The Golden Sherpa: Ascending Into Magical Spirituality

The Golden Sherpa: Ascending Into Magical Spirituality

by Matthew Krajewski


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The Golden Sherpa: Ascending Into Magical Spirituality by Matthew Krajewski

In The Golden Sherpa: Ascending into Magical Spirituality, Matthew Krajewski invites spiritual seekers to follow him through a rainbow of heart-based spiritual practices. While one may explore diverse mystical practices, we can all sometimes doubt our authenticity, and need some user feedback to assure us we are cultivating our own special, divine light. Building on ideas from his first book, Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage, his follow-up book, The Golden Sherpa, details how it truly feels to experience spiritual energy. By teaching ourselves new ways to think by way of the heart, The Golden Sherpa articulates biological, spiritual energy as our true nature, details the light and shadow of energy, as well as ways to passively and actively experience energy. Matthew Krajewski left a successful career in Silicon Valley to embrace being a spiritual writer and teacher, and he uses this journey to explore the struggles and joy we all experience when following our hearts. By following The Golden Sherpa everyone can better understand energetic reality, explore their own magic, and ascend to new heights of integrated living.

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ISBN-13: 9781452589664
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/04/2014
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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The Golden Sherpa

Ascending Into Magical Spirituality


Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Matthew Krajewski
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8966-4


Is It Real?

There are plenty of books out there articulating mysticism, magic, witchcraft, shamanism, mindfulness, yoga, and healing practices. On your spiritual journey, I hope you build your own private library of metaphysical texts, for one of the greatest perks of incarnating at this time in history is the wealth of information available. But, like so many other things, we can get lost in labels and specifics, failing to see how all these beautiful traditions and practices are interconnected, are bound by energy, and are accessible through magical spirituality. You are your own best guide to enlightenment, and it is only possible through reclaiming your magical heritage and embodying your unique aspect of divinity through magical spirituality. But in this book, I aim to help you along the way so you can start to see your own path opening before you.

Since the 1960s there has been talk and much investment from individuals and communities regarding the coming New Age, a more enlightened age where human beings evolve into more spiritual beings. Experiencing the echoes of the flower power movement in history books and the burgeoning New Age movement embodied by crystal work and angels as a child in the 1980s radically impacted my consciousness and how I saw the world. There was something familiar there, something I gravitated toward again and again throughout my life. It was exciting, truthful, and shone brighter in my vision than most anything else. The call that I heard, and that many other people can now feel like an ominous gong reverberating throughout our world, is the call toward a magical spirituality.

No matter if you are drawn to yoga or tarot cards, talking to the dead or talking to trees, there is a persistent doubt that plagues pioneering magical people. There is always the lingering question, "Is it real?" When I see an angel, when I talk to my animal guides, when I experience healing, when my future is read through tarot, when I bend into downward dog and align my physical and energetic systems, when the dead speak, when crystals hum, when we speak to animals—no matter the aspect of magical spirituality, there always seems to be a lingering doubt, a seed of discord that asks, "Is it real?" This is the most damaging shadow to magical spirituality, and one that should be addressed early and often in your practice, whatever your path might be. Even when we are intuitively guided to magical traditions, even when we experience energy through our subtle senses, everything about it is at odds with not only our scientific world but also our psychological culture. The New Age is about respecting the mind, but moving into a new way of thinking, heart thinking, and evolving into beings that can feel, sense, and know with amazing clarity. For the energetic cloud generated by our hearts is at least sixty times stronger than our minds and our hearts possess the same types of cells found in our brains.

Our scientific culture, even alongside robust religiosity throughout the world, has posited since Sir Isaac Newton that we are all isolated bits of matter. Everything is separate from everything else. However, quantum physics and great thinkers like Einstein in the twentieth century showed us that everything is actually energy; matter is merely a shell, and when we look with high-powered microscopes, we find that energy is binding everything together and is interconnected. This discovery echoed teachings from spiritual traditions and mysticism stretching back into the ancient world, from the dream healers (and first doctors) of Ancient Greece to the practices of Native Americans and their reverence for the spirits dwelling within all creation. We needed our minds to develop scientific curiosity, but now that they have, we are being brought back to our ancient roots, to what we already knew historically and what our hearts already know to be true.

