The Gonzago Principle

The Gonzago Principle

by William Norris
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The Gonzago Principle 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Ramesses Gender: Male Age: Unknown, though looks to be around 19 Physical traits: He has a well-defined and toned body, is somewhere around 6 feet tall, has bronze skin, a somewhat slender face, his hair that falls to his neckline is mainly black, with a few touchs of very dark brown, and his eyes are a rare dark green with moderate hazel flecks Clothing: He wears loose Egyptian style clothing, so he can move around easily, a necklace with a gold Ankh pendant, decorated richly in patterns of wings, the sun, and two cobras, and a silver armlet on each arm Weapons: A richly decorated spear, and several gold daggers Personality: Brave, kind, calm, keeps to himself sometimes, often prefers to read alone from his mysterious book, which he always carries with him, but enjoys the comapny of a close friend. Crush: None, yet Status: Single Godly parent: Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic and healing. He and his sister have similar powers Other: He can read Egyptian hieroglyphics, and so can his sister. Ramesses has inherited much of his mother's intelligence and cunning *********************** Name: Hasina Physical traits: She has an agile, flexible body, is around 5 and a half feet tall, has an oval-shaped face, elegant and sleek black hair that fall to her midback, bronze skin, and deep murky brown eyes Clothing: Her clothing is similar to her brother's, but she wears a necklace with a gold Eye of Horus pendant and a silver anklet Weapons: A bow and quiver of arrows, and several silver throwing daggers Personality: A bit hot-headed, sometimes annoyed at her brother's intelligence, friendly, stubborn, likes to be around other people, almost the exact opposite of Ramesses Crush: None yet Status: Single Godly parent: Isis Other: She can read some hieroglyphics, but doesn't like to. She thinks it's too hard to, and is often annoyed and frustrated that it comes so easily to her brother and not to her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Skin-white Hair-brown Eyes-brown Height- 6 foot Godly parent- Hepheastas Derek is a genuis and a good leader. He dislikes Hera with a passion. He also has glasses.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
~&psi Dawn &psi~ <br> {|AGE|} about 16-17 <br> {|GENDER|} female <br> {|GODLY PARENT|} Zeus <br> {|DESCRIPTION|} tall, slender, exotic build. If she was any other race, she would be elven. Her skin is olive toned, and her limbs are not tooo muscular, not too thin, just right in the middle. Her hair is jet black with one strand of white blond. Her hair is braided to mid-back. The white strip is wound throuh the braid. Her eyes are a dark blue with deep green flecks. <br> {|WEAPONS|} she carries a bow named Electron. Electron is made of imperial gold, and has a large diamond above the grip. She can press it and it fold into a sword. She also carries twin daggers made of imperial gold, and a staff is strapped to her back. It is a foot long, but she flips it so it grows to five fert. She has a lightning shaped amulet that has the power to make her call a black pegasus. <br> {|CRUSH|} maybe... <br> <p> {|FRIENDS|} Ryan, Ramesses, & Hasina <br> {|FAVORITE THING TO DO|} she actually tinkers with gears and stuff, but likes to read. She can read greek and roman, and is learning egyptian. <br> {|PERSONALITY|} just meet her. She has a dragon egg. Be warned. <br> <p> ~&omega Ryan &omega~ <br> {|AGE|}16-17 <br> {|GENDER|} male <br> {|GODLY PARENT|} Apollo <br> {|DESCRIPTION|} looks a lot like Dawn. He has a slightly more muscular build. Both he and Dawn wear black leather longsleeved shirts and leggings with iron plates imbedded. He has bright green eyes. His hair is long-ish. It is a little shaggy. <br> {|WEAPONS|} a bow exactly like Dawn's. They were given by Apollo. He has the same weapons. His amulet is in the shape of a golden sun, with tiny greek lettering in the rays. There is a ruby in the center. It gives the power to see in the darkest darkness, and communicate with the other person with the other necklace. It can transfer thoughts and energy. He has two, and will give the second to the person he trusts the most. <br> {|CRUSH|} ... <br> {|FRIENDS|} Dawn, Ramesses, Hasina <br> {|FAVORITE THINGS TO DO|} he likes to duel. He also likes to tinker, just like Dawn. He likes to draw, and so does dawn. They mostly draw dragons. <br> {|OTHER|} Ask him! Anything you want to know, you can ask them. They will answer (hopefully!) Thanks! <br> <p> &psi |)awn & R\|an &psi