantages. Just as the Slave Master of Western Europe created the name of Jesus to help control the minds of the enslaved Blacks in the name of Jesus. The Bible became an additive Drugs of Blacks Psycho-Theologic Hallucinations in the controls of the Black Female's mind in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, Institutional Racism and Theological Bigotry, produced the Low-Self Esteem within the victims of Chattel Slavery. The Blacks in America are not really free; we exist in America for our exploitative values by the white establishments in the name of Jesus. We are only tolerated, as some conditional slaves in the name of white economic benefits.

There was no person, divine or human, who ever walked on the face of the earth by the name of Jesus Christ, not in ancient Egypt, North Afrikan, where Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, were derived. Jesus did not exist in the ancient Greco-Roman Empire of Emperor Constantine in 325 A. D. There was no letter "J" in the Afrikan Hieroglyphics, from which the Greek alphabet was developed, or in the Afrikan Amharic language of Yasha. The letter "J" did not exist in the Greek alphabet, from which Greco-Roman Latin was derived, neither did "J" exist in any of the Endo-European Family of languages, which were all developed from Greco-Roman Latin, such as Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, English and others. Therefore, no one could have been named Jesus, in the ancient World in which Jesus allegedly lived before his murdered by the Greek oppressors in ancient Egypt, North Afrika for his Revolutionary activities against their illegal occupations of Afrika. The Story of Christianity took place in ancient Egypt, and with the people of Afrika, as opposed to taking place with the Jews. There did not exist "J" in any of the ancient world alphabet for anyone name to have been Jesus Christ.

The original version of the King James Bible of 1611 A. D., did not contain the letter "J", neither did it contain any word starting with the letter "J", nor was there anyone named James. The first Latin Vulgate Bible of St. Jerome, 350 A. D. of the Greco-Roman Catholic Church, the Mother Church of all Western Christianity, did not contain any word starting with the letter "J". The Koine Greek Septuagint Bible of 280 B. C., which was derived from the Afrikan Amharic, Ge'ez, and Hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, North Afrika, as opposed to being derived from Hebrew, did not contain any word starting with the letter "J". These ancient works did not contain the characters of "j, u, and w", neither did they contained any word starting with the letters "j, w, and u" for anyone or any place spelling to have contained the characters of "j, u, and w". These characters simply did not exist in any of the ancient world alphabet, the world in which Jesus allegedly lived. There will be more discussions on the creation of the letters "J, w, and u", in later chapters of this work. The word "Christ', is a title, and not a name. The word "Christ, was derived from the Greek word "Kristos", or "Christos". The Afrikan Revolutionary Messiah of ancient Egypt, North Afrika, name was Yasha, and not Jesus. His white murderers changed his named of Yasha into the Greco-Roman-Latin-Anglo Saxon named of Jesus Christ, at the perfection of the letter "J", in the Middle Ages of Europe.

The Bible was originally translated in the Afrikan Amharic and Koine Greek and later into Latin, and neither of these forms of writings has the letter "J" in its alphabet. Thus, the Jesus of the Modern day Bible is the creation of the Roman Catholic Church of Medieval Europe, a fictitious character, created by the white man for his own Capitalistic interest in the Institutional Colonialization of Afrikans minds. The Jesus of the Modern day Bible is actually the name of the Chief Greek God of Mythology, known as "Zesus and now Jesus". The mythological Greek God who became Jesus, at the perfection of the character of "J", from the character of "i" in Europe. The processes of the creation of the name of Jesus after the perfection of the letter of "j" went as follows:

Zesus became Iesus in ancient Greek, Iesous in Greco-Roman Latin, and Jesus in Latin and English. The Afrikan Revolutionary Messiah of ancient Egypt, name was never Jesus, and could never have been Jesus, because the letter "j" simply did not exist in the Afrikan Amharic dialect, which he spoke. His name was Yahsha, an Amharic speaking Afrikan man from ancient Egypt, North Afrika. He was not a Hebrew and didn't speak the Hebrew language. How could an angel name Gabriel, of course, the angel name must always be a European's name for an Afrikan character, be involved in an Afrikan story long ago in ancient Afrika? Be as it may, the angel could never have said to Merriam, the Afrikan mother of Yahsha, that her Divine Son name would be Jesus, a Greco-Roman-Latin name for an Afrikan son. The name that did not exist in the Afrikan linguistic and cultural repertoire at the time, neither was he a Jew, nor spoke the Yiddish language of the Khazars Jews from Eastern Europe. There simply was no people, or language in ancient Egypt, North Afrika, when Yahsha's lived in Afrika, known as the Hebrew people who spoke the Hebrew language, or a people known as Jewish people for him to be identified as a Jew, because he was not a Jew.

