The Good Wife

The Good Wife

by Jane Porter


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Is it possible to love someone too much?

Always considered the beauty of the family, the youngest Brennan sister, Sarah, remains deeply in love with her husband of ten years. Boone Walker, a professional baseball player, travels almost year-round while Sarah stays home and cares for their two children. Her love for her husband is bottomless—so much so that her sisters say it will end up hurting her.

Living apart most of the time makes life difficult, especially since Sarah often wonders whether Boone is sharing his bed with other women on the road, even though he swears he’s been true to her since his infidelity three years ago. While she wants to be happy and move forward in her life, Sarah constantly fears that Boone will break his promise. Now with Boone facing yet another career change, tension rises between the two, adding more stress to an already turbulent marriage. Emotionally exhausted, Sarah can’t cope with yet another storm. Now, she must either break free from the past and forgive Boone completely, or leave him behind and start anew . . .

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ISBN-13: 9780425253670
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/03/2013
Series: A Brennan Sisters Novel Series , #3
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 648,962
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jane Porter is the award-winning author of The Good Daughter, The Good Woman, She’s Gone Country, Easy on the Eyes, Flirting with Forty (basis for the Lifetime movie), and several other novels. There are more than five million copies of her books in print. Jane lives in Southern California.

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Praise for the novels of Jane Porter

“Porter writes with genuine warmth and quiet grace about the everyday problems all women face.”—Chicago Tribune

“Jane Porter has written her way into this reader’s heart.”—Susan Wiggs

“[Porter’s] musings on balancing work, life, and love ring true.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Porter writes with honesty, warmth, and compassion.”—Library Journal

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The Good Wife 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
anovelreview_blogspot_com More than 1 year ago
I have always enjoy Jane Porter's books. Her newest book The Good Wife is the final book of the Brennan Sister trilogy. I really enjoyed the first two novels, so when I started reading The Good Wife I was ready to enjoy a good read. This wasn't a good read, nope it was fantastic!!! This one had so many ups and downs it was non-stop. I couldn't put it down! I really do recommend you start with first book because it has been a really enjoyable series! The youngest sister, Sarah has always been of interest to me, so I was thrilled to find The Good Wife centers mainly on her. Sarah is married to the love of her life and professional baseball player, Boone. They've been married for ten years and have two fantastic kids. Sarah's life seems dreamy, except dealing with Boone's extramarital affair. Even though it's been three years it still always there, in the back of her mind...lurking, wondering, questioning. After tragic events in her family and a big move, Sarah begins to crumble.  Two new characters are introduced in the novel, Lauren and her sister Lisa. Lauren is dealing with a loss of a child, the loss of her life. I had a strong suspicion where things were headed. What a great twist Lauren was to the novel. I really enjoyed getting to know her and her family. Sunday will be the one year anniversary of my father's death. My own mother died of breast cancer 12 years ago. The Good Wife in some ways was not the best book for me to read right now. Porter really deals with some serious, heavy, raw emotions in her newest novel. It really got me. I was in tears half the day (I read it in a day). The way she wrote The Brennan dad--man was that close to my dad after my mom passed away. Porter writes with an impressive understanding of grief. It is not just tears... "Because love didn't die. Love didn't end. Love was there in the beginning, and love was there at death. Love was what tied them all together" (Porter 293).  I am a huge fan of Jane Porter and this is my favorite book she has written. I loved how we were able to catch back up with the other sisters, get to really know Sarah and she her deal with things she has been running from. There was truth in this novel. I'm sad to see the series end. I miss the sisters already, I'm not ready to leave them. I'm not just recommending The Good Wife, I am highly recommending the whole series! 
