The Gift of Game

The Gift of Game

by Crazy Town
4.2 13

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The Gift of Game

Crazy Town's debut album, The Gift of Game, is similar to many other rap-inflected alternative metal albums in that it concentrates on sound over structure, creating macho, aggressive grooves with grinding, noisily textured guitars and the underlying feel of squared-off hip-hop beats. Hooks can be a bit hard to come by, since this isn't music that relies heavily on melody (or catchy guitar riffs), but that isn't necessarily a consideration for fans of the style. What's more relevant than the tightness of the songwriting is the intensity of the assault, and on that count, Crazy Town delivers the goods. Moreover, they're refreshingly skilled in the rap department when compared to some of their contemporaries, and the album bolsters its credibility with guest appearances from KRS-One and Mad Lion, to name two. Of course, Crazy Town's audience will be largely outside the hip-hop community, but it's evidence that they can be more serious about a truer fusion of genres when they want to be. There are elements of Limp Bizkit's juvenile humor, to be sure, but overall, the album shows promise.

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Release Date: 01/01/2000
Label: Imports
UPC: 5099749529724
catalogNumber: 1075880


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Crazy Town   Primary Artist
Jay Gordon   Keyboards,Vocals
Mad Lion   Vocals
James Bradley   Drums
Bret "Epic" Mazur   Vocals
Amir Derakh   Synthesizer Guitar
Troy Van Leeuwen   Guitar
Seth Binzer   Vocals
Stephen Costantino   Guitar
DJ AM   Turntables
Dirty Unit   Vocals
Rust Epique   Guitar
Faydoedeelay   Bass
Jenny Sipprelle   Vocals
Trouble Valli   Guitar

Technical Credits

Jay Gordon   Producer
Flea   Composer
John Frusciante   Composer
Anthony Kiedis   Composer
Bret "Epic" Mazur   Composer,Producer
Chad Smith   Composer
Brian Virtue   Engineer
Bob Hickson   Illustrations
Josh Abraham   Producer
Epic Mazur   Producer
Rollin Binzer   Art Direction
Seth Binzer   Composer,Art Direction