For an example, the alleged Pontius Pilate of ancient Egypt, North Afrika, an agent of the Greeks occupational forces in North Afrika, could never have written on Jesus' Cross of death these words: This is the King of the Jews, or written in Latin, or Hebrew, as there was no Latin or Hebrew when Jesus allegedly lived in ancient Egypt, North Afrika. I believe that, the defeat of the Black Messiah, on the Cross-of the Greeks, was the defeat of Afrika at the hands of the white race. The Afrikans who spoke the Amharic, Ge'ez, and other Endenic Endo-Afrikan Family of languages, and others. Some of theAfrikans at this time may have perhaps spoken Greek, the language of the oppressors, but never Hebrew or Latin. Just as many Afrikans today speak the languages of our Arabs and white oppressors, such as Spanish, Italians, Portuguese, English, Arabic, and French etc. Yahsha's the Afrikan Christ of ancient Egypt, was murdered by the white race for his Revolutionary activities against its oppression of the people of Afrika. There was no language known as English when Yasha' lived in ancient Egypt, North Afrika for his name to have been "Jesus". The French Philosopher and Cultural Historian, and Religious Scholar, Ernest Renon, concord with my statement in his book, The Life Of Jesus. He added: The Life of The Mythological Zesus became the name of Jesus in the Middle Ages of Europe at the perfection of the letter "j" by the Europeans, the creators of "The Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade in the name of Jesus". As the Mano Council of Scholars once said: "When the people's are ready, the Master will appear". The people are now ready, the Master is now here. I am one of these Masters, and I am here.

Western Christianity became an Ideological and Philosophical Religion in the hands of the Greek Emperor Constantine of Europe. This was your so-called marriage between Church and State, a new Religion so to speak. In ancient Egypt, there was no different between Church and State, neither did there exist, a different between religious worships and normal life. If the "Devil" is the embodiment of evil, then, those with the historical and cultural records of committing the crimes of rapes, lynching, theft, murders, genocide, and oppression, must be the symbols of the "Devil" on earth. Those who have cheated others of their land and its resources, lie, stole, and cheated others of their wages, and stolen from the weak in the name of Religious Institution, are the true children of the Devil. The Fractionalization and the policy of deceptive transformation of theological information, and forced transmigration and fragmentation, by Western Christians' America, subjected the Blacks into the status of domesticated animals and functional inferior.

The white man is the representative of Lucifer, or Luxferre, or the Devil, who is the father of all evil, and is in opposition to God that is blamed for the crimes and sins of The Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade and the genocide of the Indians. In Greco-Roman Latin, the word "Lucifer, or Lux, Lucis-Ferre, originally means, he who brings Light, or the Light Bringer. Lux Ferre, was once identified as The Bright and Morning Star" in the planet Venus and Saturn, in their downward descent. Venus, is also the symbol of feminine beauty and elegant. Does this mean that, women are evil creatures? In the Vulgate Bible of 350-400 A. D., which translated materials were derived from the Egyptain Amharic Literature, and the Koine Greek Septuagint Bible of 280 B. C., the book translated by Afrikan Greek Scholars, in Alexandria, Egypt, North Afrika, believed that, the Afrikan female was the symbol of divinity and beauty. This translation also referred to Lucifer, as The Bright and Morning Star, and not Lucifer, the Father of Evil. It was the King James English Version of the Bible of 1611 A. D. that introduced the word Luxferre, Lucis, or Lucifer, into the Bible as "the Father of Evil". In Greek, the word, "Phosphorus", or in Latin, Luxci Ferre, means, The Light Bringer, or The Bright and Morning Star. This Lucifer has nothing to do with being the father of evil as we have been told by the white race over the centuries.

In ancient Babylon, the name of the Bright and Morning Star came to apply to a Tyrannous Babylonian King, whom the Prophets of old said was destined to fall from grace because of his evil deeds. The Evil Babylonian King was later called the Prince of Demons, who fall would soon come to pass. Just as the white man barbaric, terroristic, sinful, and evil rule over the colored world would soon come to pass. The word Luciferre, or Satan, was popularized in English Literature and in Western Literatures, in works by such authors, as Dante and Milton's book, Paradise Lost. But Lucifer is actually, the name of the Bright and Morning Star, and not the father of evil. It was used in Greco-Roman-Latin as prose and poetry in poetic lines, and never the father of evil. To help express and give meaning to poetic compendium, by such authors as Marcus Terentius Verio 116 B.C. and Cicero 106-43 B. C. Lucifer was never the Symbol of evil, and the Father of evil, as we have come to know in the King James translated Bible of 1611 A. D.


