The God Mind Principles

The God Mind Principles

by Krystyna Fowler, Phillip Fowler


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The God Mind Principles is a “road map for life” that is easy to read and follow, a spiritual, nondenominational compilation of information, guidance, and direction for everyone, no exclusions! Apply the principles in this book to your everyday life to create enhanced self-confidence that you’ll achieve your goals, and gain a new desire within your mind, heart, and soul, creating a place where peace is a must-have, not a hoped-for wish.

God Mind Principles will change how you view yourself, others, and life in general by addressing important topics including: With whom did we live before we started our physical experience on earth? Why it is so important to honor and respect all our brothers and sisters, our spiritual family on earth, by living within the principles of tolerance, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and charity? And what happens after we pass from this mortal existence?

Discover the plethora of possibilities beyond what you once thought possible, gain the tools to create a new, improved life for yourself and for your family, and be inspired to encourage others to make positive changes in the world we all live in. The God Mind Principles will show you the way.

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Publication date: 08/25/2017
Pages: 298
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About the Author

Krystyna and Phillip Fowler became spiritual writers as a result of being profoundly in tune with their divine spiritual connection, through which they co-wrote The God Mind Principles. Though Krystyna was born and raised in Poland and Phillip is American, they were divinely led to meet each other. Since childhood, each has maintained an open spiritual connection, predicting future events and counseling others. The couple continues to communicate with departed loved ones, to such extent that both enjoy these frequent spirit visitations to their home. Long-term residents of North Georgia, USA, the Fowlers are also business partners and spouses, with six children, sixteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren between them.

Table of Contents

Preface: Rules of Laws

The God Mind Principles

Introduction to the Book of Locks (Journal)