girlfromwvaKY More than 1 year ago
I loved this book!!! It is the third book in the Brennan sisters trilogy. I read it in one day cause it was so good and I wanted to see how it ended. This novel is the story of Sarah, the youngest of the sisters. She is deeply in love with her husband, Boone, but not sure how to keep it all together when thoughts of his one time infidelity start to overtake her mind once again. She has to figure out if she can forgive him completely or just be done with their marriage and start fresh. She feels that maybe she loves him more than she loves herself. With the help of her family and her husband, she comes to a decision that is best for her. I also loved the side story of Lauren and her life. She has had a terrible tragedy, one of the worst kind a mother could ever go through. She is trying to figure out a way to handle it, besides avoiding it by living in another town. But her sister, her parents, and even thoughts of her son are pulling her back. In meeting Chris, she finds a courage and a love that help her figure out what is best for herself. This sister's trilogy is such a honest and warm set of stories about 3 sisters who are real women. They are going through some major struggles that a lot of women face. I think everyone can find something about themselves in each of these women. They are written so that you really understand the depth of the characters and their lives. Thanks Jane Porter!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thought provoking read. Reading how the issues of life, death,fidelity & loneliness are tackled by these couples was stimulating....good read.
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings Sarah is the youngest of the Brennan family and she has lived far away from them for a long time.  Living in Tampa, FL due to her husband's professional baseball career, she spends many months as a single parent as he travels playing ball.  This book begins just as the last one left off, the family is all in California for the funeral of the matriarch and are trying to comfort one another.  Sarah stays in California for a bit to help Meg and thankfully is there when Meg's world falls apart. I was most excited to read a book that concentrated on Sarah and her story.  She had played a role as a minor character in the other two, but I couldn't want to hear more from her.  I felt as though the beginning didn't center on her as much as I had wanted, but mid way and through the end I really felt like Sarah took the center part of the story.    
HollieR1 More than 1 year ago
I just finished The Good Wife by Jane Porter. It is the third in the Brennan Family series. I was enthralled from the first paragraph. I loved the first 2 books and this one just tops it off perfectly. It's a book that needs to be read slowly..I savored every word. The plot twists that came, had me in tears. The what-ifs of the story had me stewing. I even was tempted to put it down and walk away at one point, but I just couldn't do it. And it didn't disappoint! I loved to see the love that Boone has for his wife Sarah and her love for him. Past mistakes aside, their love was strong. Doubts and fears make things weird, crazy. Sarah has these doubts and fears. The other characters from books one and two were also in this story. It keeps up with the people who I got to know in those books! It was like a family reunion for me. I will be anxiously waiting for the next chapter in this series!
jboehmke More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this, the third book in the Brennan Sisters trilogy. I really hope their story continues, but if not, it did end in a good place. I love how real the characters are. Every emotion or action in the book is something I could see myself doing in a similar situation. It really made me feel like I was witnessing the events in real life. Awesome book and totally worth the read - all three books!
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
The Good Wife by Jane Porter I have read most everything else by this author and am happy that I'm able to read this one. Although part of a trilogy I did not find it hard to pick up and read and not feel lost. I have read the first in the set and remember the women of the family and how things have been brought up to date in this book. The mother has just died, Marilyn and the whole family has come together. There are many problems in some of the marriages. Parts I really like in this series/book is that the book is about family life, from different generations and the problems are so right now. This book is particularly about Sarah and Boone. They live in Tampa, FL and Bonne is a pro on a baseball team and travels much for the team games while Sarah stays at home with the kids. She'd love to relocate back to northern CA to be closer to family. She feels she and Boone are not so close any more and she sees signs and they lead to infidelity but he swears she is the only one. Brought up to speed on the others life's through the years as the sisters try to find the answers. More life events get in the way of Sarah returning to Boone in FL but she does send their son and he's got others lined up to help care for him. The book also follows the life's of Lauren and her twin Lisa. Love all the baking talk and how their life's meet up with the Brennans. Couldn't put this book down and 417 pages I devoured in a day. Love all the travel, different locations and most importantly I wish I had a sister/friend like the ones in this book who drop everything and engage in an intervention... This book is the best of the series, in my opinion. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
BeachRead245 More than 1 year ago
