The Gospel of Matthew, Volume 2

The Gospel of Matthew, Volume 2

by George Wesley Buchanan


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ISBN-13: 9781597528672
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 08/28/2006
Pages: 541
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About the Author

George Wesley Buchanan is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Wesley Theological Seminary and an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church. In addition to receiving numerous research grants and research fellowships, he has published widely, including Jewish Messianic Movements from AD 70 to AD 1300 and The Book of Daniel.

Prof. George Wesley Buchanan, PhD., LittD, D.S.L. has been recognized in academic circles for being the first to achieve the following: (dates of publication)

1 discover how to gain insights from the Dead Sea Scrolls to solve Biblical problems (1956).
2 discover midrash (commentary on Scripture) in the First Testament (1965).
3 discover the Samaritan origin of the Gospel of John (1970).
4 discover ways to present intertextual commentaries both in the New Testament (1993). and in the First Testament so that the sources were obvious (1999).
5 discover the northern borders of the Promised Land (1970).
6 discover that Hebrews 1-12 is a sermon based on Ps 110 that was first preached at Zion (1972).
7 discover independently the true location of the temple at Zion as one of two scholars (2003).
8 discover how to separate the teachings of Jesus from the additions of the later church-that which

Albert Schweitzer and all succeeding NT scholars thought could never be done (1984).

Buchanan has spent fifty years in research and 31 years teaching and conducting many archaeological projects in the Near East. He has written 16 books and 63 scholarly articles, in addition to many sermons, Church School materials, articles for the clergy, and poems. His latest project has been this intertextual commentary on Hebrews, which has been written so that pastors and church school teachers can understand it, and scholars can learn from it. To help clarify the message, pictures, a map, and a diagram have been included. Buchanan was the first to recognize the importance of Zion to the Book of Hebrews, and the importance of Hebrews to Jerusalem archaeology.

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