The Governess: Lady Elizabeth Exacts Her Pound of Flesh - Lesbian Erotica

The Governess: Lady Elizabeth Exacts Her Pound of Flesh - Lesbian Erotica

by Joan Russell

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The Governess: Lady Elizabeth Exacts Her Pound of Flesh - Lesbian Erotica by Joan Russell

The Governess: Lady Elizabeth Exacts Her Pound Of Flesh by Joan Russell. 3,888 Words. Victorian Erotic Lesbian Menage. The Third in The Governess trilogy. When Sarah Brandford applied for a job as governess with the Early of Barclay she did not dream that she would be expected to bear the Earl’s children as well as raise them. Nor did she expect his compliant wife to become her putative lover. Contents: Explicit erotica, lesbian erotica, lesbian ménage oral sex, anal sex, bondage, multiple orgasms, hooding, spanking and more. All Characters are 18 and over. Adult +. Other The Governess Short Stories: Balford Manor, Early Days in London, The Governess Erotic 3-Pack.


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BN ID: 2940014202855
Publisher: Joan Russell
Publication date: 04/06/2012
Series: The Governess
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Joan Russell is the author of dozens of erotic short stories and series. Her erotic series include:

Royal Mistress is the third of her Romantic Victorian Erotic series which include

The Governess - Sarah Brandford applies for the job of Governess to the Earl of Barclay and discovers that he wants her to have his children as well as to raise them.

The Virgin Bride – Thea Winsted was married off to the third richest man in England. She was not expecting this gorgeous man with taste in sex she had never known existed

Adventures on Larry's List - Millie and Jan, two 20-somethings decided to advertise sexual favors on Larry's List. They get many surprises along the way.

The Naughty Nun - Starts with Sister Mary Immaculate trying to spice up Confession for Father Gordon eventually it involves the entire convent in a variation on the theme of "Community Service."

Boffie The Dick Slayer – Because of the tentacled dildo she discovered in a pawn shop, Boffie is immune to the power of the Dicks who are aliens trying to take over the world by seducing and impregnating all the world's women.

The Girls of St. Margaret's - The Senior Class at St. Margaret's, a finishing school for wealthy girls, are completely at the effect of their hormones and celebrate sexuality in all their activities.

Sugar Daddy - College girls and boys in Ivy League Schools sell their favors to Sugar Daddies in order to meet their college tuition debts - and discover exactly what exchanging favors really means.

The Rape Victim's Revenge-A Rape Victim seeks revenge on the men who gang raped her and develops a taste for seducing and them brutally murdering rapists who have escaped prosecution and those who have been released to rape again.

Hard Hats - Susan Smith caught her husband cheating on her. She reengaged with her childhood sweetheart Sam Trent who helped her win a very messy divorce and found a successful construction company using out of work fashion models.

The Mail Order Bride – Svetlana was surprised to find three men waiting in her house to share her wedding night with her new husband.

Ghostly Satisfaction – The ghosts were committed to bringing sexual satisfaction to women who had never in their lives enjoyed such love.

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