Thank you to BookSparks PR and Berkley Trade for sending me a copy of The Good Wife. This is the third book in the Brennan Sister Series. Synopsis: This is Sarah’s story of the Brennan sisters. She is a wife to Boone Walker the star baseball player who is leaning towards retirement. He has had great spring training and is ready for the season. Is Sarah after experiencing her mother’s death and angst among the family? Sarah loves Boone and desires nothing more than a life together but can she trust him? Meet Lauren Summers who has recently had a loss of her own. Her son Blake died in a car accident. She decides to move from Napa to Alameda. Will new surroundings help her reach toward the future? My Thoughts: Another novel to love by Jane Porter. The Good Wife is full of raw emotion and love. I wondered what the next chapter would be in this saga? Could it possibly get any better? The answer yes. This novel not only includes a good story but “Baseball.” I have never read a novel yet that focuses on what it is like to be a major leaguer’s wife. This side of the story was definitely interesting to me! Lauren’s story is not my favorite in the novel but it fulfills a purpose. Her story coincides with Sarah’s and helps move the story along. Readers will be very interested to see how this story might continue through Brianna’s eyes. ing:
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by: Crystal B Book provided by: the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book I have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Good Wife by Jane Porter. I had the pleasure to read The Good Daughter and I just knew this was going to be a fabulous book. It did not let me down. Ms. Porter has created yet another exceptional story that grabbed a hold of me from the first page. I love all the Brennan family, the whole family is very charismatic and charming. Ms. Porter has done a fabulous job of writing characters that are developed so well that I could imagine myself sitting down with them and sharing their pain. I know I certainly need a few Kleenex to read my way through the first few chapters. Oh my goodness this family has been through so much and they endure even more in The Good Wife. Boone Walker is a professional baseball player who spends a LOT of time on the road, making his wife feel a little bit like a single parent raising two children. Boone is a good guy and I found him to be a very caring individual, however he made a HUGE mistake in the past. Sarah has a terrible time getting over Boone’s affair and finds it very hard to believe he truly means he has changed. Boone and Sarah have a lot of series issues to work through and have to learn to rebuild their relationship and trust one and another again. I loved all the emotion and suspense that Ms. Porter has built into these characters. I think she has done a wonderful job of showing how such a traumatic incident would pull a husband and wife apart. This book is a VERY emotional read, and I felt very connected to all the Brennen sisters. I love how they kind of biker amongst themselves but if one of them needs help the other sisters are right there to back her up and help her deal. I love series books because of the chance to meet up with characters I have read in the past. I got a chance to read about Meg and all she is going through. I also got to catch up with Kit & Jude from The Good Daughter. I hope that Tommy and Cass get a chance to tell their story, I have a feeling they have a story that I would enjoy reading. Laura Meg’s friend has a part in this storyline as well. I don’t want to giveaway to much of the story here but I really admired Laura for all that she has been through and how she is trying to put her life back together. She finds someone special that helps her gather her thoughts and strength together to start living again. If you have had a chance to read Jane Porter’s work in the past I think you will enjoy this one as much as I have. If you have not had a chance to read her work before, but enjoy a book with an intense storyline and characters that are well developed, I suggest you give this one a try.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Rating: 4.5 Stars The Good Wife by Jane Porter begins where The Good Daughter left off and takes us back into the life of the Brennan's. It is the story of the youngest daughter, Sarah, but The Good Wife is also so much more than just Sarah's story. Sarah lives on the opposite side of the country from her family with her professional baseball player husband Boone and their two kids. She's back home, having just lost her mother. All of the Brennan siblings have things going on in their lives, some good, some bad, but Sarah is really struggling. She has never gotten over her husband's infidelity 3 years ago. They've stayed together, Boone swears it was a mistake he won't repeat, but Sarah just can't move on. She is full of doubt, paranoia, and unhappiness. She's drinking too much and quick to judge other people. Sarah is full of doubts about her and Boone's relationship. Boone loves Sarah and wants their marriage to work, but Sarah's behavior is becoming more out of control and dangerous. He's not sure he can keep living how they are, despite their love for each other. Sarah can't seem to help herself. She scrutinizes Boone's behavior, checks up on him, goes through his stuff, and is not only in danger of losing her marriage, but of losing her sanity. Somewhere along the path of their marriage, Sarah feels like she's lost herself. Dealing with the death of her mother, family issues, and her and Boone's marriage is pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Part of Sarah knows her behavior is becoming increasingly irrational, but