The God Dare: Will You Choose to Believe the Impossible?

The God Dare: Will You Choose to Believe the Impossible?

by Kate Battistelli

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The God Dare. Where will you hear it? . . .
Deep down inside, you know you’re on this planet for a reason. God has a plan in mind just for you. In fact, He chose you for His plan before the foundation of the world. He designed you very specifically for this time and this place, and He’s perfectly equipped you to accomplish His purpose in the earth.
Through engaging and memorable true stories—both biblical and modern—author Kate Battistelli challenges and encourages you to discover how God has specifically designed you for this time in history, your place in the world, your role in His cosmic plan. Once and for all, let go of your fear, worry, pride and strife. . .
All God ever needs is a willing vessel. Will you say yes?

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ISBN-13: 9781643521459
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/01/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 156,075
File size: 776 KB

About the Author

Kate Battistelli is an author, speaker, former actress/singer in the New York Broadway musical world and mother of GRAMMY award-winning Contemporary Christian recording artist Francesca Battistelli. Kate’s goal is to see you be all God has created you to be, and she truly believes each of us is here to change the world. It’s how she raised her only child and it’s her primary purpose in writing The God Dare.

She loves to speak about The God Dare, share Bridging the Generation Gap workshops in church and conference settings, and letting Jesus pick your future. She is a natural encourager and believes in your ability to change the world, even if you don’t!

She recently moved to Franklin, TN to be closer to Francesca’s growing family. She’s been married to her husband Mike for thirty-four years and loves being near her daughter, son-in-law and four amazing grandchildren.

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The first time I heard the God Dare, it didn't have a name. I only knew this: I was heading one way, and God dared me and my husband to go in the complete opposite direction.

My husband, Mike, and I had gotten married just a couple of years earlier and at the time, we lived in a 720-square-foot condo in trendy Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Both of us were pursuing promising careers in the Broadway musical theater world — Mike as a conductor and musical director on Broadway and Radio City Music Hall and me as an aspiring Broadway actress and singer.

We'd met a couple of years earlier, in 1981, on the national tour of The King and I when I costarred opposite Yul Brynner. I'll share more of our story later, but I was blessed to perform as the leading lady on tour and Mike acted as associate conductor ... and we really and truly fell in love across the footlights.

Two years earlier we'd become devout Christians, and a year later I gave birth to our daughter, Francesca. As we grew in our relationship with the Lord, an uneasy feeling about our chosen professions began to well up in us both, as the music and theater worlds are not typically known as God honoring industries. I found it increasingly necessary to turn down auditions for morally questionable projects, and my theatrical agents were none too happy about it. I realize now God allowed deep testing in our lives by bringing sizable opportunities for fame and fortune to see where our hearts truly resided. Would we choose the narrow path? Would we follow our Good Shepherd? Would we lay down the life we loved?

I remember receiving an offer from a producer in South Africa to come and perform in The King and I for several months. And I'd just found out I was pregnant. He wanted to pay me a lot of money, but apartheid was at its height and I knew there was no way I was going to South Africa. He kept calling and sweetening the deal, but even with all his flattery, I stood firm, knowing there was no way, morally, I could go. Not to mention being pregnant ... and wearing hoop skirts!

A rising and uncomfortable sense about our life choices continued to creep in. One rainy night as Mike and I watched a preacher on Christian TV, we felt as if he suddenly pointed right at us through the screen, saying something about "you actors and musicians who think you can live a hypocritical life ... God is telling you to lay down your careers and come out from among them!" Whoa, Nelly, now that got our attention!

I don't typically make life-altering decisions based on what I see on television, but the TV preacher merely confirmed what Mike and I already sensed. The Broadway theater world, the lights, the fame, the backstage glow and glamour of New York City, no longer felt like home. Ultimately, we listened to that still, small voice nudging at our hearts and decided to make a major ninety-degree lifestyle shift.

I do believe many are called to the arts and the theater. However, as baby Christians, God knew our hearts and likely also knew temptation and compromise would rear their ugly heads. Our first God Dare required us to completely walk away from the music and theater worlds and lay down our hopes and dreams for fame and fortune.