Our minds can block the path to our magical spirituality though. We can tell ourselves that what we sense and feel energetically is just our subconscious, or that we experience magical occurrences because our minds create the experience for us. We possess divinity, a unique spark, but this does not make us gods. With everything energetically connected, as defined by quantum physics, it is true that our minds can affect our environments, but this flow can also work in reverse—our environments, and even unseen energy, can affect us, perceived by our subtle senses, felt by our hearts, and baffling our minds. It is time to get out of our minds and get into our hearts, leaving the image of the reclining couch with the Austrian psychologist listening intently far behind. In the past. In another age.

The result of our overthinking due to the age of psychology and our disbelief in our own magic because of the age of science has resulted in a dangerous cultural energy that connects us all: the belief that we live in an indifferent universe. Evidence of this energy can be seen everywhere in our popular culture, from fears of asteroids hitting the Earth to rampant greed and exploitation of millions of people in the name of profit. Slavery is not in our past; there are millions of slaves still serving "owners" in deplorable conditions all over the planet, many of them children. We see these horrors, embody these types of fears, and conclude that, well, the universe just doesn't care. There must not be a God because how could he allow such horrors to exist?

The problem is not the universe or God, it is us. We have not taken responsibility for our hearts, and therefore our world, as echoed in the teachings of great mystics, most notably Jesus Christ. It is through the heart that we can create a better world. It is through the heart that magic occurs. It is through the heart that we come to understand the foundation of any magical spirituality: the reality that we live in a compassionate universe. That energy that we cannot see but can perceive with our subtle senses is love. As human beings we have a capacity for a myriad of emotions, but the highest, the most exalted, the one that aligns us with our own divinity and allows us access to magic and to operate harmoniously with the universe, is the home frequency, the God frequency, the Goddess frequency—it is love. We are not perfect. We have all been hurt and stretched to our limits.

Without a magical spirituality, it is easy to turn our backs on our hearts and the heart's intelligence. It is easy to think that since we have been hurt so badly, the universe really must be indifferent. Where is the compassion in getting our hearts broken—or even worse, getting raped our otherwise sexually abused? When these things happen, and they happen in some form to everyone, our hearts recoil reflexively. We turn away from love, and we turn away from the universe. And then we wonder why the universe is so indifferent. It is because we are co-creating such a state. The true nature of the universe is compassion, and in turning toward energy and our own magic with trust, we can lift our hearts and our energy out of the mire of indifference, grief, and woe. We can uplift ourselves, our community, and our planet with a magical spirituality that has heart thinking beating at its center. It is so subtle it is easy to miss or misunderstand. We don't just think with our brains. The next step in our evolution as a species is to start thinking with our hearts.

Too often we approach spirituality, and especially magical spirituality, with our minds. We want proof. We want to understand immediately. We want an easy to understand narrative. None of these "wants" are satisfied by magical spirituality. We have to use our hearts. Magical spirituality requires us to feel, to commit, to trust, and to understand that our work is never really finished. There is no endpoint; there is always more in this life and the next. Aligning with the thinking power of our hearts, to feel, to be in control of feeling, opens a doorway for integrating all your energy fields: mind, heart, and soul.

My path is aligned with magical spirituality, not because my mind made the decision but because my heart did. My heart is strong, but I was always told it was a handicap, that to be sensitive was a weakness. I was told that letting my heart lead the way would get in the way of my career. That feeling was weaker than thinking. Yes, feeling should be informed by thinking, but we often have our polarities reversed. Our hearts should always be in the driver's seat, not in the passenger seat trying to tell the mind what to do. When I look back at my spiritual awakening and all that came afterward, the wealth of knowledge that was offered to me came not through my mind (although it was informed by my analysis and reading quite a bit) but through my heart. When I saw my former incarnations on this planet, it was not in the form of a narrative or message but a feeling and an image. When my guides communicate with me, it is often through color and imagery, revealing messages that are like music or emotion. Most important of all, when I receive direction from my guardians on the Other Side, I heed their advice with my heart.

