The Gospel of Luke Bible Study Guide: Faithbuilders Bible Study Guides

The Gospel of Luke Bible Study Guide: Faithbuilders Bible Study Guides

by Mathew Bartlett, Derek Williams

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ISBN-13: 9781910942352
Publisher: Apostolos Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 02/04/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 249
File size: 3 MB

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction The Conception of John the Baptist Gabriel's Announcement to Mary Mary's Visit to Elizabeth Mary's Song of Praise The Birth of John the Baptist Zechariahs' Prophecy Discussion Questions Chapter 2 The Birth of Jesus Christ The Presentation of Christ Simeon's Prophecy Anna Witnessing Jesus on His Father's Business Discussion Questions Chapter 3 John's Ministry Begins The Baptism of Jesus The Genealogy of Jesus Discussion Questions Chapter 4 Jesus Tempted by the Devil Power and Authority over Evil Spirits Jesus Heals All Discussion Questions Chapter 5 Simon Called Jesus Releases a Man from Leprosy Jesus Releases a Man from Paralysis and Sin Matthew Called A Question about Fasting New is Better than Old Discussion Questions Luke Chapter 6 The Sabbath Day Choosing the Twelve Disciples Love Your Enemies - Enemy Loving Do Not Judge - Refraining from Judging Generously Giving Hearing and Doing Wise and Obeying Discussion Questions Chapter 7 Healing A Roman Centurion's Servant Raising the Widow's Son John the Baptist Seeks Confirmation There Ain't No Pleasing You! An Act of Worship: The Forgiveness of Sins Discussion Questions Chapter 8 Ministering Women The Sower and the Seed Light Reveals The Family of God Stilling the Storm Deliverance of a Demoniac Touching Jesus's Garment and Jairus' Daughter Raised Discussion Questions Chapter 9 Sending out the Twelve Disciples Herod's Perplexity Feeding the Five Thousand Peter Declares his Belief in Jesus The Cost of Following Jesus Jesus Transfigured Deliverance of a Demon Possessed Boy Jesus Foretells His Betrayal The Greatest in the Kingdom Jesus Rejected Discipleship Means Full Commitment Discussion Questions Chapter 10 Seventy-Two Disciples Sent Out A Good Report An Important Question A Unique Answer Seeking The Better Part Discussion Questions Chapter 11 How to Pray A Serious Case of Blasphemy Discussion Questions for Chapter 11 Luke Chapter 12 Open Witness Covetousness God Knows and Cares Be Ready for Christ's Return Christ Divides Discerning the Times Discussion Questions Chapter 13 All Have Sinned God's Longsuffering Healing on the Sabbath Day Parables of the Kingdom of God Only One Way to Heaven Jesus Warns Jerusalem Discussion Questions Chapter 14 Healing on the Sabbath The Humble Shall be Exalted Counting the Cost Discussion Questions Chapter 15 The Lost Sheep, Coin, Son Discussion Questions Chapter 16 Stewardship The Law and Prophets Fulfilled The Rich Man and Lazarus Discussion Questions Chapter 17 Stumbling Blocks Faith and Duty Christ's Impending Return Discussion Questions for Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Faithfulness and Prayer Saved by Grace Alone Jesus Blesses Children Jesus Foretells His Crucifixion Blind Made to See Discussion Questions Chapter 19 Seeking and Finding Jesus Comes to His Own Christ's Compassion Discussion Questions Chapter 20 The Authority of Jesus Questioned The Parable of the Tenant Farmers A Question of Ownership A Question of the Resurrection Who is Lord? Discussion Questions Chapter 21 All for God Destruction of the Temple Signs of the Last Days Destruction of Jerusalem The Parable of the Fig Tree Be Ready for Christ's Return Discussion Questions Chapter 22 The Conspirators Preparations for the Passover The Institution of the Communion The Greatest is the One who Serves Jesus Prays for Peter Jesus Travails in Prayer Jesus is Arrested Peter's Denial The Trial of Jesus Discussion Questions Chapter 23 Jesus Taken Before Pilate Jesus Transferred to Herod then Back to Pilate The Choice is Made The King of Kings on the Cross Jesus Crucified The Repentant Criminal Jesus Gives His Life Jesus Buried Discussion Questions Luke Chapter 24 Christ is Risen Indeed Jesus Opens His Disciples Understanding The Ascension Discussion Questions Sample Answers

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