Let me assure you, giving up your lifetime dream is no picnic. My husband and I worked years to bring our dreams to life, and now God, who we barely knew, asked us to trust Him and leave our dreams in the dust. It felt incredibly strange since our entire identities were wrapped up in our careers. My husband has a doctorate in conducting for Pete's sake! How do you just walk away from that? We'd been utterly convinced our lives were destined for the Broadway theater. But God had a better plan, even though we couldn't quite see it at the time.

Walking away from everything familiar (like Abraham) is one of the most difficult God Dares but, ultimately, one of the most rewarding. If you sense God calling you to a different path than the one you are currently on, let me give you hope that it's for a bigger purpose than you can possibly know right now. I'm intimately acquainted with how difficult it is, but just know, the years will give the perspective you lack now. I promise.

For some of you reading this, He may be calling you into the theater world or the arts. I pray He will give you discernment and wisdom as to whether He wants you to shine His light in the darkness. The arts have grown incredibly bleak over the last few decades, and they desperately need strong believers to shine the light of truth!

Ninety-Degree Turns

God loves to challenge us with what I call "ninety-degree turns" in this life — the opportunity to go in a completely different direction — even when it makes no sense to the rest of the world. Of course, our theater friends thought we were crazy by walking away from established and growing careers. Had we stayed in our careers, I'm confident we would have continued to do well and experienced an even greater measure of success. But even as young and immature Christians, we knew there was only one viable choice for us — we would pick up our cross and follow.

We prayed about it, sought good counsel, and ended up buying a pretty little house in a small town outside Princeton, New Jersey, not far from where we'd grown up (and still only forty-five minutes from Broadway!). We took God's crazy dare and laid down the glitz and glamour of New York City for a home business and homeschooling, taking God's ninety-degree turn and utterly altering the paths of our lives.

I'm quite certain God knew (even if we didn't) as we laid down our dreams in obedience to follow Him that He planned to pick those dreams back up in the next generation through our daughter, Francesca. In fact, as the years went on we were blessed to witness just how much our ceiling would become her floor.

God's economy is never wasteful, and He never wastes the training and experiences He gives you. When our daughter, Francesca (Franny), began expressing her gifts and talents in music, we were able, because of our backgrounds, to help her navigate the music world, instill in her the value of hard work and diligence, and remind her she could change the world with the gifts God had given her. Obeying God's leading by laying down our careers became our first God Dare.

When the "Not Yet" Becomes the "Will Be"

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

Let's take a quick look at Abraham. We'll take a deeper dive into his life in a few chapters, but for now let's just take a quick glance. At the advanced age of seventy-five, Abraham receives instructions from God Himself to walk away from everything he knows — his familiar country, his thriving business, his family, his father's house — and follow God to a land He would show him.

Abraham's free will allowed him to either say no to God or take the plunge and choose to follow. Of course, we know the outcome. And because of his faith, God granted Abraham incredible promises including making him a great nation, making his name great, and that in him all the families of the earth would be blessed — all because he made the bold choice to trust and believe God, stepping out with Him into an uncharted and impossible-to-know future. Abraham was willing and prepared to do anything for God. What about you?

The silken thread connecting so many biblical heroes is this: God dropped in their laps the divine opportunity to choose to be chosen. Each of them could have turned God down, and I'm certain He would have offered the chance to change the world to someone who would say yes.

We like to think we know God's plan for our lives, don't we? I imagine Peter the apostle, dripping wet after a long day at sea on his creaky boat, or maybe mending old, worn nets in the harbor as he hears a voice calling him to "Follow Me." Perhaps Peter thought he had his life all figured out as he fished each day in the Sea of Galilee. I doubt in his wildest dreams he ever imagined he would walk away from a thriving business to follow a man he knew precious little about. Yet Peter must have sensed something extraordinary in the One who called him to follow that day, because ultimately he did walk away from everything familiar, leaving nets and boat behind, and in choosing to follow Christ, Peter ended up being chosen to change the world.

