The Gifted Storyteller: The Power Is in the Story You Tell

The Gifted Storyteller: The Power Is in the Story You Tell

by Gregg Korrol


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The Gifted Storyteller: The Power Is in the Story You Tell by Gregg Korrol

What if a Genie popped out of a bottle and gave you the power to create your life as it happened?

Michael followed "the plan" and did everything he was supposed to for life to be successful; great job, money, dates, yet despite it all, everything wasn’t the dream he expected. One night after work, he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman named Jeannie, who introduces him to the Gifted Storyteller, and changes his life forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781628653564
Publisher: Motivational Press
Publication date: 01/28/2017
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

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The Gifted Storyteller: The Power Is in the Story You Tell 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Bruce Arrington for Readers' Favorite The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell by Gregg Korrol is a different take on a self-help book: it turns information into a story with characters, wants, needs, focus and direction. Our hero, Michael, a young man, is in a rut. Days come and go, with no positive end in sight, and life becomes an existence of meaningless repetition. A mysterious character pops into his world and wastes no time in challenging him to change his ways and think differently about life. He starts accepting this guidance and begins the journey of renewing his life. I appreciated the way the story is handled. Instead of The Gifted Storyteller being a "Seven Habits" type of book where you are simply reading what someone tells you to do, and then trying to include it in daily living, this book shows you by bringing characters to life. It’s written in first person so you get inside Michael’s head, allowing you to share his feelings and thought processes. Gregg Korrol’s book is more the cerebral type, I would say, and that’s where I did run into some problems. Who could remember everything that was said? I know I wouldn’t be able to. So perhaps more character adventures would have helped the reader to absorb more of the material over a longer span of time, instead of it raining down all at once. Still, a recommended read for those looking for a renewed purpose in life.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell by Gregg Korrol is an inspirational story. Michael did everything he thought he should do for a successful life. He had a good job, he had money in the bank, friends and a few decent dates too. It wasn’t all he expected it to be though; something was missing. That was until he walked into a bar, hoping beyond hope that tonight would be the night he met someone special. That fateful night he met Jeannie. Jeannie is about to change Michael’s life forever when she introduces him to the Gifted Storyteller. Jeannie is the woman who will introduce us all to our inner Genie, the storyteller within us who gives us the power to change our lives, the way she did with Michael. The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell by Gregg Korrol is one of the stories that make you sit back and consider your own life, look at it in a new light and assess whether the place you are now is the place you truly want to be. Gregg Korrol has written a truly inspirational story, a tale that makes us explore our lives and minds, and makes us think more clearly about everything we have done or will do. It is written in motivating language, it flows well and it is, to be honest, riveting. We all need encouragement in our lives, we all need that little push every now and again to wake us up and make us smell the coffee, as it were. If anyone is looking for that push, this is the book to do it and I defy anyone who reads it not to reflect on their own lives. This is exceptionally well written and I enjoyed every page of it.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Geree McDermott for Readers' Favorite The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell by Gregg Korrol is a quick read that will leave you pondering on your life with fresh insight and appreciation. Gregg Korrol introduces his main character, Michael, to a woman who becomes his wise, magical/mystical mentor, Jeannie. Jeannie instructs him, comforts him, and strengthens him. She supports him while at the same time she challenges him. Michael learns that he has a habit of telling stories in his head, which turn out not to be true, a waste of time, and get in his way of living in the present. When his father dies, Jeannie teaches Michael how to cope with the loss in a way that is both comforting and enlightening. And, with the help of Jeannie, when Michael returns to the job he once found dull and meaningless, he perceives it with renewed interest and enthusiasm. Through the lessons Michael learns in The Gifted Storyteller, we learn how to turn off the incessant babble in our heads, how to let go of negative thoughts and emotions, and to see things from a positive point of view; how to replace depression with satisfaction and contentment, and how to embrace our lives with awe, enthusiasm, and love. In short, we learn to let go of what gets in our way while we experience the joy of living. I found The Gifted Storyteller by Gregg Korrol to be inspirational, motivational, fast paced, thought provoking, and a delight to read and contemplate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this. The story keeps you turning and is a great read. Gives you a unique perspective that ties in philosophy with our daily experience to help you change unhealthy habits and live more peacefully. Just what I needed to take the next step to greater self-awareness and realization.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a great and inspirational book! It definitely made me stop and rethink my everyday experiences. Specifically, it helped me be more aware of my negative thinking patterns and how to control them. It also encouraged me to have a more positive outlook on life and my reactions towards others. We all have the power to live a more positive life. I definitely recommend this book for everyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic book! It was a great read and was very inspiring. I highly recommend it and just bought extra copies to give to some friends who definitely need some inspiration in their lives!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As I read this book, I found myself underlining many lines of text that resonated with me. Through its simple, direct and honest narrative, this novel reveals many lessons. It opens the reader to self exploration by following the main character whose story is universally adaptable in many ways. As humans we often unnecessarily complicate our lives and leave ourselves blind to life's truths. This story illuminates some of these truths that have eluded us. Would recommend reading and rereading.
tp More than 1 year ago
Thought-provoking, inspirational, and effortless read. The Gifted Storyteller really gets you thinking about yourself and your own experiences. And, demonstrates how being conscious of your own inner storyteller allows you to make real changes in your life. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Great read!!!! Hoping we see more from this author soon!