The Gentleman from Virginia: Version II~historical fictoin narrative only

The Gentleman from Virginia: Version II~historical fictoin narrative only


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Authors note: Version II is for the reader who would prefer a straight forward historical fiction novel. The original version, has intertwined Washington authentic letters, which are housed in the Library of Congress, which give a real authentic view of what he was thinking, and also conveying to the other founders on the state of the war effort in 1777. Both versions are exciting and action packed. Version II is the fictional narrative only, as the original contains Washington's letters from 1777 in 18th Century prose.

General Washington is fully engaged in eluding the British Army's attempts to grasp the Colonies' military strategy. Little known to him is something terrible that transpired out on the Atlantic-an event that could change the incoming tides of war. Will Washington follow his instincts or succumb to the traps laid by his adversaries? Will he listen to his trusted scouts from the frontier, or his Generals, who lay in wait to depose him? With military failures and the looming fight for Philadelphia comes hope. Not from the victory in the North by Gates and Arnold, but from a young man, Joshua Taylor, who has defied an Empire. Joshua's actions have consequences; now defiant, he wrestles with his own actions and loyalty. Meanwhile, General Howe has zeroed in on Philadelphia, meaning to crush the brewing rebellion. A plot to destroy the Congress looms. Follow Washington and his most trusted in their fight as they strive to keep the glorious Cause alive.

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ISBN-13: 9781537415369
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/31/2016
Pages: 420
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