she can't stop herself. Sarah is going to have to do some real soul searching and decide if she can really forgive Boone and fight for her marriage, or if she'll have to give up on their marriage. Will Sarah have the courage she needs to do what she feels is best? Along with Sarah's story, The Good Wife has a strong secondary story. Lauren is just living life after losing her teenage son. She is existing, keeping busy, staying away from reminders. She was a very young mother and has had no relationships...and that is the last thing she's looking for. Lauren plays things safe, so she can't be disappointed or hurt. She's keeping her heart and herself fairly isolated. That is until she meets Boone and then his team mate Chris. The more she resists Chris, the better the chase becomes! Chris can be really good for Sarah if she can take a risk on him! Jane gives us detailed glimpses into the lives of the other Brennan siblings that we've met previously. They are certainly not without their issues too...Meg's life has been turned upside down, Brianne is hiding something, Tommy and his wife are struggling to hold onto their marriage and they've all just lost someone very important to them. Kit seemed to be the only one who was settled into her life. I really, really loved seeing her and Jude again! The Good Wife was an involved, intriguing read about the evolution of relationships, love and loss. Jane once again pulled me in from page one and kept me immersed in The Good Wife. Jane writes about real issues that many people deal with, and characters that we can love and maybe not love. Jane writes with emotion, and you will feel along with the characters in The Good Wife. I did have a hard time liking Sarah...I could understand how she felt about Boone's infidelity and the nagging doubts she always has...but she chose to stay in the marriage. Even with her conflicting feelings though, she has not found a way to cope with anything, nor has she tried to get help. She loves Boone, but treats him quite poorly. I was conflicted in my feelings for her too because she was so ready to forgive her sister Meg (I will not go into detail here about that!) because Meg 'is a nice person'...Sarah had some double standards. Sarah was a strong character, but I had trouble connecting with her because of her personality. I did like her a bit more towards the end of The Good Wife when she finally started to realize she had to do something! Yes, what Boone did was wrong, but he has spent the past 3 years paying for it...when is it enough? I really think he deserves for the marriage to move onto whatever is next, whatever it is. It is time for Boone and Sarah to both heal. That will either be together or apart, but it has to happen. I loved Lauren (and Chris) much more! Those two really spoke to me for some reason...Lauren is so hurt and Chris is so taken with her, wooing her. I really enjoyed their story and watching their relationship try to grow. And I LOVED the older waitresses in the bakery Lauren ran! They brought some much needed humor into a book filled with serious, thought provoking scenarios. They were perfect just to lighten things up a bit! Overall I really enjoyed this final book in the series. I love Jane's writing, she can easily bring characters and situations to life. No matter what your feelings are towards the people in The Good Wife, you will be drawn in, wondering what could possibly happen next, and will it work out how you think it should? I'd recommend this and all of Jane's books to any romance reader. I would highly recommend reading the other books in this series before reading The Good Wife. The Good Wife is all the better when you can understand the people and their backgrounds in it.
DeliciousReads More than 1 year ago
Heart-wrenching, tragic, and hopeful. Porter's writing is full of life and will suck you in. The Good Wife rounds out the Brennan Sisters trilogy (though I'd love one more...hint hint hint) and ends the series with a bang. Through the first two books, I've fallen in love with this family and didn't want it to end! The Good Wife is Sarah's story, but it's so much more, of course. Porter throws us back into the thick of it as the family reels from the mother's death. Just when you think you can breathe again, she throws more family drama and heartache into the mix. Amidst the incredibly high emotions, we follow Boone and Sarah as they work through his infidelity and her inability to move on. We meet the Summer sisters and find ourselves embroiled in yet another achingly beautiful and poignant story. No other author has ever made me love and care for characters so much while sometimes wanting to shake some sense into them. The Good Wife is a masterpiece. Check it out--you won't regret it!
girlfromwvirginia More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It was well written and told the story of Sarah, the youngest Brennan sister. Her story takes off 3 years after her husband's infidelity. Sarah is not sure she can totally put all her trust in her husband, Boone. He is a baseball player and gone so much of the time. Boone tries to reassure Sarah that the mistake would NEVER happen again, but she starts doubting him and herself. She is not sure she can move on, not sure if she wants to stay married. But she loves her family, so... She realizes that she has to find her old self, and love her new self to be able to move forward with her life. She has to put her insecurities behind her to be able to realize that she is what's most important. I think every woman can find a piece of herself in this book. It deals with a lot of issues most women can at least sympathize with, if not relate to. Bravo Jane on writing another winner!!!
