The Golden Circuit: Book One Of 'The Smith Chronicles'

The Golden Circuit: Book One Of 'The Smith Chronicles'


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Way, way out past the Heliopause, Mikita Smith is running for her life.

She's wanted for a crime she had no intention of committing - or at least, that's what she believes. She needs to find some answers, and fast, while she searches for what matters: her own identity, and the skills that will allow her to control her 'gift' - the ability to channel the GOLDEN CIRCUIT.

Meanwhile, maniacal TAPCON boss David Sempre is tightening his control on the Michael 6 Quadrant. And with the aid of his father's disembodied head, an army of killer NITs and the entire TAPCON Task Force, his evil ambitions are nearing their fruition.

John K. Irvine's first novel is a philosophical sci-fi adventure story for teenagers of all ages. A humorous, yet heart-felt, satire from the vantage point of the 22nd century. It's all here: mutants, androids, good guys, bad girls, Ghandi...

Buckle up for an unforgettable journey beyond the Scattered Disc.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780992678203
Publisher: John Irvine
Publication date: 07/31/2013
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

John K. Irvine currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His poetry and short stories have been published, or are forthcoming, in: Poetry Scotland, Open Mouse, Blinking Cursor, Essence, Ink, Sweat & Tears, A Handful of Stones, South and Streetcake Magazine, amongst others.

'The Golden Circuit' is his first full-length novel and represents 'Book One of The Smith Chronicles'.

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