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The Genesis of the Black Man by Johannes Dery

Johannes Dery born in Accra-Ghana, began his ministry as a young teenager in early 1992. In 1994, he had a supernatural encounter from the Lord, and in that encounter the Lord told him, He wanted him to raise Leaders in his community, and instructed him to begin prayers in his neighborhood, Kanda-Accra. Through several months of intensive prayer, a revival movement was ignited in the neighborhood, which gave birth to several fellowships and ministries in the community, especially in the university campuses and tertiary institutions across the nations.

As a revivalist and a missionary, he began his first mission work in Apeguso, in the Asuogaman District in the Eastern Region of Ghana, from September 1997 to July 1998. Within 10 months of mission work in that community, the Lord confirmed the preaching of his word with mighty miracles, diverse signs and wonders in a witchcraft infested community.

On January 2000, he had the privilege once again to travel to Nigeria on his second missionary works. His first mission field was Benin City of Edo State. Afterward he moved to Abuja, in the federal capital territory of Nigeria for pastorial and mission work. Within his 4 years and eleven months as a missionary in Nigeria, he traveled extensively through various state’s such as Lagos state, Enugu State, Taraba State, formally known as Gongola State, Jos plateau State as a missionary. He obtained his first and second Diploma in Theology and mission at Emmaus Bible College (Haven of Hope College) in Jos plateau State. He later became an instructor at the Bible College. Prior to his ordination as a Reverend Minister in Febuary 2005, he obtain his first degree in Theology and mission at Dominion Bible institute in Accra-Ghana.

Johannes Dery is the founder and General Superintendent of Redeemed World Gospel Mission, a ministry with the passion and commitment of raising the youth, preparing and equiping them for leadership, ministry and mission work in these end times, which headquarters are in Accra-Ghana.

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