Self-righteous Paul certainly wasn't looking for Jesus. In fact, Paul had no problem allowing Christ's disciples to be murdered, chasing them down and persecuting those who followed The Way. One afternoon he traveled the dusty road to Damascus with a single focus: bring the followers of Christ bound to Jerusalem. Suddenly a heavenly light surrounded him, and he found himself knocked down on his blessed assurance, completely blind. Jesus Christ Himself offered Paul the divine opportunity to lay down everything he thought he knew and preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. Paul, in choosing to follow Christ, wrote the majority of the New Testament, became a revered martyr for his faith, and utterly changed the world.

Will You Let Jesus Pick?

I had a fascinating dream recently. I was with some young generation X ladies my daughter's age, and we were talking and catching up. In the dream, one young lady told me about her recent marriage and how it was distinctly different from what the glitzy bridal magazines had led her to believe. Another gal, well into her thirties and still unmarried but desperate for a husband and children, shared her deep loneliness. As we talked, I knew in my dream I wanted to pray for them and share my heart and the perspective that comes with age. So I began to pray for the girl who wanted what most young women want — marriage and kids — and as I prayed in the dream, I sensed God say these remarkable words to me: "She wants a husband and sons, but what she doesn't know is I want to give her a nation."

I was stunned, absolutely stunned by His remark. I'm not sure what God meant by that statement, but as I woke up, this realization hit me like a ton of bricks: He wants so much more for us than we can ever begin to dream up. We think we know what we want — it's what we're supposed to want, right? Doesn't our culture teach marriage and parenthood are our highest goals? They're absolutely worthy goals, but are they God's will for every person on the planet? God's love can be frightening in the freedom it provides.

Hmmm. Maybe we set our sights too low. Do we want what the world romanticizes because we don't set our sights on Him? Because we don't want Him enough? Don't we know the only thing in this world ever able to truly satisfy our deepest heart longing is Him?

We prove we don't know by whining, complaining, regretting, seeking everything to satisfy us but Him. I wanted so badly to ask her in my dream, What if God asked you to lay down your desires and risk your future on Him? Would you trust Him enough? What if He didn't have a husband and family for you but instead something entirely different yet completely wonderful you didn't plan on? Would you take Him at His word? What if God dares you to walk a narrow path, one that flies in the face of everything our culture says you should want; do you love Him enough to walk the unique path He chooses for you? Do you love Him enough to let Jesus pick?

I'm believing that if you're reading this book, you're hungry for His will, for purpose, for destiny. What do we all desire? Significance. Living a life that matters. Leaving behind a legacy leading others to the truth.

Look at your dreams. They're good and righteous, I'm sure. But maybe, just maybe, He has a different path in mind for you, precious one. Maybe your God Dare doesn't look like you think it should. Don't forget, He created you before the foundation of the world, and He knows exactly where He wants to take you. It might look different than you think. In fact, He might want to give you a nation.

Scriptures to Think About

"Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes." (Matthew 24:46 ESV)

Now the LORD had said to Abram: "Get out of your country, from your family and from your father's house, to a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." (Genesis 12:1–3)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11NIV)

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

"Many are called, but few are chosen." (Matthew 22:14)

God Dare Secrets

• If He calls you to it, He knows you can accomplish it ... not in your strength but in His. You will have to step out and reach out for the help you need, but He'll provide every element at the proper time.

• God wants more for you than you could ever dream up.

• Most people won't take the God Dare because it can be uncomfortable, and in the Western world, we value comfort above all. As a result, most will ignore that still, small voice.

• There is an enemy called "average." Each one of us has exactly what it takes to be average. Being average, remaining under the radar, and not making waves is exactly where the enemy wants to keep us.

• God's economy is never wasteful, and He doesn't waste the training He gives you.

• Sometimes your ceiling can become another's floor.

• God's love is frightening in the freedom it provides.

• We choose whether or not to be chosen.

• Our lack of faith quenches the supernatural.

• Few are willing to sacrifice the good to attain the best.

Discussion Questions

• What would your life look like if you took God at His word and believed you had world-changing potential?

• Do you believe you have the capacity to change the world?

• Do you believe there's a God Dare designed just for you? What do you think it is?

