The Good Life

The Good Life

by Brad Cran


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ISBN-13: 9780889711839
Publisher: Nightwood Editions
Publication date: 04/01/2002
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Brad Cran is a writer and social entrepreneur who served as Poet Laureate for the City of Vancouver from April 2009 until October of 2011. Cran published his first book, The Good Life, in 2001 and his most recent book, Hope in Shadows: Stories and Photographs of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (with Gillian Jerome), won the City of Vancouver Book Award and has raised over $60,000 for marginalized people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. He is currently finishing his second book of non-fiction The Truth about Ronald Reagan: How Movies Changed the World.

Table of Contents

The Tenant's Song
You Dream of a Place4
The Tenant's Song7
Metamorphosis of Dreams8
Patterns of Leaves9
Paradise, Dominica10
The Landlady Speaks of Roses12
Spider's 3 A.M.13
At Sunset Beach14
Sounds of Not Sleeping15
Sunset Behind Palm17
Cornered by Conversation19
Roseau, Dominica20
Cityscape IBreak it even if it is broken27
Cityscape IIYour childhood dream28
Cityscape IIIOh little sister to nothing29
Cityscape IVNight-blind flying straight into jazz30
Cityscape VGrey so bleak31
Cityscape VIKnow what she will know32
Cityscape VIIAt night you feel the city's basement33
Cityscape VIIIRage--the city's bell34
Cityscape IXSpastic down the sidewalk35
Cityscape XLong road or short distance36
Cityscape XIThat year you moved to the city37
Cityscape XIIDining amongst wallpaper willows38
Cityscape XIIIYou remember yourself as the great curmudgeon39
Cityscape XIVThe year my city became a city40
Cityscape XVThat year the mayor dreamed41
Cityscape XVIThe city, an exit wound42
Cityscape XVIIAsphalt's petrified violenge cracks43
The Good Life
On Childhood48
Death of a Friend by Overdose50
To Discontentment52
On Excess56
On Fishing58
To Cocaine59
On Hyperreality60
To Beauty61
The Crack-Up62
The Good Life63
Sailing Past a Mountain on the Coast One Summer64
To Apology65
To Spirit66
To the Literati67
Late Night on St. Laurent and I Don't Think of My Lover Just Now68
On Mortality69
Man with Camera Stalks Local Pool70
The Murder of a Young Italian71
Star, Moon and Fire72
A Summer Theology73
Today After Rain74
Notes and Acknowledgments77

What People are Saying About This

Hal Niedzviecki

Brad Cran wields a reckless new voice full of love and wrath. These are poems that carom down the highway of lost memory past the detritus of mall dreams, crab feasts and soporific suburbs - full speed into uncertainty.
-Hal Niedzviecki

Lorna Crozier

Whether they're about travel, a childhood friend who died of an overdose, or the end of love, Brad's poems dig beyond the surface to reveal what is flawed and human in all of us. They're muscular and tender and musically rich. A new voice to be grateful for. -Lorna Crozier

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