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The God Mind Principles 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
RaeCapri More than 1 year ago
Everyone has a belief in something that is greater than them and with that, comes to an individual purpose each and every one of us should fulfill. Truthfully so, some of us know what our purpose is, while a majority of us are still figuring that out. We’re placed in this world for a reason that we must go through the journey of life, be taught skills, learn lessons, and live amongst other individuals who are also to fulfill their purpose. Sometimes it’s best if we have some form of guidance, like a religious book full of text to use as guidelines while we go through trials and tribulations. Using a guideline is what helps keep many of us from going off our course, even though there are many obstacles and tests that tend to occur, so it’s always best to simply expect the unexpected by being on guard. In “The God Mind Principles,” author Krystyna Fowler writes to her readers in the form of ‘What Would God Say,’ granting an even closer connection between Him and us. As you read this book, you will instantly get a sense that you are being spoken to directly, which is more comforting than expected. There are lots discussed even though it seems like a one-sided conversation. This allows you to just stop whatever you’re doing and listen, something many of us has a tough time doing since life can be complicated at times. The feeling that you’re being told about your inner knowledge, the how you were created, where you came from, how you entered the world as a mortal, and so much more, makes you feel relieved that you get answers to questions you’ve had for the longest of time. I can admit that I have an idea of who I am, but my own purpose and what I’m supposed to be in my own life is still a bit of a mystery. Reading this was very beneficial to me because although I might not know right away from what tasks I’m to fulfill, I understand that I must seek that within myself by listening to my inner voice. I truly felt a peace of mind as I read this book and I’m ever so grateful to have a better understanding of what life was meant for; this will teach me to continue being true to myself, and help others along the way. I recommend this book for everyone to take time and ‘listen’ for a better understanding about yourself, especially when you need to be told that you are loved, even when you feel that life is working against your favor. You’re here for a reason, you must fulfill it, don’t let anyone hold you back from being your true self.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is actually a fun, kind of mythical kingdom approach to self-knowledge. This book can be considered a bit “New” Agey in its presentation, I am also not sure I receive every assumption about the hereafter, however, the main precepts about life, and the need for truth resonates with me. So whether I am corresponding with the mother and father of my existence, the archetypes of creation, or following the steps of journaling and paying attention to my thoughts and actions, improvement can follow. This is actually a fun, kind of mythical kingdom approach to self-knowledge. One of things I enjoyed was the reference to women and their abilities, in the dedication and throughout. Being a woman of course, I see it as complimentary, and yet, I also see the metaphor of duality versus singularity, a world that is transcendent from arbitrary rights and wrongs, versus the ability to conduct ourselves naturally with joy and positivity. One of the amazing things in the book, is the role of Truth, which can be defined for us individually as our “spirit”, although I would just prefer “Soul”. This role extends to the way that we spend our time, which only exists here for us. This Time, “flows through a sea of knowledge, data, calculations, and formulations relating to the laws governing every cause and its associated effects”. Much of this book revives all precepts that pave the way to a good life, respect for family, forgiving, treating others with compassion, ethics, morality, whatever it can be called to have kindness towards others and self. However, in the narrative from “Truth’s” objective, something magical can happen, and the numinous viewpoint we have as children can reawaken. So in talking about the “law of attraction” this is not hogwash, it is practical, however, this law relies on the ability of our focus, and the output of our communication. The inside work has to be done for this to happen, and this book approaches this action very deliberately and eloquently. Even when the reader is seeking or enjoying the subject of truth, the answers are really not for the faint of heart or someone not willing to follow-up in their thoughts and preparation. A great deal of the work, if not all, is learning about the subconscious, its power, and how to successfully train towards right thinking and the making of superior memories. This is about taking control of the power we all possess. All in all, a useful book towards self-discovery.
Heatherinky More than 1 year ago
"The God Mind Principles," by Krystyna and Phillip Fowler, is a great book in a more self-help, motivational book kind of way, for those looking for an inner peace, loving others and how to manage those day to day internal and external fluctuations in this crazy adventure of life. The Fowlers ultimate desire is to lead you to a way of living better. They have provided a unique way to help people learn how to manage strife and attain a more joyful existence. I honestly, have to say that this strays from biblical or denominational teachings in the realm of being remotely anywhere near traditional known faith organizations but it can provide a more balanced way of life for those who are hurting. This book promotes more of a inspirational empowerment and could help people from suffering with depression, hopelessness, pessimism, turmoil or even in just minor daily life growth to lead you to a more balanced and optimistic view of your life. I do feel like people who do subscribe to traditional faith may not be able to accept some of the teachings but would find most aspects of the book still a great motivational help plus agree with a lot of the Fowlers teachings to leading to a more balanced life. Be ready to dig deep, and take the time to follow through. This book will most likely be one you can read over and over again and always find a new way to lead a great life filled with abundance and peace.