The Good Sleep Guide for You and Your Baby

The Good Sleep Guide for You and Your Baby


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ISBN-13: 9781907359002
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Publication date: 06/28/2010
Pages: 97
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Author's Introductionvii
Section 1What is 'sleeping through'?1
About your baby's sleep pattern1
'Sleeping through' the night1
How much do babies sleep?2
What can I expect from my baby?2
What experts say is possible3
What actually happens3
Section 2Do we have a problem?5
What is a 'sleep problem'?5
Does my baby have a problem?6
How do problems start?7
How we can make things worse7
Sleep deprivation--a health warning8
Take action now!9
Section 3Six keys to good sleep for you and your (younger) baby11
Key 1Create a clear difference between night and day12
Key 2Provide a private, peaceful sleeping place14
Key 3Let your baby learn to settle himself16
Key 4Have regular daytime feeding and sleeping routines18
Key 5Naturally minimise night-time feeding21
Key 6Keep things calm and predictable in the evening23
Section 4Where should my baby sleep?26
Should I bed-share with my baby?26
My personal experience of early bed-sharing27
Is bed-sharing safe?28
Why do parents choose to bed-share?29
How long should bed-sharing continue?29
Pros and cons of short- and long-term bed-sharing30
How to make your bed 'baby-friendly'33
Safety section for bed-sharing32
General safety points: baby's sleeping place34
Section 5Preparing for a baby sleep programme (6+ months)35
Why preparation is important35
Are you ready for a sleep programme? (Questionnaire)37
Section 6The baby sleep programme (6+ months)44
Twelve steps to perfect sleep45
When to start the programme45
Does my baby have to cry during the programme?46
Your parental questionnaire and agreement47
Getting support51
Putting it into action52
Section 7Results and frequently asked questions57
What to do if things don't work57
Frequently asked questions60
Further help and reading65
1Weaning your baby off night feeds73
2Understanding and coping with crying76
3An alternative sleep programme--the graded leaving approach82
4Allergy, deficiency and diet in connection with baby sleep problems85
5For mothers who work outside the home89
Sleep Diary94

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