The Glass Planet 1,2 amp; 3: The Silver Sarcophagus

The Glass Planet 1,2 amp; 3: The Silver Sarcophagus

by N. Morgan Reed


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The Glass Planet 1,2 amp; 3: The Silver Sarcophagus by N. Morgan Reed

"This volume includes all first 3 stories of the Glass Planet Series, The Clear Beings, Gabriel's Objective, and the Silver Sarcophagus (new 2013).
An indiginous people on a young planet are accidently invaded by a deep space research team of aliens. And their lives are forever changed. The ancient god-father is displaced, then returns and effects great changes for the now nomadic peoples of his descent. He attempts to aid, but almost destroys them with his love, and then he dies despondantly deep in space. The mystery of his death is solved in the discovery of the Silver Sarcophagus five thousand years later. The ancient beacon is triggered. And these ancient children of the Clear Being await his return."
Science-fiction Horror w/Biblical elements.
This book seems to be the Atheist test: everyone that starts it gets angry for some reason, even when they claim that they are open-minded atheists. This book is a story of a possibility of the origins of the bible stories, where divine intervention is really ancient extraterrestrial intervention. This simple story carries the reader so convincingly for such a long time, then when you realize you are being re-told the bible stories of exodus, then I think people feel tricked.
But if its so real and convincing, then maybe its time for this story. I think most people have been so deeply indoctrinated with God-created origins of life and the sacredness of the bible, that even seriously espoused atheists have trouble being open-minded about it. The Bible is a beautiful ancient work of poetry and story telling. I'm open to it being true history, then how are the miracles explained? By other than beings more experienced and more powerful than us, and we think them Gods; then we believe it's one God. How is God any different than an Alien? God's less real! People say they don't believe in aliens because they've never seen one; but I've never seen this God guy or Jesus, anymore than just in my mind's eye, and 3 billion people on this planet believe in Him. Which is what this book is: a new journey thru possibilities in your mind's eye. See if you can keep your mind open enough to read it all. You can skip the gory parts about aliens eating other aliens if you want; that's in there just for fun.
So that is it: it's too similar the comparison: God and Extraterrestrials. Atheists want to try to believe that we are alone in this universe. Utterly alone. Except that science has told us the with the proliferation of planets in the millions of galaxies in this universe, the chances of other life forms is almost certain. Which is probably why some people are so adamant. Aliens might be scarier than God because see now that they might actually be real, flesh and blood kind of real.
it is as good an argument as the god-created life explanation. Its almost the same argument in fact: superior beings intervened.

. And that's why Christians and non-Christians become so upset when they read this book. They feel they're being tricked into a goofy fiction, just like the other one, and they feel they are being made fun of.
And that's why its called fiction; because it probably all is. Aliens and God. The universe that we perceive is what I call "the amazing complexity of life we will never fully understand, and half of it is illusion anyway," just to keep it short, at least not until that last 'ah-hah' moment right before we burn up in the black hole that will then explode and become the new universe-reality starting with all new information. Maybe this time we can do without the gossipers?
We have lived with this myth of god for so long without him actually showing up, that we have become inured from the fear of it, uh, Him. But then science has told us of the probability of other life, intelligent life, and then modern entertainment has brought aliens to life. And the fear of them actually showing up may be becoming more real for people than a vengeful god.

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ISBN-13: 9781482613438
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2013
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

"I first began this story as a short story in 2008 in front of the fire place in January. The story has grown and changed.

"Gabriel's Objective" is the second in this series, "The Glass Planet" and has the Angel Gabriel guiding Moses and his wife Zaphora.
Book 3, The Silver Sarcophagus takes on a more science fiction-horror flavor, and gets kinda yucky in some parts.
The visitors arrive on this planet first as researchers, and then to find refuge from their own demise, the invasion going on back on their home world. They settle unoccupied areas on continents around the world, and inadvertantly spark advanced civilsations in the middle of nowhere. And when their planet back home is again habitable they leave this planet, leaving husks of advanced mysterious civilzations all around the world, buried deep in sand and jungle and mystery, and they leave behind stunned confused aboriginal peoples, searching and yearning for contact once again with their ancient Gods.
So much of my becoming a writer is due to my mother, who was an English major and a school teacher for 30 years, and my animal doctor father, who is so much more, a scientist, engineer, inventor and inspiration. I also want to credit a great deal to San Francisco State University, for their broad educational curriculum, and specifically their NEXA program that allowed two teachers in a class room, bringing the ideas of the sciences and the arts together with the resulting explosion of possibility in my young mind. And then of course, all of the thousands of other works of literature I have read over the years, including the Holy Bible.

I hope you find my stories fascinating, and know that there are no answers to the puzzles that surround us, just more interesting questions, more journeys of exploration to take." NMR.

Morgan Reed is the author of the Science Fiction Series, "The Glass Planet". Morgan is also the author of three picture books of short stories, with more short stories involving animals and horses in the works. She lives in Northern California on her ranch with lots of animals and books.
"The Glass Planet: The Clear Beings"
"The Glass Planet: Gabriel's Objective".
"The Silver Sarcophagus" Book 3 in the Glass Planet series.

"Horse, my heart gallops with thee"
"Animal Companions: Wild and Tame."

From Whitney Lee Preston and Morgan Reed
"What's it gonna be, Captain?" : Join us on a frolic through space.

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