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
Beautifully written. The Good Wife wraps up the Brennan sister stories and the best of the three. Sarah still struggles with the affair her husband had years ago. Though Boone constantly tells her he would never make the mistake again. He loves her too much. She loves him more then anything, but the fear of another affair is making her crazy. Can she learn to put the past in the past and move on for the sake of her family? She leans on her sisters for help, but they are all dealing with one thing or another in their own lives too. Meg is still trying to put her family first and work on her marriage. But, does Jack want to stay with her? Kit has her new guy, Jude, who everyone is against because they don't like his image and assume he's a bad person. Brianna is looking sickly and finally admits what's wrong. On top of all this, they are all struggling with their mother's death. There are so many real life moments in this book and it's interesting to see how each one is worked out. I loved this book and still wish the series would continue. I'll miss these girls.
Gretchen44 More than 1 year ago
I don't want this series to end. Sarah's story resounded with me...insecurity, deep love, and needing to find yourself.  Jane Porter nailed it with characters you can identify with, and a story you don't want to end.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
This is mainly the story about Sarah Brennan and her husband Boone, a famous baseball player; but it’s also about the feisty Brennan clan with their passionate loves and hates.  It’s also about Lauren Summers, a young woman who has been devastated by the loss of her lover and another huge loss that she copes with second by second, minute by minute.  Jane Porter has written a novel about the depths of marital, maternal, fraternal and sibling love and the depths one can experience in any one of those relationships. It’s also about how one handles fear of the loss of such great love by embracing the rock-solid love lying deeply within each character herein. Sarah Boone knows her husband spends many a night out with fellow baseball players; because she sees so much extra-marital affairs in her own family she begins to fear it could happen to her. But she can’t really cope with it at the moment because the Brennan family is about to move through a series of the most untimely deaths in a row that one could imagine. Being a typical Irish clan means such raw emotions come out in unforeseen ways.  So one sister discovers her marriage is about to end, but she has no idea how that will flesh out because it happens far too rapidly for her to absorb.  A parent dies and the Boone sisters realize just how much this person held the glue together in the family and kept the constant small spats from erupting into gargantuan battles.  One sister is dating a guy the other sisters judge to be a misfit and unworthy of fitting in with this family.  The kids begin spatting when they start repeating what they hear their parents say that was truly meant only for private conversation.  Add to the mix that Boone’s career may be about to change; the question will it mean staying where he is, transferring to another baseball team or retiring all together from the sport; and how will they live depending on what the future holds? Luanne on the other hand is grieving fiercely, so much so that she decides to move out of her hometown to escape the heartrending memories she holds close to her heart.  She attempts to open her own business and eventually will meet another friend of Boone.  She wonders whether she can trust again. All in all these gals have a lot on their plates that affects every other decision they make and how they interact with indescribably potent feelings and thoughts that could break or bind them anew.  Tragedy can be depicted as real as it is but it doesn’t have to be over-burdensome.  Jane Porter has given a slice of how people discover weaknesses in their personalities and how they can transform those traits to strengths, both alone and with the support of a family who deep down love each other in a unique way.  In a crisis, over-the-top love wins every time where it should.   This is fine contemporary fiction and highly recommended reading!
ElisabethWA More than 1 year ago
The Good Wife by Jane Porter is a great book. It’s the third book about the Brennan Sisters Family and it’s a good one. The first one is The Good Woman and is about Meg the oldest sister. The next one is The Good Daughter and that is about Kit and the last book, The Good Wife is about the youngest in the family, Sarah. The Good Wife flows easily and you get caught up in the story before the end of chapter one. Alongside the main story runs a story about Lauren who is somewhat connected to the Brennan Sisters also. She has a bakery and I just love the whole baking aspect of the story. And Jane always makes great recipe cards for her stories. And this one had a great Chocolate Cake in it. Jane Porter’s trilogy (The Good Woman, The Good Daughter, and The Good Wife) is somewhat different from her previous modern lit novels. They have more substance to them and fight some of the big things in life but Jane writes so that you can still feel good when the story ends. Don’t rush reading the books when you begin. You need to take your time reading and digesting what you read. It’s a great story so savor it like you would a great Chocolate Cake.
