The God Particle - A Chloe Johansson Thriller

The God Particle - A Chloe Johansson Thriller

by Toby Tate

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The God Particle - A Chloe Johansson Thriller by Toby Tate

"God Particle is a fast-paced, fun ride!" Roy Huff, #1 Amazon bestselling author of EVERVILLE: The First Pillar

Just sixteen years old and a student at MIT, Chloe Johannson seems to have everything going for her. Then the phone calls come...her best friend is pregnant, and Chloe's father, Simon, is missing from his lab at the CERN particle accelerator.

Chloe and her mother soon learn that Simon has discovered something that could shatter the very foundations of science, and now someone else wants that power for themselves, and they are not of this world...

Chloe must reach inside herself and face her deepest fears and darkest demons to help her best friend and save her father, because not only does their fate hang in the balance, but the fate of humanity itself.

GOD PARTICLE: A Chloe Johansson Thriller

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BN ID: 2940016562841
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Publication date: 06/03/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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The God Particle - A Chloe Johansson Thriller 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
KingPea More than 1 year ago
This was my first Toby Tate novel, and it will definitely not be my last. Wow, what a terrific, smartly written sci fi book for YA lovers. I would categorize it as YA because the 16 year old amazingly brilliant and brave Chloe, is obviously the star of this series. It was also YA to me because it broke down a really complicated (and pure genius) concept of particle physics, inter dimensional beings, and time travel into easily digestible pieces. I never felt lost, even though the Higgs boson is way over my pay grade on the understanding scale. I absolutely loved the "beings" in this story. You never get a full description of what they look like, and we know very little about where they have traveled from, but they were every bit of 'living and breathing' for me, as the rest of the characters. There was fantastic detail and facts woven throughout the traveling from country to country, and I really enjoy that in my reading experience. I want to be able to feel like the author put time into researching, and I was not disappointed here. Again, what a fantastic read, I will be going through and adding more of this authors work to my tbr pile ~ I have clearly been missing out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Toby Tate, a master of frighteningly scary, plausible adult novels has shown us yet another side of himself with the first of his Chloe Johansson Young Adult series, “The God Particle”. Teenage angst is hard enough on its own, but throw a 16 year old bright enough to be attending MIT while her parents are living in Switzerland, Mom a doctor, Dad a particle physicist for CERN (whose logo is a stylized 666) and he’s now missing, final exams, and then toss in a best friend that’s now pregnant, and you’d expect the teen to go into overload.  Not Chloe. While Mom tries to downplay her missing Dad at the beginning, Chloe knows something’s terribly wrong when Interpol, FIS, AND the CIA are looking for her Dad, as well as knowing that Cern’s own security staff must be searching, Chloe volunteers to look for her Dad in a most unlikely place:  inside a Higgs Boson, known by the term “the God particle”.   The question is what is this Higgs boson, what does it do, how do you find it, how do you get into it (it’s smaller than an atom), and who are “Ben” and Mal” and why is everyone so scared. YA books rarely deal with real world problems, yet Tate ventures in undeterred.  Even as an adult reader this book is captivating, informative, and full of well researched facts.  Here’s hoping Tate continues this YA series as well as his adult thrillers.  He’s proving to be a master of both.    The Celtic Dragon
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had the pleasure of picking this book up to read for my vacation. Since I was camping, with no recourse or other books to fall back on, I was thrilled that this book kept me good company the entire time. To start off, it is a very fun reading book with lots of steady paced action but with time to think and put things in perspective along the way. The writer did a fantastic job of stepping into the mind of a 16 year old girl. Chloe is a brilliant 16 year old, dealing with her own personal problems, when she is unwittingly thrown into the role of a hero with her parents lives (oh yeah, and the world, too!) in her hands. Traveling halfway across the world, while making new friends along the way, each location and character is creatively reflected so that you are right there with them. I can't wait to see more of Chloe's adventures in future installments
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great, fast-paced read.  The storytelling is well done.  Tate offers enough details to keep you informed and interested.  He also leaves some of the points up to the reader to determine.  I look forward to reading his other works.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite Chloe, a genius 16-year-old MIT student, is the main character of God Particle - A Chloe Johansson Thriller (Chloe Johansson Thrillers 1) by Toby Tate. She seems to have a rather good life until everything starts to go wrong when she sits in a library preparing for exams. Her best friend calls to say she's pregnant and the next phone call from her mum brings the news that her dad is missing. Her dad is not just anyone, but a famous scientist who was part of the team that discovered the God particle and something has happened - something big. Chloe travels home after her exams and gets involved in the adventure of a lifetime. The God particle has more power than anyone expected; Chloe has the ability to use it but so have others - others that are not from this dimension. Toby Tate did a great job with God Particle and I finished it in just two sessions because I wanted to know how things would work out in the end. It was hard to predict how the story would end because, for reasons I cannot mention here (no spoilers!), the characters need to find ways to be unpredictable. This, combined with a flowing writing style, makes it a very enjoyable book even if you aren't a young adult anymore. You also learn a bit about science if you haven't heard about the God particle before. The big plus is that the science talk is well written, easy to understand, and might make people want to learn even more. The characters are likeable and Chloe is definitely someone I wouldn't mind reading about again because it feels as if there still is quite a lot to learn about her character.