The Gossamer Threads of Fate

The Gossamer Threads of Fate

by Shiva Winters

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The Gossamer Threads of Fate by Shiva Winters

~* Book 4.5 of the Salak'patan Series *~

The civilizations of the Halls rose up from the ashes of destruction to begin anew after a terrible war devastated everything and left only the tattered remains of what had once existed. Historical records from a time before the war were lost and discarded in the struggle for survival and buried in the process of rebuilding. All that remains of that vast history for the new civilization of the survivors are the rumors passed down by their ancestors, the shattered remains of the old civilization, and the legends and forgotten fragments of an even older civilization known only as the 'Ancients'. For decades Monorth has been wandering down the path of discovery, slowly but surely uncovering the clues to that lost history and reawakening the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients. It was towards these goals he had decided to dedicate himself, with his family following along at his side. They had left behind their quiet lives as a part of modern society, so that they could step past the borders of what was known and into the far flung and forgotten realms beyond the Rim.

And for a time their lives were peaceful and their future seemed bright, but what was supposed to be a quiet 'family outing' took them from their quiet sanctuary. It sent them wandering into the unknown, as they sought out the legends of a huge piece of that lost history. Far from the fringes of civilization they find a continent sized city, the ruins of the past, and proof of the vast knowledge of the Ancients. But when a hyper-active Fire cat, a forgotten city of the Ancients, and a lost seemingly impossible technology combine into a disastrous force. Monorth discovers that he has suddenly become stranded in those vast unknown spans of forgotten history. Now he has been caught in that Ancient history by a time machine, trapped far from home with no way to get back, and lost on a world and in a time-line he knows nothing about. To make matters worse Monorth has stepped into the black shadow cast by a cruel evil, the shadow of a monstrous ruler who delights in the torture and deaths of innocent people. That darkness not only threatens to make Monorth's future a short one, but has roots in the darkest moment of his own past. Can Monorth fight his way free of fate, or is he predestined to see his last days in a history that is doomed to be forgotten?

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BN ID: 2940044980792
Publisher: Shiva Winters
Publication date: 10/07/2012
Series: Salak'patan , #6
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

As a substitute of a profile I find hard to make in a reasonable amounts of words, I'd like to offer my philosophy of writing.

In as few words as possible that is what my books are about.

I wrote them for myself, I personally enjoy re-reading them, I enjoy creating new chapters in on going themes, and I decided to publish them on the chance some few might enjoy them. I did not write them with the intent of publication, I did not publish them with dreams of avarice, and I only, truly hope that there are readers out there who enjoy them as much as I do.

I cannot and I will not promise my readers will like my hobby, agree with my views, or find any entertainment in what I have written. My books were not written for everyone, hence not everyone will like them.

I will do my best to offer the best 'product' to my readers as I am able. I can not yet promise a mistake free experience, but I am one who is never satisfied. Each time I re-read my own words I find changes I wish to make. And I will do my best to leave notice when new editions are available.

Because just as each work I offer to the public might never quite seem finished, the ideas behind them were a process of creation and re-creation. Each thing I bring into the world has been written and re-written time and time again, and they never seem perfect to me no matter how many times they are re-imagined.

Just because you have liked something I have written be it free or not, is not a reason why you will like what else is written. My writing is an organic process, many stories have nothing save a beginning or a future image in my head I wish to make a world in order to play out.

However from that moment after I begin all bets are off, the story can and will evolve from there and become whatever it and the characters may make of it. Just as I can not argue that I am like most any writer, nor can I see any reason in trying to be. I see no need to be 'like' anything, why should my books be 'like' any other book, and I see no reason for 'my books' to be 'like' my other books. Why should the next book be what worked for the one before? Why should I worry if my readers will have the same choices as me as to what 'would have been interesting'?

Do not buy my books without trying them, but also do not buy them if you are going to be disappointed if you don't get what you are expect.. Be it a thrilling plot-twisted action film in print, or a heartfelt romance, my books will not be exactly one thing. I make no promises in my writing but it can also be said I do not fear to follow the chanced inspiration, even if it might re-write the entire unborn ending of a story.

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