The Good Suicides

The Good Suicides

by Antonio Hill
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The Good Suicides 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ABookishGirlBlog More than 1 year ago
Scary looking dog on the cover freaked me out every time my eyes happened to fall upon it. Talk about how a book's cover can affect  how you feel about the book and this one sets a menacing tone to go along with the inside contents, yes I was actually freaked about what was going to be inside before I even opened the book up. Aaahh, the power of a book's cover! Okay so onto The Good Suicides... The book picks up almost a year after the end of the last book in this series, The Summer of Dead Toys, and follows two different storylines; one of the stories revolves around Inspector Salgado and the batches of suicides he is investigating and the other story revolves around Leire, who was Inspector Salgado's partner in the last book but who is now on maternity leave and who is on her own time secretly investigating the disappearance of Ruth, Salgado's ex-wife, which happened at the end of the last book. Sorry about that spoiler if you haven't read the first book in the series yet! I made that bold so maybe if you don't want a surprise about the first one yet because you haven't read it then maybe you could just skip this part entirely! So Leire is very pregnant and is putting herself and her unborn child at a great risk by investigating Ruth's disappearance but she feels so compelled to do it she can't seem to talk herself out of it even though she knows deep down it would be better for her just to let it go and rest as much as possible before the baby is born. She finds out quite a lot of things about Ruth that Salgado probably doesn't even know and some of these secrets are not so good, like why would Ruth be seen on a videotape visiting the man that her ex-husband beat the crap out of and nearly lost his job who then wound up murder and decomposing in the apartment under Salgado's apartment in order to implicate that Salgado had something to do with said evil man's death? Very, very interesting! So now that I covered Leire's part of the story here is Inspector Salgado's part... The Alemany Cosmetics company's employees seem to be having a bit of bad luck lately, one went nuts  and killed his wife, daughter and then himself; then another employee either jumped or was pushed on to some train tracks; then another was fed sleeping pills until she slept the eternal sleep. Seemingly random incidents but when you start compiling a list of all that these three have in common you have one weird "how it all happened". Just like with Antonio Hill's first book in this series I was blown away at the originality that his stories possess it is truly unlike any other books you will read in this genre. I didn't figure it out until Inspector Salgado's investigative efforts were laid out upon the page, which if you read a lot of my reviews you will see me complain that I know who did it before the solution is actually confirmed by the author and this is one thing that lowers my opinion of books like this but luckily the type of mystery Antonio Hill writes raises my opinion of his writing! A must read if you love an unconventional mystery/thriller!
BasingstoneBook More than 1 year ago
What could happen on a team / motivation week away for employees of Alemany Cosmetics at a remote country house? This is what Inspector Salgado of Barcelona has to unravel whilst trying to control his emotions stirred up by the disappearance of his wife Ruth. The suicide of an employee and his killing of his wife and child may be connected, or is it? This is a good story but you have to be patient, it is a very slow burner. Partly necessary, the early chapters are filled with background to the characters including that of Inspector Salgado.You are always wondering what has actually happened and why the picture of strangled dogs hanging from a tree is so important. The author Antonio Hill refuses to give any real clues other than a few crumbs, which doesn't give you any chance of understanding what happened until it is revealed. Is it to do with the cosmetics industry and vivisection protest groups, is a the company a depressing place to work - sorry but you have to wait. This is the second book in the series and I have rated it with 3 stars, but if it had been a little faster paced it would certainly deserve 4 stars.
RonnaL More than 1 year ago
Barcelona is the setting for this second Inspector Hector Salgado mystery. Though his wife went missing in book one, the police force seems to have given up the search for her. But, Salgado's policewoman partner, Leire, is bored while awaiting the birth of her child, so she secretly takes up the search again.  Meanwhile, Salgado has gotten a strange case to solve . Two people who went on an Alemany Cosmetics Company retreat have committed suicide for no apparent reason. They both received a strange text and a picture of three dogs who were found hanging from a tree on the retreat. Neither leaves a suicide note. Salgado doesn't believe that all the facts really add up and wants to further investigate.  This intriguing mystery revolves around these two mysteries and is told in rotating sections about the different main characters. Though the mystery kept me enthralled throughout the book, I felt that reading the first book-SUMMER OF THE DEAD TOYS--would have added a lot to the story. And the ending left part of the story unsolved, apparently leaving a "teaser" for book three. This was a bit disconcerting for me. I did thoroughly enjoy the mystery of the suicides and how the author came to call them "good". Throughout the book, I suspected a number of scenarios, but was totally surprised by the solution. Salgado's character was compelling, and the relationships between everyone made me want to learn more and more. I would definitely read more by this author, but I recommend reading this series in order for best enjoyment!
Anonymous 5 months ago
This mystery will keep you reading and guessing until the very end. I would very much enjoy reading more of Inspector Hector Salgado's future cases! This is a fantastic new author and I hope he has more to share.