The God Franchise

The God Franchise

by Alan H Dawe


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The God Franchise dares to offer refreshing answers to the big questions of life and God and the universe in a friendly, down-to-earth, thought-provoking, stimulating, entertaining yet practical way. You will clearly see why God exists, why the universe exists and most importantly, why you exist. You will get a clear understanding of the meaning of life and the Universal Laws that guide it. You will be astounded at the simplicity of the big picture, while recognising the profundity of this glimpse of the Truth. You will begin this journey of discovery in the timelessness before the universe began and will reach today, this moment in time, in a state of clarity about how to live your daily life with purpose and fulfilment.

The subtle humour and many comments from left field conspire to keep you awake and interested, not to mention the destruction of old stereotypes and preconceptions. The book is written in way that will compel you to keep turning the page and reading on. This is not an academic work, but nevertheless is logical and specific. Vague new age concepts and woolliness are avoided as they serve no one. Little is sacred, except the hint of Truth that permeates the whole book.

The God Franchise is original in that it offers the bridge between religion and modern spirituality. It puts the old teachings into a new light and context. It provides the aha moment that you have been seeking. It changes one's relationship with God and with one's fellow Man. It achieves this with lucidity, practicality and humour, not to mention love, respect and deep spirituality. This is a book for reading, for quiet contemplation, for discussion, and for living. It lends itself to being reread with interest and enjoyment. This book challenges you to give up concepts that no longer serve you.

From the back cover:

Do you ever wonder ... Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why are things the way they are? What is the universe all about? Who or what is God? What is The God Franchise? And a Theory of Everything? Really?

The God Franchise offers a compelling perspective that will help you to answer these questions . . . and many others you might have about your life. This is a book of deep spirituality written simply and logically, and tinged with a sense of humour. It can be read and reread and is guaranteed to provide you with fresh insight and understanding each time.

The God Franchise is a book about God and the universe we live in. It is also a book about YOU ― your loves, your triumphs, your good and not-so-good actions, your fears, and your pain. You will uncover truths about who you are and the purpose of your life. In fact, it is a Theory of Everything!

The God Franchise is a unique book. It is addressed to you, whatever your present beliefs and understanding of God and the universe. It is spiritual rather than religious, and builds bridges between your beliefs and others', whether religious, agnostic, atheistic, or spiritual.

The God Franchise sets out to challenge and edge you towards uncovering your deepest personal reality. It is a practical book in many ways, yet, if you so choose, you don't need to do a thing.

But, you will never be the same again ...

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ISBN-13: 9780473201142
Publisher: Life Magic Publishing
Publication date: 12/23/2011
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Alan H. Dawe has been a student of life and spirituality for over five decades. He has always been interested in writing, and has been itching to write this book, his first full-length one, for many years. Alan lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife, Barb, and an extensive library of books and music.

Table of Contents

Part One
Does God Really Exist?

Chapter 1 Who or What is God?
Chapter 2 The Arguments For and Against God
Chapter 3 The Nature of God
Chapter 4 Consciousness

Part Two
What is The God Franchise?

Chapter 5 In the Beginning...
Chapter 6 The Story of Adam and Eve
Chapter 7 "But I Don't Believe in Adam and Eve"
Chapter 8 Before the Creation and Why There is One
Chapter 9 Thoughts on Time and Space
Chapter 10 God's Plan - the Ultimate Game
Chapter 11 The God Franchise
Chapter 12 Who Am I Then?
Chapter 13 The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Chapter 14 Creation and the Filters on It
Chapter 15 God's Laws

Part Three
Comparing Our Beliefs

Chapter 16 Can We All Be Right?
Chapter 17 Approaching God
Chapter 18 Does God Exist?
Chapter 19 Is God One or Many?
Chapter 20 Is God a Personal God?
Chapter 21 Are God and His Creation One and the Same?
Chapter 22 Are There Many Paths or Only One?
Chapter 23 What Happens After We Die?
Chapter 24 Is Religion Necessary?
Chapter 25 What is Special about Humanity?
Chapter 26 Does Our Morality Come from God?
Chapter 27 So, What is Our Primary Problem?
Chapter 28 Why is it the Ego's Fault?
Chapter 29 So, Do We Need to Strive for Anything?
Chapter 30 Are We There Yet?

Part Four
Daily Living as a God Franchisee

Chapter 31 What it All Means
Chapter 32 Taking Wise Action
Chapter 33 Secondary Gains
Chapter 34 Applying the Law of Manifestation
Chapter 35 It is All About Beliefs
Chapter 36 Your Environment
Chapter 37 Loss and Destruction
Chapter 38 Sin and Temptation
Chapter 39 Judgement and Forgiveness
Chapter 40 Working with Universal Law
Chapter 41 Prayer, Intuition and Inspiration
Chapter 42 God's Grace
Chapter 43 Connections and Relationships
Chapter 44 So, What is the Purpose of Life?

Part Five
Reaching a Conclusion

Chapter 45 What If The God Franchise is True?
Chapter 46 Benediction


Appendix I The Atheists' Case
Appendix II The Scientists' Case
Appendix III The Theory of Evolution
Appendix IV The Theists' Case
Appendix V Changing Horses


What People are Saying About This

Judith Sansweet

What a mammoth book you have! I think you really have something significant here. It's been a real pleasure to work on it. (Judith Sansweet, Auckland, New Zealand (Copyeditor and Proofreader))

Sharon Turton

I really love the heartfelt truth that flows from you in the book. (Sharon Turton, NSW, Australia (Author of Connecting Kids with their Inner Potential)

Annette Burrell

I really admire the way you have brought together so many different beliefs and ideas about creation, God, religions, spirituality, manifestation, universal laws, ways of looking at life and living life. What a work! It is readable, it is personal, it is clear, it invites the reader to consider different aspects of life without disagreeing with them, and it entices the reader to a wider understanding of life. I like the way you have minimised the theory with clear explanations and put in lots of practical examples, and the way you have given summaries to clarify the meaning. I love the idea of my being a God Franchisee. (Annette Burrell, Christchurch, New Zealand (Journey Practitioner and Teacher))

Mary Rhodes

Alan H. Dawe ... writes with conviction and total sincerity, and the easy, somewhat chatty literary style should not divert the reader from the serious aspect of the subject. ... The ultimate conclusion, whilst by no means sacrilegious might be contentious. It is carefully and logically drawn, and should lead the reader to do some particularly reflective and deep personal thinking. (Mary Rhodes, MA(Ed), Somerset, UK)

Kate Whelan

[The God Franchise] is a good read, very accessible and positive, despite dealing with heavy and complex concepts. ... I certainly hope many people will read the book and gain a great deal from doing so. I enjoyed the positivity of the book and would like to think it will help many people who are looking to broaden their thinking and consider alternative explanations for who we are and how we came to be. I also hope it may encourage some people to live their lives more fully and more positively (though I note you were careful to say we always have a choice). (Kate Whelan, PhD, Derbyshire, UK)

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