• Are you willing to venture outside your comfort zone and bungee jump into your future?

• Are you willing to sacrifice the good to attain the best? What will that require?

• What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

• Will you choose to be chosen? If not, why not?

• If God offers you a ninety-degree turn, will you take it?

• What's stopping you from taking your God Dare?

• Will you let Jesus pick?



I heard it clear as a bell several years ago. My husband, Mike, and I were invited to speak at a meeting in Orlando, Florida, for the large homeschooling organization we'd been part of for many years. They began planning a giant blowout for their twentieth anniversary, and because we'd homeschooled Francesca with them, they asked us to share with the attendees the steps we'd taken to raise her into a woman of God who had found her purpose and was living out her destiny. By this point in her life, she'd signed her record deal and she'd had number-one hits on the radio. They asked us to speak about what intentional steps we'd taken as her parents to put her on the path to purpose.

At first I panicked and thought, what the heck did we do? Maybe we were just super lucky? But as Mike and I talked it over, we realized we'd been very intentional in the actions we'd implemented to raise our daughter to pursue her destiny with passion and purpose. So as we talked it through, we came up with fifteen concrete steps we'd followed in our parenting. I dutifully wrote out our steps, and later that week Mike and I spoke at the meeting.

The morning after the meeting, I stretched out on the carpet to worship, pray, and thank God for allowing us to share our talk and the fifteen steps we'd taken, and for all of God's blessings in our family. I was awash in gratitude for the opportunity to connect with other families and share our story as I went over in my mind the fifteen topics we'd discussed the night before.

And that's when I heard it, the God Dare. Or what I like to call God's big, fat, triple-dog dare. Here's what I heard God speak deep in my spirit: "Those are book chapters."

Wait, what? Book chapters? Are you serious, God? You want me to write a book?

No way, God, I can't. And here's why:

1. I'm not a trained writer.

2. I don't have a college degree.

3. I'm not a parenting expert.

4. I don't have time to write a book. (I knew that wasn't true, but I thought it anyway.)

5. Who will read it?

6. How will I ever get it published?

7. People will think it's a stupid idea.

8. People will think I'm promoting myself.

And on and on and on ...

The sentence exploded in my brain like a firecracker, and though I went into hyper-mode desperately searching for an excuse not to listen to His crazy words, I couldn't find one. I had no excuse. It's funny, all the things I'd taught my daughter about how to cross self-imposed boundaries, step out of your comfort zone, and how to do it even when you're afraid — they all flooded in to haunt me in that moment.


Excerpted from "The God Dare"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Kate Battistelli.
Excerpted by permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Introduction 15

