The Ghost and the Belle: A Saint's Grove Novel

The Ghost and the Belle: A Saint's Grove Novel

by Rose Shababy


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ISBN-13: 9780990462040
Publisher: Super Sheroes LLC
Publication date: 10/04/2016
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.61(d)

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The Ghost and the Belle, A Saint's Grove novel 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Masbjs More than 1 year ago
Seven days to solve the mystery.... I like the idea of the Saint's Grove series where all the books have common elements in them. I also liked the Sherlock Holmes banter that went through this book including character names. Irene has closed herself off emotionally after the death of her family, content to run her book store and immerse herself into her books. After the rift was opened, Benjamin literally crashed into her world and now they have to work together to break the curse and finally free him. I think the amount of cliches here actually brought this story down and also I had most of the ending figured out early on. If you like an easy to read paranormal romance based within the same world as the rest of the series then you will then you will enjoy The Ghost and the Belle. I was gifted a copy of this which I voluntarily read in exchange for an honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.25 stars---THE GHOST AND THE BELLE by Rose Shababy is part of the multi-authored SAINT’S GROVE paranormal/fantasy/time travel series focusing on the town of Saint’s Grove, Virginia in the aftermath of a total lunar eclipse, and the alignment of the planets, that will open a portal to the otherworld releasing all mythical beings for an epic battle of Good versus Evil. This is book store owner Irene Bell, and Benjamin Churchill’s story line. .All books in the Saints Grove series can be read as stand alone stories without any difficulty. It is not necessary to read the series in order. The number assigned to each installment is simply the order in which they were released. NOTE: CROSSING TIME, RACING TIME, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and THE GHOST AND THE BELLE (Saint’s Grove) are also part of the multi-authored STAR ATHAME LEGEND series as well. The Ghost and the Belle wraps up the Star Athame Legend premise. Told from dual third person perspectives (Irene and Benjamin) THE GHOST AND THE BELLE is a story of time travel and ghosts where our hero Benjamin Churchill becomes trapped in present day Saint’s Grove Virginia-a shadow of his former self. With the lunar eclipse and the planets aligned, Benjamin’s ghost is hurdle one hundred and fifty years into the future, present day Saint’s Grove Virginia where he will fall in love with bookstore owner Irene Bell. As the couple search for a way to send Benjamin back to his time, they will discover that not everything was as it appeared to be one hundred and fifty years earlier- a murder, a fiancé, and a betrayal of the heart will send Benjamin to an early grave. What ensues is the building romance between Irene and Benjamin, and the hunt for the mysterious Star Athame dagger that is said to remove the curse and hopefully send Benjamin back where he belongs. THE GHOST AND THE BELLE is the fourth and final book focusing on the mystical Star Athame dagger that had cursed four of our story line heroes. The premise is imaginative and revealing as it brings this particular arc of the series to its’ conclusion. The relationship between Benjamin and Irene is one of mutual attraction but because of the hero’s ‘old fashioned’ values, I did not feel the immediate pull of want and need. I did have a few issues with the editing/writing as it pertained to the switch between first and third person perspective in one particular chapter of the story. The back and forth between first and third person for our story line heroine was obvious and disconcerting, and the error should have been caught by the editor or proofreader. There were also a number of repetitive phrases and series of words in successive paragraphs that should have been modified so that the duplication wasn’t such a distraction; and some issues of grammar and spelling (e.g. to vs too) were also overlooked. Hopefully another round of editing will correct the problems. THE GHOST AND THE BELLE is another fated lovers story; a time travel tale of betrayal and retribution; ghosts and witches; magic and mayhem that brings together several of the series couples and characters who are all connected by the mystical dagger.
CelticDruid More than 1 year ago
I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review. Let me start off by saying that I just could not put it down. Irene Bell and Benjamin Churchill are wonderful characters. I loved reading about them, it is so rare where you get fully fleshed out characters like this. It is one of those books when you finish you are still looking for more. I want to know how they end up and how life treats them in the future. To read the rest of my review go here: