The Ghosts of Alexandrapol: The Armenian Genocide: The Lost Notes of Khatrun Michaelian

The Ghosts of Alexandrapol: The Armenian Genocide: The Lost Notes of Khatrun Michaelian

by Joseph Pasquarella


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After his Armenian grandmother’s funeral, business owner and small-time local

author Joey Petrosian discovers her diary and is drawn into a haunting obsession to

research and write about his grandparents’ horrific experiences as surviving victims of

the Armenian genocide, one of the darkest chapters of human history. Delving into

historical data and researching stories of his family history only carry him so far. After

reading an entry from his grandmother’s diary from over forty years prior, in which

she mentioned chronicling in a notebook her and Joey’s grandfather’s personal and indepth

experiences during the terrifying ordeal as children, Joey begins a frantic search

for the whereabouts of her lost notes.

Finding the highly revealing and valuable notebook would enable him to complete

their story for all the world to read. However, after a long and exhausting search, the

notes are seemingly lost forever. The search is fruitless, and Joey’s hopes and dreams of

writing his unique and personal family story has come to a grinding halt. Never one

to ever give up hope, he presses on with his search, heading to Armenia for the onehundredth-

year commemoration of the start of the genocide to find some answers. Will

his trip overseas to the land of his ancestors help him seal the deal in telling the world

his grandparents’ amazing story of tribulation and survival? And will it take a little

ghostly persuasion to lead him to the truth?

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ISBN-13: 9781457558696
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 09/25/2017
Pages: 228
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