The Go Standard: Your Motivational Guide to Including Fitness For An Active, Happy Lifestyle

The Go Standard: Your Motivational Guide to Including Fitness For An Active, Happy Lifestyle

by Minsoo Go

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Chapter One begins with Minsoo Go's journey into fitness and details on her back story. It gets into values and perceptions of fitness, growth through fitness, and the importance of consistency. Reda's story provides inspiration on how being active gave him a new lease on life and changed his mindset. The chapter ends with thoughts on how to overcome fears and how to push yourself to keep going back to fitness day by day and week by week to see its benefits. Chapter Two explains that fitness is different for everyone in how it works for them in mind and body. Everyone is different, and there is no 'cookie cutter' solution for anyone. You have to stick with a program, try a few, and see what works for you. You can automate fitness and eventually, it becomes a lifestyle. This chapter also includes a personal story featuring Minsoo's brother Beyong-Hun and his struggles until finding fitness, making positive changes in his life and those around him. Chapter Three explains that fitness has a base in fundamental moves and focus. You learn about your body and how it works first, so you can proceed to more advanced workouts and see results over time. It explains that numbers are important, but they are metrics, not goals themselves. Lose weight, have a thinner waistline, but ultimately your goal is to see positive change in your life and to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is what puts you on a successful path. The next chapter covers adjustments that you must make to your standards of living. This is the toughest part to understand. If you can't find time for fitness or don't see it's value, or convince yourself not to do it, it isn't going to work. Fitness must take priority, and you have to believe that you can do it - achieve fitness goals and goals in your life. Chapter Four includes Tim Caldwell's story, and the message that you never have to give up on yourself. You can achieve anything if you surround yourself with the right people and believe that you can live a good life no matter what the circumstances. The final chapter looks at success, not giving up, and ways to keep yourself on-track. First, Minsoo talks about her 'dark' year after her break-up. She doesn't give up on fitness, and argues that it was the best decision she made to train, and it became her center. She shares Wayne DeMilia's story and his battle with cancer. He was given only a few months to live, but he didn't shut down. He ate clean, trained, and does everything he can to keep the cancer from coming back. He's survived many years longer than any doctor thought he could. Minsoo also introduces her Vision Card and how anyone can use it when they feel like they want to give up, or start to think they aren't good enough. Overall, the book provides insight into Minsoo's life, and those she is inspired by to send a message to you that you can find The Go Standard in yourself. In doing so, you can find value in fitness, believe in yourself and your own beauty, and put yourself on a path to success.

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Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 08/14/2017
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 110
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About the Author

Minsoo Go is Korea's first ever Bikini World Champion. She won an NPC championship in 2010, WBFF championship in 2012, and was voted All Star Classic Bikini MVP in 2014 - a champion of champions. She's been in magazines including several covers for SURE, Ceci Korea, Gentleman Korea, Men's Health Korea, Oxygen Korea (cover model), O, The Ophra; Magazine Muscle & Strength, and MxyMAG
She has made television appearances, is a speaker and lecturer at the Sang Myeong University, and has been a keynote speaker for corporations and gyms including Samsung, CoffeeWorks, and FitWhey.
Minsoo is a Pro Athlete, Fitness Model, Motivational Speaker, Celebrity Trainer, and YouTuber. Her YouTube channel continues to grow has an international following nearly 100,000 subscribers, over 10 million views, offering advice, education, and motivation to Stay Active and Be Happy!

Minsoo has made many appearances all over the world to talk about The Go Standard and its mission: First that you are comfortable with your fitness journey and your progress. Second that you continue to make progress each day. Minsoo has helped countless people in their fitness journey through seminars, her YouTube channel, Blogs, and Podcast.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Go Standard xi

Chapter 1 Change Your Mind to Change Your Body 1

My Journey to Fitness 3

The True Value of Fitness 7

Focus on Growth: Reda Dehy 10

Hard Work Always Pays Off 16

Start Now, Have Patience 17

1% More Every Day 20

Chapter 2 Do What Works Best for You 23

Know Your Why 25

Know Your Body 26

Fitness Saved My Life: Byeong-Hun Go 27

Fitness is a Lifestyle 34

Best Time to Get Started 36

Automate Fitness and Make Success Possible 38

Chapter 3 Become a Master of the Basics 41

The Importance of Fundamentals 41

Key Fundamental Movements 44

A Note on Breath Control 46

Build Your Intensity 48

Focus on the Right Numbers 50

Chapter 4 Adjust Your Standard 53

The Reason Why You Fail 54

Prioritizing 55

How to Make Good Habits 58

Do What You Think You Can't 62

Focus on Living in the Solution, One Day at a Time: Tim Caldwell 64

Chapter 5 Road to Success 75

Getting Over Your "Slumps" 76

Count Your Blessings, Not Your Problems: Wayne DeMilia 77

Seek Out Your Motivation 82

My Vision Card 85

Become The Go Standard 87

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