The God of the Bible with Chinese Characteristics

The God of the Bible with Chinese Characteristics

by Mendel Edwardson
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The God of the Bible with Chinese Characteristics by Mendel Edwardson

This documentation began in 2002 from encounters in Israel, over years, with a globally distributed group of anointed souls. I was the recipient of diverse, but strictly Biblical, theological insights. These connections were preceded by a life long witnessing from within Judaism and longstanding admiration for the sermons of William Marrion Branham(1909-1965)- a controversial American preacher with a worldwide ministry and a "black sheep" contemporary of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.

My first book was They Have No Clue in 2007. Its message is the ending of Judeo-Christian power and the unsatisfactoriness of its operative values. Our Nation Is God was next which postulates by scripture that in post Judeo-Christiainty God has a new name; and that the ensuing individual and societal beliefs, when applied, change and upgrade everything.

Part I of The God of the Bible with Chinese Characteristics, The Closing of the Judeo-Christian Era, reiterates, with Biblical and other proofs, the absolute end of the Jesus blood covering; confirms God's new name; and warns that America no longer has its inadequacies deflected by providence. Part II, America as Temporary Carrier of God's Will, emphasizes the frequently supernatural signaled manifestations of God; and Israel as never ending announcer of God's answers.

The teachings of this book emanate from William Branham's "preaching to the eternally lost" in an America whose time has passed; but the lessons find applicability in an ascending Asia. Part III, America's Gentile Essence as Fatal Flaw, uncovers the scriptural warnings of superpower America's decline and the resulting absence of enlightenment for the planet. Part IV, America's Sissified Culture as Fatal Flaw, shows the USA as nonredeemable based on massive violation of Bible relating to democratically imposed men-women tautology, which has done irreversible damage over the past century.

Part V, The White Age of Religious Naivety is Resolved in China, is the overall conclusion. An uncomfortable Interregnum period of power shifting from the USA to China is God's continued westward move. It began from Israel through Europe into 20th century America and now into an economically and militarily fast bounding China. Yet, no Sino renaissance is possible until there is a fresh spiritual underpinning.

There is no Chinese equivalent comparable to Christendom which enabled Western civilization's magnificence. In materialistic China there is a human emptiness and moral void. Despite feelings of superiority in its assimilated Han identity, China is insecure domestically and internationally is a reluctant superpower. China knows what it is against but does not know what it is for. In fact, nationalism is growing.

Compounding the dilemma, China is not an importer of Western anything important, at least without applying its stamp of Sino-uniqueness. The picture is that of a powerful nation on an unsustainable course because it can not keep up with its home front challenges. The internal workings of the single command Communist Party can not forge answers in time. China's domestic stability is breakable.

Unbelievably at first, the arranged marriage of the Confucian Chinese culture and the rigorous Bible adherence of post Judeo-Christianity, never plumbed anywhere before, is literally a match made in heaven.

The missing Sino ingredient necessary for renaissance is Biblicism of high integrity. The interventions of the Chinese Communist Party necessary to make this a reality are known: national self introspection; the degrading of Christianity in and out of Asia; and the encouragement of Christianity's replacement with the fundamentally sound country centered Bible interpretation called Our Nation Is God.

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About the Author

Mendel Edwardson was born in NYC in 1946 as modern Israel was emerging. An MIT management guru by profession, Mr. Edwardson has consulted for Israeli high tech, on Wall Street and for other diverse American firms. He has been active in Israel since 1975.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
China's recent power and influence gains have been amazing. There is the expectation for a rendezvous with destiny as Aisia rises and the West levels off. Yet, no authentic Chinese renaissance is in any way convincing. The transformation has been primarily economic. Social progress lags and political enlightenment is not in evidence. As the American light fades and the Chinese inspiritaion for the world is absent, we are left with global pessimism. The happiness index in China does not rise along with standards of living. The materialism and disconnect from the past have created a unease in the Chinese mindset. In response, religion has been on the rise- Buddhism and Christianity; nothing new and potent! The God of the Bible with Chinese Characteristics from Israel is new and Biblically sound. It is the solution: Providential power towards societal harmony and deep purpose. This is precisely what China seeks, needs and will eventually choose. This work gives most of the theological background and opens up debate about the practicalities of achieving the Chinese Renaissance, not just for China but for all of us.