JerseygirlCH More than 1 year ago
Sarah's story will grip you from the very beginning.  It has staying power throughout the whole book and even when you're done reading it.   I couldn't wait to read what happened and at the same time not wanting the story to end either.  It explores love, loss, happiness, misery, and triumph.   You find yourself not wanting to put the book down.  Of course, because it's a Jane Porter work of art.  I always read her books within a day.  I can't help myself. I finished it 3 days ago and the story is still on my mind.  I keep going over it again and again. If you loved The Good Woman and The Good Daughter, you MUST read this book as soon as you possibly can!!  
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
This is the story of the youngest Brennan sister, Sarah.  Sarah is deeply in love with her husband, Boone Walker.  Boone Walker is a professional baseball player that travels most of the year leaving Sarah home to care for the two children.  Living apart so much is very hard on Sarah, especially given that Boone cheated on her three years ago and she has not been able to get pass that.  Boone swears that he is being faithful now and that there is no one for him but his wife Sarah, somehow Sarah just cannot believe him.   The stress of the relationship is doing both of them in and they must decide if they can make it work or should call it quits. Although the book is primarily about Sarah, there is more to the book.  There is the story of Meg and her marriage and kids.  The story of Brianna and her trials with her time in the Congo.  Add to that the story of Lauren and Lisa and their lives. And so many more characters that I cannot name them all.  There is so much to this story that you cannot help but fall in love with all the ladies and most of the men in this book.  This was a book that I read a couple chapters and then would close the book, sit and think about what I just read.  I felt like I needed to digest the chapters and truly enjoy them not rushing through trying to find out what happen next.   Each chapter was their own story, yet they all wove together so amazingly that the novel flowed easily.  Jane Porter knows how to write a book that touches your heart and tugs at it.  I had tears many times in the book, some happy and some not so happy.  I smiled and laughed.  I loved and I hated.  Never had I read a book that brought out so many emotions from me at one time.  When I started The Good Wife I had no idea what to expect.  When I finished The Good Wife I wanted more.  So much so that I went back and bought the two other novels in this series and cannot wait to get to read them and know the Brennan family so much better.  The Good Wife is a book that everyone should read.   It is not chic-lit, although some might categorize it as such, it is so much more.  I highly recommend it. 
kimberlyindy More than 1 year ago
Extraordinary, Astounding, Exceptional…….these are just a few words I would use to describe Jane Porter’s latest release, The Good Wife. It is the 3rd book in the Brennan family series. I know that have said it before, but this book is the best one yet, each book as only surpassed the already excellent book before it. It is not a stand-alone, and I promise you will not be disappointed by grabbing all 3 books. Porter is an auto buy author for me and I know that I can count on her books to always give me a fresh perspective. The Good Wife deals with Trust, Betrayal, Forgiveness, Loyalty and rediscovering who you are. It is Sarah’s story, the youngest of the Brennan siblings. Sarah and her husband Boone are dealing with his infidelity and how Sarah deals with it as well as all of the other stuff that is going on their lives, kids, death, work, and Porter does an excellent job of keeping the characters real and accountable to others and themselves, but also not dwelling in self destruction or pity and showing that even though bad stuff happens you can move forward if you choose to. We are also introduced to the Summer family, and I immediately felt a connection to them as well. Porter does an outstanding job of weaving the stories together and I was never confused on who was speaking or what was happening. Lauren must choose to move forward after a devastating loss of her only child and wanted to cheer her on every step of the way. Porter has made the Brennan family feel like they are old family friends and they have found a place in my heart. Porter did a nice job of wrapping up some of the questions I had and yet left plenty of room to continue with the Brennan’s if she chose to. Rarely do I reread a book and I have read this whole series twice now and I have no doubt that I would read it again. It is that Good!!!!!!!