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the biography of the authors and was a little leery to even pick up this book to start with after I read they had predicted the future a couple of times and have continued to talk to dead relatives years after they had passed. They also guide you in how to read a the book and suggest you do so both forward and backwards. Even with a few reaervations, I dug in. Even though I would have a hard time calling this a religious book, it is one of the most positive self-help books around, especially for women. I think every woman, regardless of religious beliefs and standings, should read this book at least once. I say at least, because I feel like this is a book that can help you through various times of your life, whether that is an illness, depression, or other hard time. Even though it's supposedly to be a non-denominational book, there's truly no real religion to it at all and it seems to have strayed away from Bible teachings. That's why I categorize it as a self-help book instead of a religion book. Don't be scared off by the negatives of it, however, because the positives do outweigh them. Take time to study how they suggest to read it, and follow it diligently, with an open mind. You'll be glad you read this book and you definitely mind might use for it in the future as well. I can definitely see this book as one you won't read just once. Overall, it's a book that's overpowering of love, support, and goodness but not as much biblical religion as I thought would be included.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The God Mind Principles was an intriguing book, and while the teachings venture into the religious realm, the book truly belongs more in the self help or affirmation genre. The book flowed very well, and the authors gave clear and concise guidelines for how to complete the book while getting the most out of their teachings. I was pleasantly surprised at the positivity throughout the various messages. I’ll admit it was confusing to be asked to read the book forwards and backwards... perhaps my mind was not open enough to the teachings but I did not get anything out of that process. I got a lot out of the constant outpouring of caring, concern, and encouragement that the authors put forth. Overall, the authors thought processes and teachings are provocative, if anything. They put a great deal of care into crafting the order of the messages and making sure the reader knows that by reading the book, you become a partner in the process. It is reassuring to think that the authors are walking beside you while you take their well crafted journey. I would caution readers to keep an open mind free of judgement when reading The God Mind Principles. It is very easy to see the writing as overbearing but if you read with an open mind that is willing to accept other opinions, you will get a new perspective!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is not just a book. This is a journey. Written as if Father God and Mother Goddess themselves directed the authors in a dissertation style similar to The Bible. Dedicated to all females, it is a self-help revelation directed by Mother Gaia as a blessing to women, and to clear up any confusing mistakes that the translators of holy scriptures may have made, especially in the male-dominated world that continues to this day. The non-denominational guidance is so enriching and strengthening, it should be required reading for women’s studies programs. Three spiritual seals open upon following the directions presented to the reader. Please, please, please read these numbered paragraphs to the end. You will be asked to read them again backward, giving a deeper understanding of each principle. Those that unlock the wonderful mysteries of The God Mind Principles will be aware of so much more in life than physical eyes can see in three dimensions. If you are on a spiritual journey, are suffering loss and lack, or feel isolated and lonely, you will feel a healing warmth in the heart, a knowledge of the truth, and compassion for others for a start. The God Mind Principles is the most unusual book I have ever read. With the beginning of the Holiday season upon us, what better lessons can we share with those we love? This book is a wonderful gift for the young women on your gift list. Moreover, men who read this book can better understand the women in their lives, wives, mothers, aunts, sisters, and daughters, such as they never have. These are difficult times to raise children; we need all the help we can get. I plan on reading this book many times over. It takes self-discipline and perseverance to embark on a journey such as this. Don’t quit; don’t get distracted; don’t try to speed read. Go through a few principles each night before lights out and enjoy the course. It will change your life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a reviewer, I would first and foremost like to say that if you are looking for a religious foundation in this book or an introduction into faith, this may not be the best book for you. I come from a nondenominational church background growing up as a Christian and while some of the things that are said in this book I consider to be truths, I’m wary to call this biblically sound. I know that there can be a lot of controversy over the things stated in this book, but in keeping an open mind, you could really grow as a person reading this. Now, with that out of the way, I would like to say that this is a good self-help book. It’s not the best I’ve read, but if you’re hurting or depressed, or in a bad place in your life, give this book a read. While reading this book, there can be a sense of overwhelming comfort in knowing that God is right there with you and that whatever you’re facing, you can overcome and persevere and that you define yourself, not your circumstances. The format of this book is a bit strange. I was so genuinely confused when I opened it. All I saw were numbers and it was overwhelming considering the fact that there are over 1.6 thousand statements, spiritual and personal, designed to help those in need that the authors make in The God Mind Principles. It can be a big obstacle in motivating yourself to read, but this is a book that is supposed to be savored and digested, not devoured like the latest science fiction title. There is a lot to this book sure, but it’s like climbing a mountain or working out. You start with a single step and it builds and builds until it culminates in something beautiful. Here’s the real kicker, they ask you then to read all you just did in reverse. The journey down from the mountain top can be just as beautiful though as you get to see where you started and what you achieved and how you ultimately grew. Then the authors, Krystyna and Philip Fowler encourage you to journal. Journaling is one of the best things a person can do to grow. Reflecting in your own words can really help you cement what you believe to be true. Once again, do not consider this to be the divine inspiration of God in paper or electronic form. There is a lot