Chapter 1 My First God Dare 23

Chapter 2 My Second God Dare 33

Chapter 3 The Patriarch 39

Chapter 4 The Adulteress 51

Chapter 5 The Queen 59

Chapter 6 The Widow 71

Chapter 7 The Prince of Egypt 85

Chapter 8 The Slave 95

Chapter 9 The Prostitute 111

Chapter 10 The Leper 119

Chapter 11 The Forerunner 127

Chapter 12 The Maidservant 135

Chapter 13 The Wealthy Shepherd 141

Chapter 14 The Barren Wife 153

Chapter 15 The Disobedient Prophet 165

Chapter 16 The Devil's Dare 173

Chapter 17 God Dare Enemies 195

Chapter 18 The Greatest God Dare of All 219

Resources for Infertility, Adoption, Miscarriage, and Abortion 235

Customer Reviews

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The God Dare: Will You Choose to Believe the Impossible? 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 55 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
What is my purpose in life? I’ve been struggling with this question for a long time, Am I ignoring God’s voice, have I missed his calling, in all the hustle and struggles of life? These are just some of the few questions the Author wants you to ask yourself. In reading “The God Dare” by Kate Battistelli words of wisdom helps get you ready to answer his calling. I love how she uses stories from the Bible to help let go of the fear, doubts, and guilt that I have that stops me from doing what God Dares me to do. I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.
Dave Heintzelman 7 months ago
"I have read "The God Dare". I have to admit, that my jaw dropped to the floor. Kate Battistelli does a amazing job at telling her story! Some of the same thing have happened to me, not knowing what I was doing or where I was going, going blindly. Leaving people hurt and confused at times. But now I know it was God who lead me to where I am today and made me who I am now. In this book you'll find it doesn't matter, race, color, background, past or anything. God is always there with us. He puts us where we need to be when we need to be there! This book will also make for a good Bible Study/ Small Group! Will you choose to believe the impossible??? I unknowingly did and I am Blessed!!!
KHAL0330 7 months ago
The God Dare, a wonderful read for those who are looking to grow their faith, will open your eyes to wonderful dares that God is giving you today. Kate Battistelli gives you a small glimpse into her own life where, multiple times, God dared her to change. She will challenge you with scripture, and show you where God used the men and women of the Bible to make small changes in those lives around them, as well as, big dares that changed the course of history. If you would like to have your eyes opened to the opportunities that God is giving your right now, this is the book for you! If you are not sure what you want for your life right now, this is the book for you! This wonderful, Christian life application book is wonderful for all ages, and your life you will change if you take this amazing and wonderful God Dare! I was able to receive an advanced readers copy for my honest review. I absolutely loved everything about it and highly recommend it!
KaylaFioravanti 7 months ago
Author Kate Battistelli’s book The God Dare double-dog dares you to a life changing adventure. I received an Advanced Review Copy and could not put it down. The authors very authentic stories coupled with scripture was soul stirring. The God Dare is the kind of book every reader can find a message that seems to have been written just for them. Don’t hesitate—go get this book and read it.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I received an advanced reader copy from Barbour publishing and this is my honest review. In this book the Author, Kate Battistelli takes you on a journey into not only her personal life and her own 'God Dare', but also into 'God Dares' that were given to many people in the Bible and how they chose to rise up to them. The Author brings new perspective and thoughts on Bible stories that I myself had never considered before as well as shares things that happened in her personal journey of faith that encouraged me to be willing to take steps of faith in my own life - I finished this book feeling challenged and ready to take on the 'God Dares' that the Lord may choose to give me in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone looking for encouragement in your walk of faith with the Lord!
Anonymous 7 months ago
This was a wonderful book, written in a way that felt like having a chat with a friend over coffee. It will convict you to remember the seeds of purpose God has planted in you - the one you might have dismissed as being too scary or hard, or that you didn’t feel qualified for - and then inspire you take a breath, pray, and take that “God Dare.” I received an ARC from the publisher and this is my honest review.
MEPinkham 7 months ago
This book came to me right about the time I was doubting myself and my calling. A couple pages in and I knew it had not found its way to me by accident. Through personal testimony, and accounts of biblical heroes, Kate has penned an amazing reminder that each of us has a call. And God is daring us to walk into our mission with complete faith in His ability to work in and through us – no matter how inadequate we may feel. He doesn’t even call us to walk into our calling bravely. He knows our fears and asks us to step out right in the middle of them. Kate tells us her story openly and unapologetically, trusting that God will use it to help us make that first step in a new, or perhaps renewed, faith in God’s calling for our lives. If you’ve been wondering whether you’re qualified to step out into God’s call for you, this book is a must-read. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.
