The Government of Philip Augustus: Foundations of French Royal Power in the Middle Ages

The Government of Philip Augustus: Foundations of French Royal Power in the Middle Ages

by John W. Baldwin


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The Government of Philip Augustus: Foundations of French Royal Power in the Middle Ages by John W. Baldwin

In the thirteenth century the French kings won ascendancy over France, while France achieved political and cultural supremacy over western Europe. Based on French sources, this meticulously documented study provides an account of how Philip Augustus (1179-1223) brought about this transformation of royal power.

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ISBN-13: 9780520052727
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication date: 01/01/1986
Pages: 611

About the Author

John W. Baldwin is the Charles Homer Haskins Professor of History at The Johns Hopkins University.

Table of Contents

Illustrations and Mapsxi
Tables and Graphxiii
A Note on Monies and Exchange Rates Employed in This Bookxv
Part 1The Capetian Legacy, 1179-1190
1.Narrative: The Struggle for Survival3
The Coronation and Its Participants3
Shifting Alliances16
The Territorial Balance Sheet24
2.The King and His Men28
3.Justice and Finance: The Chief Business of Government37
4.Towns and Churches: The Extension of Royal Influence59
Part 2The Decisive Decade, 1190-1203
5.Narrative: The Ill Fortunes of War77
The Third Crusade77
The Flemish Inheritance80
Ingeborg of Denmark and Agnes de Meran82
John Against Richard87
Arthur Against John94
6.The King's New Men101
The Regency (June 1190-December 1191)102
The Withdrawal of the Magnates104
The King's New Men106
Chamberlains: The Sons of Gautier107
Knights of the King: Barthelemy de Roye and Henri Clement109
Clerics of the King: Brother Guerin115
7.The Reorganization of Justice and Finance137
The Expansion of Justice137
Fiscal Accounts144
The Royal Income, 1202/03152
The Agricultural Domain155
Towns and Commerce158
Regalian Churches161
Military Revenues163
War and Finances166
8.The Blessings of Ecclesiastical Liberties176
Part 3Conquest and Consolidation, 1203-1214
9.Narrative: The Great Conquests and the Victory at Bouvines191
The Invasion of Normandy and the Loire Valley (1203-1206)191
The Intervening Lull (1206-1212): The Realignment of the Great Fiefs196
The Climax of Bouvines (1212-1214)207
10.Baillis and Seneschals: Justice and Finance in the New Domain220
The Norman Baillis220
The Norman Administration of Justice225
The Administration of the Jews230
Seneschals in the Loire Valley233
Reckoning the Gains of the Conquests239
Inquests and Inventories: The Mentality of Taking Stock248
11.The King as Seigneur259
The Hierarchy of Fiefs260
Homage and Fealty263
The King's Court264
Relief and Wardship277
Feudal Military Service279
Military Service of Prelates and Barons281
Military Service in the Domain: The Findings of the Inventories286
The Capetian Inventories of Normandy289
The Inventories of the Old Capetian Domain293
Castleguard and Castles294
12.Repossessing the Churches304
New Gains304
Continuities: Freedom of Elections306
A Halt to Renunciations of Regalia309
Taking Stock of Ecclesiastical Resources311
Defining Boundaries Between King and Clergy315
Secular and Ecclesiastical Property Rights318
Maintenance of Public Order323
Epilogue: Victory, 1214-1223
13.The Fruits of Victory331
Narrative: Adventures in England and the South332
14.Philip, the Realm, and the Emergence of Royal Ideology355
The Realm359
The Emergence of Royal Ideology362
The Birth of the King and His Blood Right367
The Consecration of the King and His Defense of the Church374
The Meaning of Bouvines380
The Burial of the King and His Personal Sanctity389
15.Postscript: Uncovering the Government of Philip Augustus394
Fiscal Accounts405
The Royal Archives (Tresor des Chartes)407
Norman Exchequer Judgments418
A.Personnel of the Central Government426
B.Prevots and Baillis428
C.Elections of Bishops to Regalian Sees, 1179-1223434
D.Archbishoprics, Bishoprics, and Abbeys442
E.Knight Service at Bouvines450

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