The Goddess in Crete: A guide to 100 Minoan and other sites

The Goddess in Crete: A guide to 100 Minoan and other sites

by Cheryl Straffon, Lana Jarvis


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This book sets out to explore the ancient sites, the beautiful finds and the dramatic landscape of Minoan and later Crete. Although there are many published books and internet sites devoted to Crete and its ancient civilisation, this is a very special concise and detailed guide to all the archaeological sites, that shows exactly what is there, how to get to it, what finds were made, and where they can now be seen. It explores the pre-Minoan, Minoan and post-Minoan civilisation and culture of these Goddess-celebrating people, revealed in their artefacts, iconography, motifs, ideas, themes and finds. Crete is not simply an amazing land that consists of a large number of prehistoric ruins and a collection of fine objects to admire, but, as the book shows, the spirit of the Goddess that was so central to these people runs through the very fabric of the land itself, and is palpable today to anyone who visits the island with an open mind and an open heart.
The book includes full details of sites, museums, directions and maps, and has over 160 colour photographs and illustrations. Nearly every individual site is pictured, as well as many of the finds. Carefully placed boxes of concise information are placed throughout the text, giving an insight into the world of the Minoan people, including their use of caves, palace-temple sites, domestic shrines, sacred mountains, peak sanctuaries and dwelling places. The meaning of many of their buildings, such as pillar crypts and lustral basins, is revealed, and the significance of their sacred objects, such as the kernos and the baetyl, is explored. In addition, the beautiful finds and frescos in the Museums are all profusely illustrated. This book is an indispensible guide to a great and unique civilisation who venerated and loved the Goddess throughout its lifetime.

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