PamMooney 7 months ago
Inspirational! I love the concept of choosing to believe the impossible and finding yourself where you never thought you would be. I enjoyed that the author alternates between bible stories and her own experiences in modern life to make relevant points. It takes a great deal of courage to show so much of your personal history in order to help others. I was impressed that the stories encourage the reader to think not only forward but back at decisions that were made and why. A good read.
SusanMB 7 months ago
I loved The God Dare by Kate Battistelli! Kate provides real life and Biblical examples of God Dare’s and how they bring about transformation and change in the world. She beautifully retells Bible stories that focus on particular Bible characters that accepted God’s Dares. She also shares several examples of Biblical characters that accepted the devil’s dare and some that accepted both. Even though I knew most of the Bible stories Kate shares, she retells them in such easy to understand and engaging ways I felt like I was reading them for the first time! I love that each chapter ends with Scriptures to Think About, God Dare Secrets, and discussion questions that can also be used in a group study. I also loved the 7 Spiritual Secrets and God Dare Enemies that Kate explains in detail. Kate authentically bares her soul and shares her truths, and sheds light on her own sins of the past, which I found powerful! She expresses her hopes that everyone graciously accepts God’s dare’s, no matter how big or obscure they are, they all matter. I was deeply touched by Kate’s writing, her honesty, and her faithfulness in walking the path the Lord has laid out before her. The God Dare tenderly inspired, encouraged, and motivated me. Kate writes with a no-nonsense, “I’ve been there” approach which I find engaging and refreshing. Her faithfulness, authenticity, wisdom, and passion were poured upon the pages of The God Dare and I love the sprinkles of light hearted humor Kate shares. I think these quotes by Kate Battistelli sum up The God Dare: “The God Dare answers the age-old question: Am I enough? When God dares you, He proves without a doubt…Yes. You. Are!” “The God Dare is the unexplainable effects of obedience.” “The whole point of the God Dare is to believe in the impossible, walk by faith and not by sight, and take God at His word in complete trust.” I really enjoyed reading The God Dare. It awakened new possibilities for my life, God’s possibilities. I have been working on my first book for over 4 years and I have been stuck, too paralyzed by doubts and fears to complete it. (Which Kate shares as 2 of the enemies of God Dare’s.) Since reading Kate Battistelli’s wonderful book, my eyes have opened to new insights and perspectives and I feel compelled to finish the work the Lord has placed upon my soul. I accept God’s dare! If you feel you or what you’re doing aren’t enough, I recommend reading The God Dare, to be reminded that you are enough, and you do matter! The God Dare is the type of book you can reread and glean more from each time you read it. Have your highlighters and notepads ready!!
DChatley 7 months ago
So good. Love this catchy title ‘The God Dare’. And the book does not disappoint. In this book, the author shares openly about some of the struggles she faced and the times God asked her to trust Him when it didn’t make sense. In fact, she defines a God Dare as a spiritual bungee jump where we risk everything by jumping and trusting the cord will hold. Then she draws correlation from her life story to characters in the Bible and then brings it all back to the reader for personal life application. I love how the author drew out some life application from the Bible characters in a unique way. For example she talked about how there was something in how Naomi bore her suffering that created a God hunger in Ruth. This book will be sure to speak to you in all seasons of life but most strongly if you are going through a season of waiting or testing. This book speaks volumes about walking with God through the hard times. Each chapter wraps up with verses to ponder that go along with the chapters topic, followed by what she calls God Dare Secrets, and then some discussion questions to help with application to the readers life. Now these God Dare secrets are so of the best parts of the book. Many of these one line statements preach in and of themselves. And quite honestly she saved the best part for last. Chapters 16&17 are the powerhouse chapters on the devils dare and the enemies of our God dare. In these chapters are 7 spiritual secrets, and tips for fighting fear. Prior to these chapters I planned to give this book a 4 star rating but these 2 chapters knocked it out of the park. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
MelissaGH 7 months ago
Excellent book which encourages the reader to think of ways to share God and His love with others. We are chosen by Him and He has a unique plan for each of us. This book is great for discussion groups or to ready by yourself. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
NKBookReviewer 8 months ago
