The Governor's Lady

The Governor's Lady

by Robert Inman
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The Governor's Lady by Robert Inman

Cooper Lanier has been surrounded by politics her entire life. Her late father, Cleve Spainhour, was a beloved two-term Southern governor, as was her husband, Pickett Lanier. Now, Cooper is taking office as governor herself, succeeding Pickett as he campaigns for president.

On her first day, as the state is blindsided by a blizzard, Cooper quickly realizes she is surrounded by leftovers from her husband's administration and that Pickett intends to manage the state's affairs from the campaign trail, even if it means undermining her every command. Cooper is faced with the stark choice of seizing control or becoming a phony, irrelevant figurehead.

Smart, feisty, and independent, Cooper follows her instincts and takes charge.

Her political rift with Pickett mirrors their unraveling relationship. Pickett's obsession with politics has pulled him farther and farther from her. Since childhood, Cooper has thought of politics as a thief that steals everyone she loves. She has mostly blamed her mother, Mickey Spainhour, a once-prominent political mastermind. When Cooper discovers the breadth of Pickett's back-room dealings, and just how far he's willing to go to become president, she realizes she must learn to use her political pedigree and instincts to serve her state.

Struggling to chart a course through the treacherous shoals of male-dominated politics, she finds unexpected allies in the ailing Mickey, from whom she has been estranged for years, and Wheeler Kincaid, a crusty, aging newspaper reporter.

The Governor's Lady shows how politics brings out the best and worst in people and how the public arena affects politicians' values and relationships. The novel will appeal to those interested in a deeper understanding of the subtexts and complexities of American politics and the growing role of women in the political landscape.

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ISBN-13: 9780895876089
Publisher: John F Blair, Publisher
Publication date: 09/28/2013
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Robert Inman is the author of several works of fiction, including Dairy Queen Days (Little Brown, 1997) and Captain Saturday (Little Brown, 2002). He has written screenplays for CBS, Hallmark Hall of Fame, and ABC and stage plays for Blowing Rock Stage Company and the Children's Theatre of Charlotte. Inman covered national, state, and local politics for a Montgomery, Alabama, television station and served as press secretary for Alabama governor Albert Brewer from 1968 to 1970. He was a television anchor and reporter for WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, for over 20 years and has been writing full-time since 1996. He lives in Conover, North Carolina.

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The Governor's Lady 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Delphimo More than 1 year ago
Inman writes an interesting book about politics and the people passionately involved in politics. The characters stand as dimensional people that remain in your memory. Cooper Lanier grows from a complacent wife to a hard driven governor that must follow her own plan. Copper's parents, Cleve and Mickey Spainhour, control much of the story. Cooper faces a decision to learn more about her parents and her own strengths. The book presents more than dialogue, such as a picture of the characters and the setting. This creates a visual picture of the story.
jpcoggins More than 1 year ago
Robert Inman's book is about so much more than southern politics, thought that alone would be enough for an entertaining read!  What motivates anyone to go into politics in the first place?  This book asks that question but then explores how "public life" affects the families behind the politicians.  I found myself cheering for all the characters, even some that weren't especially truthful or likable at first.  This is a fun, fast read, right on point with a southern voice.  It makes me want to go find more of Robert Inman's writing, including some of his plays!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago