The Globalization of Higher Education

The Globalization of Higher Education


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The Globalization of Higher Education by Roger King

This comprehensive book provides a collection of the critical papers that have been published in the fast-growing field of the globalization of higher education. They include work by a variety of noted scholars, such as Altbach, Clark and Marginson, which cover key areas of theoretical and substantive interest. This volume, along with an original introduction, will be of relevance to academics, researchers and students undertaking higher education research, as well as to the wider social science and public policy communities.

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ISBN-13: 9781781001691
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 08/13/2013
Pages: 784

About the Author

Edited by Roger King, Visiting Professor, School of Management, University of Bath, Simon Marginson, Professor of International Higher Education, UCL Institute of Education, University College London and Rajani Naidoo, Deputy Director, Centre for Innovation in Marketing and Consumption Studies, University of Bath, UK

Table of Contents

Introduction Simon Marginson on behalf of the editors
1. Philip G. Altbach (2004), ‘Globalisation and the University: Myths and Realities in an Unequal World’
2. Philip G. Altbach (2003), ‘Centers and Peripheries in the Academic Profession: The Special Challenges of Developing Countries’
3. Eric Beerkens and Marijk Derwende (2007), ‘The Paradox in International Cooperation: Institutionally Embedded Universities in a Global Environment’
4. Burton R. Clark (1998), ‘The Entrepreneurial University; Demand and Response’
5. Rosemary Deem (2001), ‘Globalisation, New Managerialism, Academic Capitalism and Entrepreneurialism in Universities: Is the Local Dimension Still Important?’]
6. David D. Dill and Maarja Soo (2005), ‘Academic Quality, League Tables, and Public Policy: A Cross-National Analysis of University Ranking Systems’
7. Jürgen Enders and Egbert de Weert (2004), ‘Science, Training and Career: Changing Modes of Knowledge Production and Labour Markets’
8. Ewan Ferlie, Christine Musselin and Gianluca Andresani (2008), ‘The Steering of Higher Education Systems: A Public Management Perspective’
9. Ellen Hazelkorn (2008), ‘Learning to Live with League Tables and Ranking: The Experience of Institutional Leaders’
10. Mary Henkel (2005), ‘Academic Identity and Autonomy in a Changing Policy Environment’
11. Nia Cai Liu and Ying Cheng (2005), ‘The Academic Ranking of World Universities’
12. Kathryn Mohrman, Wanhua Ma and David Baker (2008), ‘The Research University in Transition: The Emerging Global Model’
13. Christine Musselin (2005), ‘European Academic Labor Markets in Transition’
14. Roger Patrick King (2007), ‘Governance and Accountability in the Higher Education Regulatory State’
15. Simon Marginson (2011), ‘Higher Education in East Asia and Singapore: Rise of the Confucian Model’
16. Simon Marginson (2008), ‘Global Fields and Global Imagining: Bourdieu and Worldwide Higher Education’
17. Simon Marginson (2007), ‘The Public/Private Divide in Higher Education: A Global Revision’
18. Simon Marginson (2006), ‘Dynamics of National and Global Competition in Higher Education’
19. Simon Marginson and Gary Rhoades (2002), ‘Beyond National States, Markets, and Systems of Higher Education: A Glonacal Agency Heuristic’
20. Tristan McCowan (2007), ‘Expansion Without Equity: An Analysis of Current Policy on Access to Higher Education in Brazil’
21. Rajani Naidoo (2010), ‘Global Learning in a NeoLiberal Age: Implications for Development’
22. Rajani Naidoo (2004), ‘Fields and Institutional Strategy: Bourdieu on the Relationship Between Higher Education, Inequality and Society’
23. Richard R. Nelson (2004), ‘The Market Economy, and the Scientific Commons’
24. Susan L. Robertson (2010), ‘The EU, “Regulatory State Regionalism” and New Modes of Higher Education Governance’
25. Peter Scott (1998), ‘Massification, Internationalization and Globalization’
26. Amartya Sen (1999), ‘Global Justice: Beyond International Equity’
27. Ravinder Sidhu (2009), ‘The “Brand Name” Research University goes Global’
28. Mala Singh (2001), ‘Re-Inserting the “Public Good” into Higher Education Transformation’
29. Joseph E. Stiglitz (1999), ‘Knowledge as a Global Public Good’
30. Ulrich Teichler (2004), ‘The Changing Debate on the Internationalisation of Higher Education’
31. Elaine Unterhalter (2006), ‘New Times and New Vocabularies: Theorising and Evaluating Gender Equality in Commonwealth Higher Education’
32. J. Välimaa (2004), ‘Nationalisation, Localisation and Globalisation in Finnish Higher Education’
33. Jussi Välimaa and Marcila Mollis (2004), ‘The Social Functions of Evaluation in Argentine and Finnish Higher Education’
34. Frans van Vught (2008), ‘Mission Diversity and Reputation in Higher Education’
35. Marijk van der Wende (2008), ‘Rankings and Classifications in Higher Education: A European Perspective’
36. Susan Wright (2004), ‘Markets, Corporations, Consumers? New Landscapes of Higher Education’
37. Qiang Zha (2009), ‘Diversification or Homogenization: How Governments and Markets have Combined to (Re) Shape Chinese Higher Education in its Recent Massification Process’

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