Excerpted from The Genesis of the Bible by Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo Copyright © 2012 by Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Body Cannot Live Without The Mind: There Is No Religion Higher Than The Truth....................1
Chapter 2 Manifest Destiny and The Concept of A Chosen Race....................23
Chapter 3 Psycho-Negrosis: The Disease of Black Mental Death....................45
Chapter 4 I Write What Like and Feeling You Mother Afrika....................61
Chapter 5 I Write What I Like....................69
Chapter 6 The Whispering of The Forest In Ocean....................74
Chapter 7 The Psychological Matrix of Blacks Religious Coma....................80
Chapter 8 The Rhythmic Cycle of Life: Marriage And Procreation: A Divine Spiritual Function of Life and Death In Afrika....................93
Chapter 9 The Ending Of One Life Is The Beginning of Another: The Suffering of God's Son at The Hands of the White Race in Ancient Afrika....................114
Chapter 10 The Psychological and Religious Effect of White Racism and The Creation of Capitalism In The Name of Jesus Christ....................125
Chapter 11 The Concept of Franchising As A Religious Function in Western Christianity Through The Execution of The Draconian Code: The Selection of Black Preacher By The Slave Master of America....................147
Chapter 12 The Jesus Deception and Black Psychological and Religious Desensitization....................158
Chapter 13 The Color of God and Black Religious Captivity: The Psychological Matrix of White Inferiority Color Complex....................179
Chapter 14 Afrika The Soul Of The World: The Influence of Emperor Constantine On Western Christianity....................198
Chapter 15 The Birth of the Medieval Jesus and Blacks Religious Indoctrination: The Conversion of The Khazars of Europe to The Egyptain Religion of Judaism 740 A. D....................218
Chapter 16 The Perfection of The Letter "J" From The Letter "i" In Medieval Europe and The Creation of The Name of Jesus Christ....................241
Chapter 17 The Bible Contradicts Itself....................258
Chapter 18 The Historical and Cultural Deception of Western Christianity: The Concept of Afrikan Person and Soul....................278
Chapter 19 Emperor Constantine: The Creator Of Western Christianity....................299
Chapter 20 Miriam Magdalene was the Wife of Yasha (Jesus): The Oath of the Jesuit Order of Roman Catholicism....................318
Chapter 21 Western Christianity Is An Astro-Religious Belief Systems From Ancient Egypt: The View From The Bridge of Afrikan History and Culture....................337
Chapter 22 Afrika The Beginning of Western Christianity....................364
Chapter 23 The Concept of The Age and The End of The world....................373
Chapter 24 The Savior Gods' Men of The World....................384
Chapter 25 Blacks Religious Indoctrination And The Chains And Images Of Psychological Slavery And Blacks Theological Inferiorization....................403
Chapter 26 Historical and Religious Deception and Intellectual Theological Excosicism....................420
Chapter 27 Western Christianity and The Concept of Creation is that of The Afrikans of Ancient Egypt....................438
Chapter 28 The Concept of The Resurrected Savior-God in Western Christianity Came From Ancient Egypt: The Founding Fathers of America Concept of The Great Seal Came from Egypt, Afrika....................464
Chapter 29 The Birth of The Savior-God of Ancient Egypt, North Afrika: Became The Story of The Medieval Jesus' Birth Story....................489
Chapter 30 Western Christianity and The Concept of Creations Is That of The Afrikans of Ancient Egypt, North Afrika....................507
Chapter 31 The Language of the Bible and The Different Names for God in the various Cultures of the world: The Evolution of The Name of Jesus....................535
Chapter 32 How The Bible Came To Be....................563
Chapter 33 How The Bible Came To Be....................578
Chapter 34 How The Bibl Came To Be....................606
Chapter 35 How The Bible Came To Be....................622
Chapter 36 Biblical Chronology and The Bible Time Line....................639
Chapter 37 Western Christianity The Child Of The Ancient Egyptain Mystery System....................669
Chapter 38 The Names of The Translators Of The King James Bible of 1611....................686
Chapter 39 The Creation of the Nicene Creed: The Doctrine of Three Gods in Western Christianity And the History of Donatism....................712
Chapter 40 The Creation Of Chapters and Verses In The Bible In The Middle Ages of Europe....................743
Chapter 41 We Are One....................754
Notes and References....................759

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