The Gifts Trilogy (Complete Colletion: The Gifts, Signs & Wonders and Revelation)

The Gifts Trilogy (Complete Colletion: The Gifts, Signs & Wonders and Revelation)

by Patria L. Dunn (Patria Dunn-Rowe)

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The Gifts Trilogy (Complete Colletion: The Gifts, Signs & Wonders and Revelation) by Patria L. Dunn (Patria Dunn-Rowe), Christine M. Butler

The Gifts: (Vol 1-The Gifts Trilogy)

Nine gifts were stolen from a mythical man with wings ages ago. Those nine gifts found themselves transferred into human eggs, delved out through in vitro fertilization. These newly made beings were born into the world unbeknownst to man. There are dark spirits searching for those gifts, ready to reclaim them from the humans who have been created to bear them...

When twenty-one year old Nahla Marks decides to start her junior year at Wake Forest university as an education major instead of continuing on the path to pre-med, everything seems to fall apart. Her world is turned upside down as this strange "thing" begins to manifest within her. Nahla fears she is losing it until she meets Gideon, the man with the silky smooth voice and chocolate brown hair, who seems to understand exactly what Nahla is going through.

Gideon knows the answers, but can Nahla trust him as her body begins to betray the fact that she may not be quite as human as she thought? Will Gideon be able to save Nahla from the dark spirits that are hunting them both?

Three months ago no one even knew her name, but now, bound by a curse and on the run, there was no one else she could trust�but him.

Signs & Wonders: (Vol 2-The Gifts Trilogy)

Decisions Decisions�.

Nahla and Gideon say good bye to the first part of their journey to begin a new life together, their hearts set on finding the other seven gifts. Their honeymoon begins in a whirlwind of unexpected events, the first being the surprising arrival of what turns out to be Nahla�s sister, Rilyn�her parents biological daughter. Even more surprising was how she came to be accompanied by the newest member of their group, her adoptive brother Levi. It wasn�t in the plan to start the search so soon, but there were now four of them, and with the added gift of prophecy and the gift of knowledge, they couldn�t sit back and ignore Rilyn�s mysterious dreams.

�Death to the Infidels!� Was the clue they had to go on and it wasn�t much. Could they trust Nahla�s parents enough to introduce them to the daughter they�d never known? Would a newly changed Rilyn be able to fly sufficiently enough to make the journey with them? Somewhere deep in South Africa, Arulan & Osiah unknowingly waited to be found. Keepers of the gift to speak many tongues and the gift to interpret many tongues, revenge was what swirled within their auras. Outcast their entire lives, one thing they knew how to do was fight.
Revelation (Vol 3- The Gifts Trilogy)

In time all things will be revealed....

Six gifts found, three still remain a mystery, but with their upcoming plans to seek out Dr. Johnathan Miller in Japan, this new family may find that the answer to the biggest secret of all was right in front of them from the start. Levi's not the only one that�s hiding something. Rilyn's strange dreams are becoming more repetitious by the day, and the
story they tell, could end up ripping them all apart before the last three gifts are even found.

"A child cannot be born of the gifts."
The rule was clear, but with the Gift of Wisdom comes power, Faith, and Hope. Project X is what Miller called them, but to Nahla they were already more than that. It was all starting to make sense, but was it worth risking her life for? With their new found friend Danny, and Miller�s research as their guiding source, Gideon was now on a race to save the one he loved the most, but only with the death of the one true seeker, would the curse be broken.

(August 18th, 2014 (Re-Edit): Another View Editing / Kim Sheard)

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About the Author

Patria L. Dunn hails from the small town of Louisa Virginia. Born in 1981, a true child of the 80's; her interests range from classic to unimaginable. A young woman with many talents and many titles such as: Pianist, Author, Poet and most importantly Mother, if you ask her about her accomplishments she will tell you: "The best is yet to come."

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The Gifts Trilogy (Complete Colletion: The Gifts, Signs & Wonders and Revelation) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really try and not criticize the editing on these new writers as I understand....I truly do. But this trilogy is the worst as far as spelling, punctuation and word format I have read to-date. Put that aside and the story is good. I hope these writers invest in good editor next time as I feel their story-telling is good (okay) and I think they will do better next time because the talent is there. Should be 2.5 stars. DM
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved these books. I hadnt read this author before and took a chance off the reviews from the individual books and bought the whole series in one. And im glad i did. Beautifully done, wonderful charachters, i fell in love with them all and hated to see it end. Highley recomended!