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The Gift of Game 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The reason why I picked five star for this song (butterfly) is because of the music video. The video was not like most music video(s)I have seen. The first time I saw this video it blew me away.I liked the nature environment and the colorful butterflies they had in the video. The singers in this group were hotter than ever. The head singer with all the tattoos had a part in the video by his tattoos. His stars flew into the sky to catch a women. Also the women in this video weren't your super models with the big butty and showing of her chest like you see in most videos. The women look like every day person that work 8 to 5 and they also covered her for the most part head to toe. The other signer who sang later in the song was wearing a D.A.R.E. t-shirt which made me think. If famous people, that children and teenagers look up to, advertised how dangrous drugs and sexual relationships are may be we would not have the trouble we are facing right now. Like children who are starting smoking at a young age or who are prengant as a teenager. so take the time and watch this video and I hope you agree with me.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a 17 year old song, originally written by the Red Hot Chili Peppers titled Pretty Little Ditty, was remade and given no credit to the Chili Peppers for their work. The exact same guitar and bass in this song was written by Anthony Kiedis, not by anyone in Crazy Town. Posers don't deserve credit (#1 U.S. hit) or the money from this cd.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love this cd! all the songs are hard core cool and the riffs on butterfly are awesome! Shifty and epic are soo hhhhhotttttt!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Most cd's, ya know, they have a couple good songs on them and the rest aren't that good. With the gift of game, EVERY SONG is awesome. I play this cd over and over and never get tired of it. Don't yall go thinking butterfly is the only good song, cuz they all ROCK! The clips do not do this cd any justice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
once on this TV show on VH1 called "The 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs.....Ever", Butterfly was on the countdown! even though it is true that Butterfly has cheap lyrics, the guys do know how to rap. this album reminds me of Limp Bizkit, and Methods Of Mayhem. and DJ A.M. is my favorite DJ next to DJ Lethal (from Limp Bizkit).
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Gift of Game is a tight CD. It just kicks,it inspires you to get up of your butt and do things with your life. If you don't buy this CD you're really missin out. So get up of your butt and buy it!!!!! Shifty is sooo hot, designed to blow your mind!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this cd isn't for heavy-metal fans. There is some really rocking songs like toxic, only when i'm drunk, and darkside, but... there are some weak pop songs like players, revolving door, butterfly, and black cloud
Guest More than 1 year ago
butterfly music video was a good video. It made me want to have butterflys every where. when I saw this video it made me want to get up and dance. the video had a lot of nature in the background, I liked the environment and the women in this music video where not your super models they look like every day people. The women look like they work from 8 to 5. I also like the guys. The guy with the DARE t-shirt could tell people who listen to them that smoking and doing drugs are dumb. if all the aritst were doing what these people are doing about drug, then hopefully we can cut back on the teenager who do smoke and know that that not for them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
OMG, this is such an awesome CD. There isn't one bad song on it! If I could, I'd give it 6 stars! That is how great this CD is. I LOVE CRAZY TOWN! I LOVE FAYDOEDEELAY!!! I am only gonna tell you this once: CHECK OUT THiS CD! (If you already havn't!)
Guest More than 1 year ago
hey crazy town fans, check out kazzer, he's got almost the same sound as crazy town, with a rock band, rap-ish vocals and a dj...KAZZER: he's really neat, I saw him a week ago in baltimore...he's definitely worth watching out for!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great album. Just one word of advice: don't buy this album expecting all the songs to sound the same as ''Butterfly''. Because you will be in for a surprise. Crazy Town is no ordinary band. With two lead vocalists, three guitarists, a drummer and one cool DJ, these guys have the talent and the resources to create some truly kick a** music. They combine rock and roll with semi-hard core hip hop style rapping, complete with witty, tasteful lyrics that get into your head and are very hard to break free from. The intro and the first track ''Toxic'' define the Crazy Town sound and purpose. ''Think Fast'' is packed with turntable mixing and head banging drumming, while ''Darkside'' is guaranteed to bring out the devil in all of us, boasting a wicked hook and great sounding instrumentation. ''Black Cloud'' is certainly the hightlight of this album, giving us an interesting outlook on the truth behind stereotypical superstitions, as well as assessing the meaning of life combined with the personal insights of the singers. ''Butterfly'' is the single we all know, and it is the only one of its kind on the LP. It is dedicated to that one special person that makes our lives worth living, who gives us love and hope in times of hardship. ''Only When I'm Drunk'' talks about all those things we regret doing when we get too heavy on the booze. ''Hollywood Babylon'' - another try by a rock group to make a song about Hollywood. This one pulls it off by some wicked guitar tunes, while ''Face the Music'' is the haven of turntabling the rythmn, with a scream out loud chorus. ''Lollypop Porn'' - This is where the title and front cover of the LP comes from. Where the Gift of Game can be interpreted as being two things. One: The ability to get women in bed with you or Two: the ability to create and use something resourcefully, to create something with purpose and to be able to pull it off and reaping the benefits. Thats what the Crazy Town motto is all about, in regards to its unique style of music. ''Revolving Door'' - sounds like a song completely made for the charts, although when they released it as a single they re-recorded it. This song talks about every man's dream to acquire and bed as many women as possible, while still on the lookout for the ONE who will bring an end to the womenising lifestyle. The one who will finally tame the ever lasting casanova. ''Players'' is possibly the worst track on this LP, with its contradictory chorus that reprimands players, yet incorporating a woman's moan into a turntable beat (similar to the interlude in ''Revolving Door'', where they also sample a moan and turntable it). ''B-Boy 2000'' is a rock techno track, with MC Krs-One screaming the Crazy Town alias CXT over and over. This song is dedicated to all those space heroes and villains we all grew up with and loved. The outro is wicked - pump it up LOUD. If you try not to count how many times these guys say either Epic, Shifty Shellshock (or his alternative aliases, Switchblade and Capone), CXT, Crazy Town or the word ''Crazy'' on the LP (i stopped counting at 21) you will thoroughly enjoy this album, and will keep coming back for more. Another word of advice, do not listen to the secret track, it is basically full of the same CXT boasting s**t by some guy on drugs who sounds as though he needs something shoved up his you-know-what. It will ruin your whole experience of ''The Gift of Game''. Note: Check out the album sleeve. It contains the full lyrics, and some absolutely wicked, artistic, beautifully composed and photographed B&W photos of each CXT member. It doesn't get better than this.