The GOD Maps: Volume One

The GOD Maps: Volume One

by Yvette Kendall


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The time period in which these events took place is not disclosed. Five very talented and ambitious scientists asked themselves an age-old question: Where do our souls go after we die? The question was posed, not in the esoteric sense, but in a geographical one. They committed themselves to find out the exact physical locations of “Heaven and Hell.”

However, their research gave them more than they bargained for. What you’re about to experience is a dramatic departure from the norms of science fiction and popular faith-based understandings. The GOD Maps is the first book written by new author Yvette Kendall, and she delves into the clockworks of the afterworld by means of creative and disruptive scientific experiments.

The mediums that the laboratory operates in is not bound by moral limitations until the line is drawn for them by opposing forces. Located in the sub-level of a well-known Ivy League university, the lab is run by Ameerah Mahar, a seasoned cryptologist, who is joined by four other accredited scientists that create the fringe science team of Lab-J71. Their ultimate goal is to unlock the mysteries of life, death, and God’s reality on a more tangible scale.

Their research and experiments have opened the Universe to the likes which have never been seen or heard of before. What we once had to wait for can be experienced right now, in real-time, and with our own eyes. Science can fill the gaps in extraordinary ways if you know how to use it! The innovative scientific processes that the team has developed will not only earn them a place in the history books, but the implications of their findings will undoubtedly garner them a revised spot in the Good Book as well!

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ISBN-13: 9780578458571
Publisher: Stravard Lux Publishing House Inc.
Publication date: 04/05/2019
Series: GOD Maps , #1
Pages: 380
Sales rank: 924,690
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Yvette Kendall is a new SciFi/Bi-Fi (Biblical Science Fiction) Philosophy author, that delivers her story with so many twists and turns you'll lose count! She's been an Innovator and Product Developer for over 20 years and continues to do so. Kendall decided to go one step further, by putting her innovations and creations into a literary masterpiece. Her love of futuristic fantasy gave her the desire to write books in this fantastic genre. Kendall has plans to write many more mind-bending originals in the near future.

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The GOD Maps: Volume One 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
DresdenForever 9 days ago
The best book purchase I've ever made. I met some friends at a bar downtown where we shared a table with another party. I overheard their conversation about an amazing scifi book, I let it be known that I am a scifi buff. They gave me the name and said that I should pick it up. So I called their bluff and ordered it. I really wish I had their contact info so I could thank them for hooking me up with the most amazing book! It's more intense and powerful than I expected. If you love scifi, then you will love this! It is so freaking good! I can't put it down and can't wait to share it with friends.
MirandaEE 25 days ago
This book was referred to me by a relative and I'm so thankful that it was! I will unpack it as quickly as I can. 1. Very well written. 2. Creative and Imaginative. 3. It made me think deeply about the movements behind the scenes of life. 4. Entertaining. 5. Smart and Timely. 6. Riveting from beginning to end! 7. Be sure to review the glossary. It was helpful with understanding some of the more unusual terminologies. I thought that the price-point for the hardcover (by a new and unknown author) was a little high, but I was wrong. It was worth every cent and maybe a little more! It was transporting and transformative. Loved it!
CarmenW129 3 months ago
Outstanding!!! I have to be honest...I'm "Nerd-Positive". So reading this story gave me the warm and fuzzies. The first couple of chapters are a little science heavy but entertaining. The thing is, what the author had to say in those chapters is important to the story. If you're a true Scifi-head then you're used to the technical interjections, so that you can breeze through the story when the action starts to happen. I loved her cinematic way of writing. The scene details are literally mind-blowing! I'm not gonna give it away but if you're a die-hard Christian or an unapologetic atheist, you may just switch sides after reading this piece of work.
TheoReads4730 3 months ago
What I read was nothing short of masterful storytelling. It had me invested in the characters like Carlos, The Man, and Angels (in their true form). The concept that Earth is the "Devil's playground" and that God is everywhere is amazingly supported by the Bible but transcribed in sci-fi fashion. Yvette Kendall's work is incredible. A masterpiece.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Whew! So very well written. Very visual and I enjoyed the technology and science she created to propel the story forward. It's very believable and actually feels like the scientific applications she created, really exists and are part of our current technological landscape. And as far as the interaction between Scilectra and the Professor, it's VERY visual and vivid. But its in context with the storyline (so it doesn't feel gratuitous). I enjoyed it all! Can't wait for the follow-up, because it just made me wish there was more to read. So thankful that I heard about this great read!
Kin2035 4 months ago
The GOD Maps is one of the best sci-fi novels I've read in years! The phrase I would use to describe it is "Vastly Unique". It covers so much ground in the areas of Science Fiction, Philosophy, and Religion. Not to mention the definite overtones of the comic book realm too. I wouldn't do it justice, to try and explain the many features of this one book. I picked it up and didn't put it down for 3-days. It's a must read!!!