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by Steffen Pichler


by Steffen Pichler



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It is the year 2038, when life on our once so beautiful planet is nearing its end. Famine, disease and escalating ecological destruction rage as an unstoppable avalanche of extreme viruses, fungi and other parasites rule freely, capitalising on mankind's misguided agricultural practice and genetic engineering. Civilisation is on the brink of collapse, but a desperate lie told by world leaders, offering a fantastic future to the condemned, creates a bizarre euphoria: The Golden Springtime of Man. While terrified humanity is temporarily appeased and exhilarated, in the background of the events every word, every theory and every equation ever written down in the history of civilisation is desperately re-examined for fresh wisdom by using a high-performance supercomputer. This search for salvation eventually leads all the way back to 1890 and unearths writings of a spoilt, aristocratic, English adventurer, who once journeyed to Australia to boost his ego and capture the biggest of all crocodiles. What he found instead, as one of the few white men to make deepest contact with Aboriginal hunter-gatherer tribes, was enlightenment that would radically expand humanity's knowledge and perception of the laws of nature and demand life as we know it to change. All eyes are wide open now, but is there enough time left to change everything and stop the apocalypse? Although the story is fictitious, its basis is not grounded in fantasy. The author himself has spend many years in nature, partly in far-north Australia. And shortly after its 2019 release in Germany, civilisation has already been brought to its knees by a devastating pandemic, of the type predicted in the book.

Steffen Pichler, born in 1967, is a German book author who lived many years in nature and thereby sustained himself by hunting and gathering. He claims to have discovered during this time that the natural sciences and philosophies of civilization have overlooked the most important parts of observable reality. Reports of his encounters with saltwater crocodiles, the largest reptiles on the planet, in northern Australia have been published internationally in numerous media.

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Publication date: 01/01/2021
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