The Gospel of Matthew: Bible Study Guide

The Gospel of Matthew: Bible Study Guide

by Mathew Bartlett, Derek Williams

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ISBN-13: 9781910942079
Publisher: Apostolos Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 08/17/2015
Series: Faithbuilders Bible Study Guides , #40
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 324
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Mathew Bartlett has served in full-time Christian ministry since 1999, and has served as a senior pastor for 10 of those years. Although his early academic career was in the sciences, he later took a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies at Chester University, where he obtained distinction. He is currently working towards his PhD in Biblical Studies.
A former finance manager for a well-known Christian company, Derek Williams served as a preacher and church leader for over 40 years. Now retired, he brings the vital element of pastoral experience to these studies of the Word of God.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Genealogy of Christ The Birth of Christ Discussion Questions Chapter 2 The Time and Place of Jesus' Birth The Rejection of Christ Seeking, Finding and Worshiping Herod Tries to Kill Jesus Discussion Questions Chapter 3 John's Call to Repentance The Greater One The Baptism of Jesus Discussion Questions Chapter 4 Jesus Tempted by Satan Jesus Begins His Ministry The Call of the First Disciples Discussion Questions Chapter 5 The Beatitudes What Believers are in the World Christ the Fulfilment Spiritual Standards in Society Anger, Discord and Murder Marriage, Adultery and Divorce Making Oaths Revenge Christian Love Discussion Questions Chapter 6 Giving Praying Fasting Seek Those Things which are from Above Do not Worry Discussion Questions Chapter 7 Judging Reproving What is Prayer? Two Ways False Prophets True Believers Spiritual Foundation Discussion Questions Chapter 8 Christ the Divine Healer Cleansing the Leper Healing the Centurion's Servant The Healing of Peter's Mother in Law Jesus Heals Many Commitment Needed to Follow Jesus Jesus Stills the Storm Jesus Delivers Two Demon Possessed Men Discussion Questions Chapter 9 Jesus has Authority to Forgive Sin Jesus Came to Call Sinners to Repentance Jairus' Daughter Raised from the Dead and the Woman with the Issue of Blood The Healing of Two Blind Men Deliverance of a Demon Possessed Man Few Workers Discussion Questions Chapter 10 Empowered to Preach, Teach and Heal Opposition and Persecution Do not Fear Not Peace but Conflict Rewards Discussion Questions Chapter 11 John the Baptist's Question Woe to the Unrepentant Towns Discussion Questions Chapter 12 Lord of the Sabbath Doing Good on the Sabbath The Servant of God A Divided House Cannot Stand Outside the Reach of Forgiveness The Tree and its Fruit A Generation without Excuse Jesus' Mother and Brothers Discussion Questions Chapter 13 Sowing the Word of God The Parable of the Sower An Explanation why Jesus Speaks in Parables The Meaning of the Parable The True and False Growing Together The Parable of the Mustard Seed Explanation of the Parable of the Weeds The Parable of the Treasure in a Field The Parable of the Fishing Net Discussion Questions Chapter 14 Recap of John the Baptist's Death Feeding more than 5000 Peter's Faith Tested A Touch from Jesus Discussion Questions Chapter 15 What Defiles a Man? False Teachers An Object Lesson in Faith An Object Lesson in Unbelief Discussion Questions Chapter 16 Sign Seeking A Lack of Understanding Who Do You Say Jesus Is? God's Thoughts are not Our Thoughts Discussion Questions Chapter 17 The Transfiguration of Jesus Faith, Prayer and Fasting Brings Deliverance Jesus Foretells His Betrayal, Death and Resurrection Paying Taxes Discussion Questions Chapter 18 The Least shall be Greatest Causing Offense Lost and Found Putting Things Right Unity Always Forgive Discussion Questions Chapter 19 Marriage and Divorce Little Children What must I do to Gain Eternal Life? Rewards for Those who Leave all to Follow Christ Discussion Questions Chapter 20 God Deals Justly Jesus Foretells His Death for the Third Time To Minister and not be Ministered To Two Blind Men Discussion Questions Chapter 21 Entry to Jerusalem Cleansing the Temple The Fig Tree By Whose Authority? Surrendering to Divine Authority Rejecting the Son Discussion Questions Chapter 22 The Parable of the Wedding Banquet Paying Taxes to Caesar Marriage and the Resurrection The Greatest Commandment Whose Son is the Christ? Discussion Questions Chapter 23 Doers of the Word not Just Teachers Religious Hypocrites Jesus Foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem Discussion Questions Chapter 24 Signs of the End of the World Discussion Questions Chapter 25, 26, 27, 28 etc...

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