The Gift of Courage: Stories of Open Hearts, Passion, and Purpose

The Gift of Courage: Stories of Open Hearts, Passion, and Purpose

by Ken Streater


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ISBN-13: 9780989208925
Publisher: Toolkit To Change
Publication date: 06/15/2013
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

After half a century on earth, I realize that I am here simply to enjoy moments in an ongoing attempt at a life of benevolent purpose. Learning from and writing about the great people in this book helped me to recognize this.

In the two years I spent researching and writing The Gift of Courage, I grew much closer to my friend Kelley Kalafatich. She is the reason I decided to write this book in the first place. Thirty years ago Kelley became an inspirational role model and a great encourager to me. Everyone who meets Kelley finds a hidden treasure, and I tell her story as a gesture of gratitude and love.

I also came to know and love Jim Adams, Josh Kern and Thurgood Marshall Academy, Martha Ryan, Judy Crawford, Carrie Hamilton and Homeless Prenatal Program, Jeff Leeland and Sparrow Clubs, Dennis Guthrie, Brianna Mercado,
and Eric Plantenberg. Thank you all for bringing your gifts into this world. My children have role models because of you.

I believe that each of us has a unique purpose or calling. Many intuitively know this big "why." My wife Danielle is one. She is here to love and care for those around her and to genuinely spread joy. Finding my purpose was much harder and took deep courage.

I peeled back the layers of my heart to find its core. I rediscovered what made it sing in all parts of my life. I realized that serving others and sharing stories of individual and community achievement was infinitely more rewarding than just chasing the dollar. Writing The Gift of Courage made this clear to me. I found and now humbly let my unique personal strengths and passions direct me. With modesty, my purpose is to help anyone-even you-use deep courage to embrace fears and open your heart to find meaning in life.

How do I know I am living my purpose? As I wrote this book and as I pen others, including "The Courage Compass: An Essential Guide to Finding Your Meaning and Purpose," and when I speak to individuals and groups about how to realize true meaning in their lives, time stands still, my heart is full and I feel an indescribable grace-filled energy wash over and through me. This also happens when I drift down a peaceful river or marvel at my kids' bliss and wonder. I am wholly gratified in these moments as I do what I am meant to do. And my life is not perfect. Sometimes problems cloud purpose, frustration trumps serenity, and sadness overwhelms happiness. Through it all, I gratefully still live my dreams.

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