that I disagree with, but go ahead and read this book with an open mind and you will be better off for it. Don’t think of this as a daily dose of Bible, but rather as a sleep-tape, meant to relax and comfort you as you take a journey of healing. So, while I urge you to be wary of some of things said in this book, I also encourage you to give it a try anyways because I will never tell anyone not to read something if it has the potential to help someone who is hurting. Even if you don’t believe in God necessarily, believe in the power of people to help those in need because these authors are clear examples of that. Give this book a try, it will be well worth your time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This weekend started out particularly horribly for me, so I needed an escape. I began to read The God Mind Principles by Krystyna and Phillip Fowler, and it seems as if this book was meant for me. It addressed issues I was going through and made me feel a little better. Still, my heart was a little heavy. I wanted to stop reading but I continued to read, not because the authors encouraged readers not to stop reading but because I wanted to continue. I was able to take the advice from God Mind Principles and write down the things that I was thankful for. This put everything into perspective for me and made me see my glass as half full and not half empty and to stop being pessimistic. Still, thankfulness is not the only advice that this book offers. It makes you look within your consciousness. The book gives you tools to live your life the best you can. The God Mind Principles have the sections numbered similar to verses for chapters in the Bible. Krystyna and Philip Fowler make it seen as if God has written the words for the readers because they seem to take themselves out of the writing equation. As I read, I felt as if I were connecting to a higher being. My weekend did not seem as bad as I first thought and the written words seem to speak to my heart as I put my skepticism aside. The God Mind Principles was a profound read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
instantly knew this book was going to be good when I read the two co-authors are business partners and spouses who believe they were divinely destined to meet. The book itself speaks at length about divinity and predestination and how one’s perception of reality plays into life’s outcomes. Specifically, the authors talk about consciousness and awareness and how every individual processes the world differently and how this processing of information determines everyone’s paths. Without giving anything away, the book basically gives the reader tools for living the best possible life he or she can. For instance, the authors advise the reader to keep a journal and begin noting how ones goals, desires and feelings are interlinked and can ultimately shape the course of one’s life. I immediately followed the authors’ teachings and my life changed for the better. I found an inner peace I never felt before and am able to withstand turmoil and the ups and downs of everyday life much better. Do not be deterred if you’re not religious- though spiritual in nature, the author’s don’t advocate for any particular faith. Anyone who wants mental health and clarity, focus and an optimistic outlook on life should definitely pick up The God Mind Principles!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So, I was going through a bad break up recently, and a friend recommended this book to me. And it just spoke straight to my heart and soul. The authors being a married couple also said much to me (hence my failed relationship). It was beautiful to read about the duo, and know matches really can be made in heaven. On to the insightful information! No matter what race or religion you are, The God Mind Principles is for women. Although the teachings are in religious form, they’re not targeting only Christians or Catholics or anything like that. It’s just empowering and positive insightful knowledge that can make any woman stronger. To me, the book is more on the note of self-help though, and wasn’t as biblical as I expected, but that was okay. Otherwise, if it HAD been, I didn’t see other religions being able to follow. At the same time, I don’t think it should be “promoted” as teachings from the good book. God Mind Principles is indeed an inspirational book on its own. I highly recommend!
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
Unlock the secrets to the God Mind Principles. What an amazing and life changing book! Jointly written by husband and wife Spiritual Writers Krystyna and Phillip Fowler, The God Mind Principles is a truly enlightening book, which if you want, can be the catalyst to change your life if you follow the Rules of Law and the three spiritual seals which are written at the front of this inspiring book. The aim of the authors is to open your mind to the God Mind Principles which will enable you to live your life in the best possible way, achieving what you wish for, finding inner peace and harmony, experiencing true joy, and learning how to recognise evil when it manifests itself in different ways. The God Mind Principles discusses all the things and prejudices you will encounter in life, in your dreams, hear reported scientifically, and wonder about, in many different ways. In recognition that everyone is unique and absorbs knowledge differently, the authors emphasise that it is vital that everyone read all the book thoroughly, that way you are ensured of understanding its teachings the way which is easiest for you. Throughout, the unconditional love offered by the god, goddess, eternal father, eternal mother shines through, and the reader learns of how this love and understanding can be attained through belief, and that although everyone is different this love will unite them all. When we have finished reading this book we are asked to continue on and read it in reverse from back to front, and in doing so we will discover the keys to open the Book of Journals. We are asked to keep a daily record of our hopes, desires, goals, and feelings, both good and bad. Although the authors recognise that this may be difficult at first, we are asked to persevere and assured that through the keeping and reading and re-reading of our hopes, dreams fears etc. and studying them, we will ourselves come to recognise the answers we seek in our writings, and by opening our hearts and minds to the eternal father, eternal mother we will be receptive to their guidance and support throughout our lives. Somehow inspiring just doesn’t seem enough to encompass this book, but it does sums it up. If you are lost, confused, unhappy, depressed, unsure, indeed in any form of crisis you will not only find this incredible book inspiring but also perhaps the way to your salvation.