This is a transparent, open look into the author’s life and her relationship with God. It is written eloquently and gracefully flows from the pages of her book into readers’ hearts. The stories are so personal and interesting that I felt like I was chatting with a new friend. In her book, the author discusses how God has plans for each one of us. He also offers assistance to equip us to accomplish our task. Like the saying goes, God doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the called. She is open and honest with her journey. There are many personal and family stories of listening to God and following Him. Biblical stories are used, also. All of these to help readers realize that we were all born for a purpose at this time. Our first duty is to find our purpose and the second is to do it. With God’s leading and helping us, anything is possible. This is a thought provoking book that will have your wheels turning. Author Kate challenges readers to search and find our purpose. Then take the big step and begin working on it. This will take a lot of prayer, listening for God, trusting Him, and courage. I love the line “God sees us according to our destiny, not our history.” God is presented lovingly, approachable, and caring by the author, which is how I perceive Him. The God Dare is such an encouraging, uplifting book. I loved it. I highly recommend it to everyone. Seasoned Christians will benefit from the refreshing tone and delightful stories that turn hearts and minds to God and what His plans are for each of us. New Christians or Seekers will benefit, too. The true, honest writing and sweet words will help draw them in and answer some questions. They will be inspired and encouraged. This would be a nice book for a church library. Yes, a study group would really enjoy it, too. I will be keeping this in my library but encouraging many people to buy and read it. It gets a 5 out of 5 star rating from me. A copy was provided by the publisher but I was under no obligation to write a review. These are my own, honest words.
Anonymous 6 months ago
The God Dare will challenge you to make the decision to step out in faith and out of your comfort to follow where God is asking you to go. This book is encouraging and an easy read. Each chapter ends with scriptures to think about, God Dare secrets and discussion questions. A great read by yourself or for a study group. I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher
CaptainChaosMom 6 months ago
Reading this book has caused me to look at the things that pop up suddenly in my life ....decisions to be made, challenges to accept, or opportunities to help/serve/change/start/ dares from God. While I'm usually one to play it safe and not take too many risks, the author reminded me through her personal stories and biblical parallels that God is so much more than my vanilla life usually pictures Him to be. As a kid, I usually picked 'truth' when playing "Truth or Dare" because I was too afraid of what people would dare me to do, so thinking that God is 'daring' me to do something had negative connotations before I read this book. Now I see God more as the trustworthy father, waiting to catch me when I jump off from the edge of the pool into the deep water. He wants me to be braver and bolder; He says things like "trust me" and "I have good things planned for you"...not just "I dare ya" with evil motives like teenagers do to each other. Lol If you want your faith to broaden and fear to shrink, this is a must read.
Ginger Hudock 7 months ago
I was aware of Kate Battistelli through a writing group that we are both in called Hope Writers. I also knew that her daughter is the Christian singer Francesca Battistelli. So when I saw this book was available on NetGalley to preview I was eager to read it. Once I began the book I was even more intrigued because Kate and her husband are also trained musicians and she was a successful Broadway performer early in her life. I am also a trained singer, soloist and theater actress, but at the local amateur level, so her insights into that aspect of her life were especially interesting for me. The God Dare is about helping the reader understand and believe that God designed each person for a purpose at this time and in this place. Since my life verse is Romans 8:28, and I totally accept the sovereignty of God, her premise was very reasonable. Each chapter includes aspects of Kate's life and a reflection about various Biblical persons and how they confronted their "God dares". Each chapter also has summaries of the topics in the chapter called Spiritual Secrets and several discussion questions. This book would be a good read for a small group Bible study. I received an advanced copy from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
CherylHarris 7 months ago
Are you wondering what God is daring you to do in your life? Author, Kate Battistelli, wrote this book is such a way that inspired me to allow God to equip me as He calls me to a purpose. A purpose that I never imagined would take place in my life! I loved how she referenced many characters in the Bible to illustrate how God used each one. At the end of each chapter, you'll find Discussion Questions that also make this book a great study for a small group. I was really encouraged by the outpouring of her own life circumstances, where God dared her in a different direction than she ever imagined! 'If God calls you to it, He will equip you to do it.' BONUS - Her daughter, Christian recording artist, Francesca Battistelli, wrote the foreword in the book to introduce you to her mother's 'God Dare' journey
LisaPClement 7 months ago