Magical spirituality requires faith and trust—faith in your guardians whom dwell in a compassionate universe and trust that your guides will always have your best interest at heart. Very often, the shamanic path (core to my own magical spirituality) is not easy. It often requires a stripping away of your former life, energetic dismemberment on the Other Side, and signs and signals that are so strong in waking reality that you start to think you are living in the outtakes reel of Poltergeist. I believe magical spirituality is the destiny of any person aligned with their heart and soul. In short, it isn't easy. In the gnostic Gospel of James, Jesus tells the apostles that their own spiritual development, knowing themselves, is key to their salvation. He indicates that in some ways God has no use for them; for what use does a father have for a child? Yes, the father loves, protects, and nurtures the child, his creation, all of us. But at some point, we have to grow up, just as we move out of our parent's homes and forge our own way in the world. This is the difference between self-directed magical spirituality, in any form, and the tenets of major world religions. Too often, the church, God, or Jesus are there to "save" us. I think that the divine energy that we know as God would be more satisfied with his creation and we would be happier with ourselves if we found ways to save ourselves. Take responsibility for your own actions. Discover the divinity, the special energetic spark that is in each of us. And grow up in this incarnation affecting the trajectory of our souls. We have by and large accepted evolution as a reality, but what about evolution beyond our physical forms? Do we not evolve into other beings? Angels? Beings in other universes far removed from our solar system? Why limit ourselves to the idea that this, the human condition, is all there is, when we know according to magical spirituality that we are pure energy? And isn't energy a limitless possibility if nothing else?

I have always been able to manifest reality rather quickly. I focus on something I want, and it finds its way to me. What has set me apart from others, time and time again, is my heart. I believe the heart is the supercharge to any manifestation—embracing a love for myself, others, and the universe and being truly sensitive and empathic. It is not an easy state to maintain in our cynical, alienating, modern world. But because of this love I hold, trust and faith come more easily to me. I trust God, the Goddess, Jesus, my angels, my animal guides, the fairies, all the beings that exist on the Other Side that I believe are here to help us in physical incarnation. We forgot who we were when we incarnated, forgot that we are pure energy. We incarnate to evolve, to learn, and add unique songs and light to the Great Song that encompasses the entire universe. I have faith in the universe. I trust the universe. I love the universe. These three tenets comprise the spirit of magical spirituality.


Looking for the Soul

I was raised in a conservative Christian household. I said my prayers nightly and attended Sunday school. The stories I learned in Sunday school fascinated me, as did the notion of Jesus as a Savior and incarnate God. What didn't make sense to me as a child though were the otherworldly mystic feats that Moses and Jesus performed and the strange world of cars, asphalt, glitz, and glamour that epitomized the 1980s of my childhood. Where were all the people with mystic abilities? Where was the spirit? The real spirituality? The magic? The energy?

As a child, I would stay awake for hours, covers gripped over my head, fearing that I would lose my soul, that somehow my soul could be taken. I feared that the Devil would suddenly manifest and force me into signing a deal to sell my soul. To a child this was a very real fear. I didn't realize until much later that the Devil was largely a fictitious creation of Christian theology, a figure that isn't prominent in authentic Scripture. If anything, he is the symbol of demonizing all spiritual practices before the advent of Christianity and earth-based, empathic, and energy-driven spiritual practices that are a common golden thread tying all mystical practices together the world over. If, like myself, you are naturally in tune to the empathic, energetic channel of spirituality, it is easy for it to manifest as fear, the demonized figure of Pan complete with cloven hooves and horns.

Talk of the soul and being saved terrified me as child, especially the notion that if Jesus was not "in your heart," then you would go to hell. This invisible piece of myself that was involved in spiritual transactions didn't sit right with me. I wanted to know more about this invisible part of myself, my soul, and what it meant. But this curiosity morphed into fear and caused many sleepless nights as a child.

