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The Golden Cross by Robert E. McGinnis

The Golden Cross

What is the Golden Cross?

Robert Rios, a US citizen of Mexican and Indian heritage, stepped off the bus in Rosa Grande'. As he looked around the small bus stop in an impoverished adobe town, he wanted to find anyone or anything that looked familiar. Robert was using his summer vacation away from his teaching job to look for long-lost relatives in a very remote part of Mexico's mountainous region. Instead of finding something familiar, he found more than he could have ever bargained for: Little Eagle.
Little Eagle, a young man from the Wisnook Indian tribe in America, sits alone in the bus station. He is waiting for something. The spirits that guide the tribe from the North have led him to this spot. They have led him to a particular person that will help him find what he seeks and to fulfill his mission. His mission: to deliver the Golden Cross.
After a chance encounter between the two men, a third person clothed in the habit of a monastic order enters the bus stop. Tzchrina, a young woman from a remote mountainous tribe, shakes up the assumptions the two men had made. She too is looking for the answer to the riddle of the Golden Cross. What could a nun want with an item the spirit guides have sent Little Eagle to bring?
As they face challenges with bandits, soldiers, and nature, the three strangers quickly learn to trust one another. They must rely on their combined skills discover the true nature of the Golden Cross and avoid those who seek this treasure for the wrong reasons.
There is a very surprising ending which few would have guessed and I am not telling.

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ISBN-13: 9781450555876
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Publication date: 06/02/2011
Pages: 218
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About the Author

Dr Robert E McGinnis has been writing since his first successful detective story in his English Literature class back in the late fifties. He published his first book in 1979 and has picked up speed from there. His first book, "In Search Of Paradise" is in the fourth printing at this time.

Robert has seldom held less than two jobs at a time and in many of those work years also attended college until achieving a PhD in Public Administration in 1981. When he completed his PhD, his advising professor at Nova Southern University, told him. "When you leave here you will become a writer." I guess he saw something in the future.

Other than the recent two series listed here on Amazon (The Paradise Series and The Little Eagle Series), Robert is working on two more series, both of which have been started and are well underway. They are; Wisnook Series (this may change) and the White Panther series.

Robert retired from teaching before the turn of the century and has devoted his time to his family, writing, and giving back to nature. In his coexistence with nature he uses his furniture making skills by recycling fallen and damaged trees. When the trees are damaged by storms he brings in a sawmill to cut them up into boards for furniture making.

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