This book is full of wisdom and truth. The author shares the truth of how God uses those of us who are broken yet obedient. She shares her journey in life and encourages others to step outside the box. So many of us are dreaming and not doing. We either are following God’s plan for our lives or drifting along wondering what our propose is. We all are created for a purpose and though most times we think our desires are to big or that we aren’t worthy this book dispels those lies I love the scriptures and questions at the end of each chapter. It is a book that could easily be used as a Bible study. Get this book! Read it slowly and take it in. It might just change your direction. I received an advanced copy and My own opinion is that I highly recommend it.
AFerri 7 months ago
This book would make a great bible study. When God calls you to do something, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. I really enjoyed this book. Thank you Barbour Publishing via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.
sgreene01 7 months ago
This was not a book I would highly recommend. The author uses Biblical and personal illustrations showing how God “Dares” us to choose and believe those things that seems impossible. Much of the book seems repetitive and basically recounts many Bible stories, with a few personal illustrations added in. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
Anonymous 6 months ago
The author shares with raw honesty and transparency about personal hardships, helping the reader to understand we don’t have to keep our deep dark secrets hidden in the shadows. There is power in sharing our imperfections. The book takes the reader through many people in the Bible and sheds light on the fact that many of their journeys were, in fact, God dares. This would make a great group to do a weekly Bible study or to read in a small group setting and discuss. It includes key points at the end of each chapter along with Bible scriptures that are on point.
TammyBourque 6 months ago
The burning question is "What is it that is holding me back from becoming all that God wants me to be?" This book! Loved it...made me realize that God wants me to not only survive, but to thrive. He wants to lavish all His love on me and that is what He expects of me - to love others like Jesus loved. To really know that I am enough because He is enough. Believe in the impossible, walk by faith and not by sight, and take God at His word in complete and wholly trust. And, anything He calls me to do, He will equip me to do it.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm 6 months ago
'The God Dare is a spiritual bungee jump. You risk everything. You jump and trust the cord will hold!. What's a spiritual bungee jump? It's when you risk everything you have--your future, your comfort, your agenda, sometimes your very life---to step into God's divine destiny, a destiny handpicked for you. Spiritual bungee jumps are reserved for those willing to lay down their lives for something bigger than themselves.' Are you willing to take a God Dare? What if He asked you to leave your home and family as He did Abram? Would you go? What if He asked you to leave everything you held familiar and go to a heathen nation as He did Naomi? Would you go? Look what came of both of those situations! Abraham birthed the Jewish nation and Naomi's daughter in law Ruth was an ancestress of Jesus Christ! Granted, I don't think God is going to ask us to do things this astounding today, although He might, but He does sometimes ask us to step out into the unknown because He has something better for us. Maybe He is calling you to leave a dead end job, but you're scared because that's your only income. But He may have an awesome job for you ahead. Sometimes we just have to jump and trust God to catch us and bring us out into a spacious place! Are you ready? *My thanks to Barbour Publishing for a copy of this book. I was not required to leave a review. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.
Sally_Mae 6 months ago
If you're looking for a book that is relatable, readable, and REAL, The God Dare is it! Kate Battistelli shares nuggets of wisdom from her own personal God Dare journey and parallels the God Dares throughout Scripture in a thought-provoking light. As a busy mom who struggles to find the "why" in this chapter of my life, these stories of everyday people redeemed and re-purposed by God - including the lowly, poor, and wretched - were so encouraging to my soul. I felt like the author was someone captivating to listen to and easy to learn from. This is a quick read full of wit and wisdom, and would make a great gift for any adult, especially someone who's ready to be spiritually challenged to live their best God Dare life! I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher and this was my honest review.
DVBates 6 months ago
This is such a great book read for anyone who wants to know more about God or what the God's dare is. Stories from the bible that tie you into what their God dare was and stories from Kate of her own God dare is inspiring. There's a great section at the end of every chapter of questions to ask yourself to help know and understand better of what God's dare is for each of us. Along with God Dare secret reminders to hold onto!
RonneRock 6 months ago
Sometimes, we see the choices we made as true God Dares only in hindsight. Reading Kate Brown Battistelli's book, “The God Dare,” has strengthened my faith to move forward by showing me all of God’s “yes” moments so far. Kate’s wisdom has helped me celebrate every yes. “A God Dare is simple, really. It’s God’s yes. His gigantic smile and nod of the head, beckoning you to believe.” Her book is filled with truth upon truth of how glorious His dares really are. Her voice is that of a trusted sage who has walked the road before you and cleared the path of debris. She blends memoir, anecdote, and biblical teaching into a storyline that focuses our attention to God's ultimate joy—our life lived fully.