Recently, this curiosity about the soul came back into my life, full force, demanding attention. Through research for my first book and my own spiritual journey, my own soul became much more tangible and defined. Even the act of considering my soul became an act of empowerment. I came to understand my soul as the eternal part of myself, the part that cannot be damaged, although the tools of experience, body, mind, and heart, will at times make me believe otherwise. When the world would get too rough, I would turn to thoughts of my soul and remind myself that I am eternal. It records everything I experience in this incarnation and reminds me of lessons from past incarnations. It is sometimes referred to as the "higher self" that guides me to my own truth, so I can continue to grow and evolve as a spiritual being. If the soul requires fuel, then that fuel is surely love.

I think this is the true crime of religion, and in particular our modern Christianity: it steals your soul. This is why I was so afraid as a child. It was not the notion of the Devil exclusively coming to steal my soul. It was equally the notion that Jesus needed to save my soul, that somehow the soul was not exclusively in my control, was not an essential part of my being. The soul, in this theology, became commodified: it could be sold or taken by the Devil or saved by Jesus. The problem here is that the soul is not a physical object, nor is it a currency in any economy. The soul is the best part of ourselves, the eternal part, and yet, it is the part of ourselves that we are the least in touch with in our modern world.

Many modern people are completely turned off by religion, however, they also mistake any spiritual practice for religion. Major religions have so distorted essential truth that people instinctually have turned their backs not only on churches, mosques, and synagogues but also on their own souls. Early on in my life I made a split in my understanding of the world; I realized that religion was a sort of theater that had very little to do with God, energy, and the nature of the universe. Spirituality, on the other hand, was the way to connect to your own energy, your own soul, and truly commune with the divinity, the energy, in all of creation. Looking at spirituality in such a way is a way to reclaim your own soul, to rescue it from an indifferent system where larger-than-life figures hold sway over your soul. You are in absolute control of your own soul.

Your soul can guide you, hence why it is often referred to as the "higher self." But in theology that emphasizes us as separate from our souls, and not in charge of our souls, it is easy to lose track of that guiding voice. Our souls encapsulate our physical bodies, and the soul, where the voice of the higher self resides, is on the furthermost edge of our energetic bubbles. If anything, I believe this is purposeful creation, because if we heard our souls clearly all the time, there would be no mystery to life and no satisfaction on our path to growth and evolution. Nevertheless, our souls can be accessed to guide us, especially when we need guidance most.


Excerpted from The Golden Sherpa by MATTHEW KRAJEWSKI. Copyright © 2014 Matthew Krajewski. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, xi,
Introduction, xiii,
Part 1: The Light of Energy,
1. Is It Real?, 3,
2. Looking for the Soul, 9,
3. Being Sensitive, 14,
4. The Strength of the Sensitive, 19,
5. Awakening to Energy: The Stages, 26,
6. Connecting to Your Energy, 38,
7. Beginner's Yoga, 51,
8. Your Subtle Senses at Work, 57,
9. What It Feels Like, 66,
10. Multidimensional Sensitivity for the Mind, Heart, and Soul, 77,
11. Rainbow Magic, 87,
12. Making Room for Magical People, 91,
13. Being Light, 96,
14. In Your Heart, 101,
15. Powerful Magic: Singing, Dancing, Laughing, 107,
16. We Are Here to Save the World, 111,
Part 2: The Shadow of Energy,
1. The Walking Wounded, 115,
2. "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way", 121,
3. Our Jobs Eclipse Our Souls, 124,
4. Stress: When I Stopped Dreaming, 131,
5. Feeling Alone, Remembering Everything Is Connected, 134,
6. Overcoming Fear, 138,
Part 3: Staying Open to Energy,
1. Passive Communication, 145,
2. Finding Quiet, Detox Your Life, 151,
3. Magical Practice and User Feedback, 156,
4. My Cosmic Whale, 163,
Part 4: Engaging with Energy,
1. Private Initiations, 171,
2. Personal Pantheons, 174,
3. Designing Affirmations, 183,
4. Designing Rituals, 186,
5. The Magic of the Moon, 188,
6. Advice from Magical People, 192,
7. Soul Mission, 194,
Conclusion, 197,
Notes, 199,
Recommended Reading, 201,
Learn More, 203,

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