The Girl with the Pearl Pin

The Girl with the Pearl Pin

by Lynne Connolly


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Founded by the wealthiest woman in London, an unconventional crime-solving club brings together single lords and overlooked ladies from every rung of society. It's a perfectly scandalous match...

As London's most sought-after bachelor, the Duke of Leomore stuns society when he announces his engagement to a woman who has just been branded a thief. Yet as his painfully shy "bride-to-be" understands, it is merely a ruse until The Society of Single Ladies apprehends the true culprit-and a ploy to further delay Leo's obligation to wed. For him, marriage will be a purely practical affair. Still, why does a stolen kiss with his faux fiancée conjure such tempting visions of romance?...

As if being falsely accused weren't mortifying enough, Phoebe North is now the talk of the town. And while she knows Leo did the honorable thing to protect her reputation, she can't help but long for more. It would be an impossible match given their unequal stations, and Leo has made his view of marriage quite clear. Yet his kiss and flirtatious ways say something else. If only she could persuade him of how delightful it would be to thumb their noses at convention-and become fools for love...

"Lynne Connolly writes Georgian romances with a deft touch. Her characters amuse, entertain and reach into your heart."
-USA Today bestselling author Desiree Holt

"With plots, deviousness and passion galore, Temptation Has Green Eyes by Lynne Connolly is a truly enjoyable read."
-Fresh Fiction

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781516109555
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Series: Society of Single Ladies , #1
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

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The Girl with the Pearl Pin 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
georgia1 12 days ago
What an exciting start to this new series by Lynne Connolly! An unexpected encounter with the Duke of Leomore, led him asking Phoebe to dance! Of course she was attending the ball with her cousin Angela, who was much sought after and she had just declined to dance with him. He turned his attention to her and led her on the floor. I adored the interaction between Phoebe and Leo! What happened next ( oh yes you will have to read and find out how it came about!), Leo announce they were engaged to try to get her out of a sticky situation! Oh my, I loved Leo.. He came to her rescue and of course it was truly just a "pretend engagement" to save her from being accussed as a thief. But what could come of it anyone? He was a Duke and she really was not in his league. Filled with humor, a mystery, murder, pretense, romance and of course the SSL Ladies, you will be carried away on a jouney until the last page. Cannot wait for more!! I read this through NetGallery and the publisher. Lori D
Noire 13 days ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. The Girl With The Pearl PIn by Lynne Connolly is the first book in her new series The Society for Single Ladies. In order to escape an unwanted suitor shy Phoebe North has come to stay with her cousin Angela Childers who is quite unique for the time, she is a banker and the leader of a group of ladies uninterested in seeking husbands, who enjoy solving crimes. George Cavendish, Duke of Leomore has been tasked by his grandmother with finding a bride and sees Angela as a likely candidate. However when Phoebe is accused of a theft she did not commit Leo steps in and says they are engaged in order to protect her reputation. They become quite close while searching for the true thief and what started off as a fake engagement may end up as something quite different. Lots of adventure some nasty villains and a lovely HEA made this book a quite enjoyable read. Medium Steam. Publishing Date September 10, 2019 #NetGalley #TheGirlWithThePearlPin #LynneConnolly #KensingtonBooks #LyricalPress #Bookstagram #HistoricalRomance
flchen1 13 days ago
The Girl with the Pearl Pin is the first in Lynne Connolly's Society for Single Ladies series. It's a bit of an accidental betrothal story, and an ugly duckling story, as Phoebe North is hardly the toast of the town. While visiting her wealthy city cousin Angela Childers, she is accused of stealing a precious diamond necklace. The handsome and much pursued Duke of Leomore swoops in to save her by announcing their betrothal. I definitely loved Phoebe and Leo's interactions, the way they are able to be the best versions of themselves with each other. I love how Leo admires foremost Phoebe's straight speaking and her heart, and finds his head turned to her kind of beauty. They get to know each other in part by exchanging correspondence, which is lovely too. On the other hand, I deeply disliked most of Phoebe's family, especially her scheming younger sister, whom her parents apparently indulge, and her highhanded former suitor. I realize that these characters provide a foil to the heroine, but they are nevertheless very unpleasant to read about, and I found myself dreading their appearance on the page. Fortunately, Leo and Phoebe do ultimately prevail, and no one is left with any doubts as to Leo's feelings and priorities, from her family to the ton to Phoebe herself. The missing necklace and the work of the Society for Single Ladies--a group of spinsters, "failed" debutantes, and others deemed "single" by society--organized by Ms Childers towards tracking it down also provide a lively backdrop to Phoebe and Leo's relationship. This is an excellent start to this new series, and I look forward to the stories to come.