Mengel2 More than 1 year ago
Mourning the loss of their mother and wife, the Brennan Family is trying to adjust to life without her.  She was the rock of the family.  The glue that kept them all together.  As if that’s not enough to deal with, each of the Brennan siblings have their own set of issues that they are dealing with.   Meg is trying to keep her marriage to Jack together.  Jack isn’t happy with the marriage and doesn’t know if he ever will be again.  Meg is trying everything in her power to keep her family together.  She knows that she made a mistake by having an affair, but she’s trying to prove to Jack (and everyone else in her family) that she has learned from her mistake and will never do it again. Kit is dealing with her family’s negative comments about her new boyfriend, Jude.  She doesn’t understand why they can’t see the amazing man that Jude is.  Instead, they are judging him by his appearance … a tattooed, pierced, motorcycle riding bad boy.  His ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude doesn’t help the cause either. Brianna, home from the Congo, is looking frail and sick.  Everyone is concerned about her health and speculating if she’s going to die.  She’s a nurse who has been helping people suffering from diseases, but did she contract one while she was there? Then there’s Sarah, who is letting her insecurities of the past haunt her and affect her marriage to Boone.  Boone is a professional baseball player who admitted to having an affair in the past.  Although he has told Sarah countless times that he made a mistake and will never do it again, she has a hard time fully trusting him.  Will her jealousy and insecurities be too much for Boone to handle? In the meantime, Tommy Jr and Cass are at odds over having a baby.  Tommy is ready to get back to a normal life without fertility treatments and talks about a baby … even if that means not having a child that he and (especially his wife) Cass, have tried so hard to create.  But is Tommy being insensitive to what his wife’s needs and wants are? Lauren and Lisa Summer, sisters and co-owners of a café in Napa are moving in different directions.  Lauren, who recently lost her son in an auto accident, has moved to Alameda to get away from all of the memories that flood her back home.  Her sister, Lisa, who is married and very pregnant is trying to run their café solo until Lauren moves back home.  But is Lauren really planning on returning to Napa?  Or is being back home, where all of the memories of her son come flooding back, too much for her to take? The Good Wife is such an amazingly powerful book.  It showcases the love and bond of family and how, despite differences, family comes together at times of need.  I felt that the book was beautifully written.  The characters and their struggles felt so real.  I found myself feeling like I was living each moment with them.  I think that The Good Wife is the best book in the Brennan Sisters series.  Jane Porter did a great job touching on several serious subjects in a tactful way.  I would definitely recommend this book.  I would, however, suggest reading the first two books in the series first … The Good Woman and The Good Daughter.  To fully understand how each character got to the point they did in this book, it’s important to read their stories in books one and two of the series first.  Another homerun by Jane Porter and definitely worthy of MORE than five stars!
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Every book in this series just keeps getting better. When the book begins, the Brennan family has had a huge loss and is struggling to keep going. All of the problems in the sibling’s relationship seem to be getting worse, not better. Tommy and Cass are getting further and further apart because of the stress of their inability to have a baby. Meg and Jack have worked through her infidelity but the relationship is far from mended. Brianna appears to have a serious medical issue that she won’t discuss and Kit is still deeply involved with a man her family cannot stand. Finally, Sarah is mad at Brianna, mad at Kit, and obsessed with the fear that her husband Boone will cheat on her again. One of things I have loved about this series is how the issues that these families have are so realistically portrayed. When a spouse cheats, one often hears that the other spouse learns to forgive but never forget. What happens when the one who was cheated on can’t forgive or forget? What happens when the fear of betrayal becomes the guiding force in a person’s life to the point of obsession? How can the two people move on if one is stuck in the anger and hurt phase even though they say all the right things? Lastly, what if the love isn’t enough to overcome the betrayal? All of these issues are raised in this book and then some. All manner of relationships are examined, not just marriage. There are some new characters introduced that are on the periphery of the Brennan family but have the capacity to be involved on a greater level. I was getting very nervous about where this subplot was going but it worked out as it should. When the book ended I felt happy for some and sad for others. As in real life, things change and what was once settled turns into a problem all over or opens up new problems. I cannot wait for the next book in the series to see how this family continues on with their lives, good or bad.
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