The Good And Bad In God's Country: Love Defeats Hate Always

The Good And Bad In God's Country: Love Defeats Hate Always

by George Winters


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This book is the third one in this western series. It is centered in the town of Jasper Creek Wyoming. It's fiction but very real in what happens. A very real life tale of a town with a sheriff that truly loves all people. The first book in the series is Angel in Disguise, where an old trapper, x-stagecoach driver, and x-sheriff, gets attacked by a mother bear with cubs. He was running his traps when the bear attacked him, and an Indian woman who had been disowned by her people living in a cave nearby found him. It goes on from there as their life together takes quite a twist. The second book is Jasper Creek Lives On, and this is the town where the trapper had been a sheriff some years earlier. They wind up back in this town, and the story continues on from there. This book is number three, and it is the continuing story of this man, and the Indian woman who saved him, and many other people who come into their lives as time goes by. Many scary times, and things happen, but also many good things happen as well.

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ISBN-13: 9781478756170
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Born to Richard C. and Helen E. Winters in the year 1944. Growing up on the farm, and moving from place to place. We were poor, poor enough that I can distinctly remember eating corn bread and water. I am not complaining, I look back on my childhood, with very happy memories. My mother was a hardworking and loving mom and wife to my father. My father was just an old hillbilly from the hills of Missouri. Our life was fun as children, playing ball and rolling old car tires for our cars, as we run and romped all over the farm. I loved the old TV shows like "Rawhide and Wagon Train. One of my favorite actors is Clint Eastwood. The old west was what I loved as a kid. My children laugh as I tell them how I walked to school in the snow and walked home at noon for that corn bread and water. We lived around the area of central Missouri as I was growing up. I remember being a hunter as a young boy, we hunted to eat, not for sport. I left school after the eighth grade, and started working. My first job was unloading trucks of grain, at an old feed mill in the little town of Olean, MO. Then I graduated to a family who let me live with them and work for a small amount each week. The Shaw family is the people who gave me my first real job. I went from there to being a "hot tar roofer", working for Bunch Roofing in Eldon, MO. My two brothers, and myself worked together to help our parents out. We made some 120.00 per week, that's all three of our wages together. I was a wild kid at eighteen, drinking a lot but always working. Never got into any trouble with the law, during my entire life. Married my first wife at nineteen, was married for three years and then divorced. Went into the Army at twenty two, during the Viet Nam war. Done basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Was sent to Fort Ord, California for A.I.T and spent the rest of my time in California. Met my wife in Seaside, CA and was married in Carson City, Nevada. We have four children, David, Ronald, Elizabeth and Jason. Also ten grandchildren that we adore. We have had a wonderful and blessed life, good health and a close family. I have another book out, called Reality Poetry "Things to Ponder" I enjoy writing and hope my writing is enjoyed by all who read it. Thanks to everyone who reads and buys this book. May God bless you always? I have went through prostate cancer, and am a survivor. I am now enjoying my grandchildren and children, as I start to cut back some and make writing my employer of choice.

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